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cadenbychoice: (riku ][ does not compute)
Who: Riku Replica and anyone
Where: Plaza
What: Returning from Death #3
When: Friday June 8th (9 days after his death)

Like I'm racing not to run, give more when I have none )
cadenbychoice: (talk ][ disappointed)
Who: Caden (Riku Replica), Izanami, and Zexion; then Zexion and Demyx; then Demyx, Caden, and Faris -- at least as I understand how this will work out
Where: Outside the library first -> Demyx's place -> in front of the Church
What: Goddess shenanigans, death and string-ups
When: Wedns. May 30th

But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me / Just how I should feel today )
faithqueen: (Default)
Who: Queen Minnie and ALL OF YOU!
Where: Starting at the plaza, but can be anywhere. She's looking for everyone she remotely knows in vatheon.
When: Mid-morning onwards.
Style: I'll follow you

[There now a mildly unimpressed mouse in the Plaza, Vatheon.

Though, Minnie doesn't waste time standing around. Oh no. She might be unimpressed and drenched, again, but she's a mouse on a mission. A mouse on a mission with a pink towel thanks to a kind Native.

First, to find her husband. Dear Light but Vatheon dragged her back not a day after Mickey returned to the castle.
Second, to find those she knows - which is basically her whole CR - and see if they are still here.

13th-May-2012 03:09 pm - Evening Dinner Puzzle
sechstel: (schemer)
Who: Zexion & Cadence (Riku Replica)
Where: Zexion's apartment, Pendilium, floor 1, room 6
When: Later in the night after this
Style: Any
Status: Ongoing

After the arrangements had been made for his meeting with Caden, Zexion had gone out to get supplies with which to make a meal large enough to feed two decently. That part was simple enough, as was the fixing of it. Keeping Bast out of the fish and shrimp however proved to be the most challenging part of the coming evening, especially since she was still small enough it seemed to manage to squirm out of his bedroom, via the crack between the bottom of the door and his floor.

Hopefully, Caden would be prompt in his arrival, else he might end up finding half of the food already claimed by the determined feline.
cadenbychoice: (shock ][ panicked)
Who: Caden (Riku Replica) and Ventus (then Riku?)
Where: Caden's apartment
What: Serious talk after a seriously uncouth moment
When: 5/8 after Riku and Ven both said they needed to talk to him. So naturally he's hiding from them.

[[OOC: If you want to talk to (or yell at) Caden, then please just ask first and start a separate thread. Prose or Action is fine by me.]]

Don't think it's fair for us to / Turn around and say goodbye )
ex_ventus850: (Default)
Who: [personal profile] ventus and anyone.
Where: Lakeside, in Somarium.
When: 4/27 after this thread.
What: Ven's just been given the bad news that his master's dead and has run off.
Status: Open.
Style: Action or prose.

A loss so great clouds all the hopes for the day. )
24th-Apr-2012 10:17 pm - Lesson One | Just Practicing
quakega: (pic#1254431)
Who: Terra and KH Cast?
Where: Starting in the 'island'/'Somarium', will eventually be... idk, wherever the hell he's led for the party.
When: 4/24, starting a little after noon, lasting until the evening.
What: Terra's trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he's now twenty.
Status: Open-ish?
Style: [Action] brackets, please.

Earthquakes, fireballs, and possibly Darkness being flung around... just another training session. :3 )

cadenbychoice: (confront ][ yeah right)
Who: Caden (Riku Replica) and ANYONE
Where: Around the Ordo neighborhood (also near the Library)
What: Dropping off a gift for Riku
When: Midday Thursday March 8th; Your Choice: Before Dropping Gift Off vs. After Dropping Gift Off

I ain't gonna change )
7th-Feb-2012 11:25 am
faithqueen: (Surprized)
Who: Minnie + housemates ( Riku, Sora and Caden.)
When: Morning of the curse changes
Where: Riku, Sora and Caden's place..Ordo 6!
Style: action/prose WHATEVER.
Status: C L O S E D.

[You know what's not cool?

Waking up in clothes that are not her own. Walking up in what could pass for something that Yen Sid would wear. Or even Mickey or Donald. Not Minnie. .

Of course, once she spots the Other Changes to Vatheon... ball of worry time.
] Riku? Sora? Caden?

Oh... this isn't good. Not at all. [Welp. Time to find housemates and make sure they all are ok. Mun is tots assuming minnie's met Caden by now, too.]
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