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2nd-Nov-2012 02:46 am - Monthly Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
Another month has passed and it is time for another oppertunity to mingle. Knowing of the curse that haunts the foreigners, Station Master has taken extra care to plan this party and the preparations only during the daylight hours. Wouldn't want to cause a giant panic, right?

Today, the little tucked away part of the plaza has been livened up with a host of spooky decorations, black cats and witches, skeletons and tomb stones, they have all been placed amongst the food tables, allowing for a casual halloween-ish mood. There are also a lot of pumpkins there, freshly prepared especially for this feast.

The tables of food are back too, filled to the brim with pumpkin pies, pumpkin squash, pumpkin cups cakes, honestly, you can put a pumpkin in and it is there. There are also large bowls of candy, free for the taking.

Naturally the two booths are there again, the one belonging to the welcoming committee, for any new (or old) character with a burning question, and the one belonging to the host club. Who knows what theme they have this week. Only way to find out is to check it out!

Finally, part of the plaza has been set up to allow for the talent contest that was to be held here, organized by a few of the foreigners themselves. Maybe it is time to check it out and see if there are any cool talents on display? Or maybe you have your own talent to display. If so, feel free to visit the show.

As every month, an invitation had gone out to all the foreigners in the day leading up to the party, reminding them of the party, the date, the times, and this time, attached had been an invitation to come dressed up. They might not be able to celebrate Halloween during the evening hours, but maybe a slightly late Halloween party would lift the spirits anyway? Station Master has certainly joined in himself too. For a day, he has exchanged his trusty cap for the scariest thing he could possible think of: a familiar white nurse's cap. 2spooky.
24th-Aug-2012 03:02 pm - (open)
dreamchasing: (pic#3106553)
Who: Cheria and [community profile] vatheon!
When: Right Noooow.
Where: At the laundromat in the bubble!
Style: Brackets, since my brain is bound to shut down horribly.

[ The locals have been working really hard to repair everything on the island after the recent events that had taken place there. As a result, Cheria had found herself wanting to do her part to help them as well ... they seemed to have more than enough people working to bring things back to normal up there, however, so she offered to take care of the laundry for them, since they were undoubtedly going to need some help washing clothes.

And, you know, it was made easier since discovering the laundromat and how that worked.

Still, she hadn't realized just how much people would take advantage of her offer. Cheria carried a rather heavy basket toward the laundromat now. There had been a couple of other heavy baskets before this, and she was sure there would be more where this came from. She finally makes it to a bench near the laundromat and sets the basket down, wiping the sweat from her brow and taking a short break before she started up with carrying it the rest of the way again.

If only she had some help ... it was a thought that crossed her mind, many times. But no, she was the one who had offered. She could definitely handle this herself!

... even if she really did want some help. ]

( ooc: If this isn't okay, let me know and I can change it!! Also, I'm going to be very slow with responses in general due to work kicking my ass. )
18th-Aug-2012 12:16 pm - Feels like it's been a hundred years
vulgarwoman: ([Doubtful] Back that ass up please.)
Who: Bloomers and Briefs with G--I mean Bulma Briefs and Vatheon
When: Afternoon TODAY
Where: A variety of places, actually, she's wandering with intent to get back to her house
Style: Brackets
Status: Open

[Now it's not as if Bulma isn't used to waiting around for her friends at this point. That doesn't mean she has to like or accept it, but that was her life anyway and as it stands she was now waiting for Goku to return to Earth. They were finally home from Namek, Frieza was taken care of and the friends that were killed were brought back to life.

She also ended up housing the entire planet of Namek + Vegeta. Go figure. Hey, as long as they didn't cause trouble (mostly Vegeta rather than the Namekians) she didn't care.

What she did care about was being washed up into a place that was completely and totally NOT Capsule Corp and being attacked--yes, attacked--by new-old memories pushing themselves into her head.

The phrases "this is Vatheon" and "my kids were here" occurs to her before she shakes her head and takes a towel being offered to her. She says "thanks" but it's merely muttered as she gets to work drying off her hair and piecing the memories back together.

All right. So she had children with Vegeta in the future. That makes a lot more sense now that she actually knows him, she supposes. To Bulma, however, that detail is inconsequential since the last time she checked everyone except Gohan had vanished from Vatheon. Is Gohan still here, even? Well, she wouldn't be much use to him at the moment since he A) doesn't have clothes she can wear and B) she has a place of her own to worry about.]

There's nothing in there to steal, so no one could have broken in. Okay, Bulma, let's go home.

[With that said, she wraps the towel around her shoulders, wrings out her clothes as best she can and starts towards the forest. Or at least she thinks the forest is in this direction. Stupid memories. Stupid stores being distracting. ...Well actually the stores aren't stupid, they can stay.]
feralfanatic: (Surprise upward)
Who: Disciple and whoever wants to be stuck with her.
Where: The elevator, during the blackout.
When: Leading up to 7pm monday.
Style: Whatever suits you.
Status: open

Stuck in an elevator with a stressed cat-troll, sounds fun, non? )
23rd-Jul-2012 08:56 pm - 1 girl, 1 wet intro
shotarcana: (huhwhat?)
Who: Minako Arisato and YOU!
When: July 23rd, evening
Where: Wandering through this plaza!
Style: Brackets for me to start; whatever you want to go on.
Status: Open like a store on Black Friday!

[So, Vatheon, a red-headed girl, dripping wet, is peeling off her wet orange sweater in the middle of the plaza.

For some reason, she doesn't seem all that surprised to be here. Nor does she seem particularly mortified to be stripping down to her skivvies in the middle of this place. She does, however, seem very curious about it all.

Expecting to be dead might have something to do with that.

She's found her starfish communicator, though, and is alternately playing with it, trying to get it to work, while looking around and trying to accost locals. They don't seem particularly inclined to help her. Maybe it's the attire.

Maybe you can be of more help...? If you don't go up to her, she'll go up to you:]

Excuse me, but do you have a minute?
3rd-Jun-2012 11:59 pm - He won't lord this over her at ALL.
saiyan_prince: (smirk)
Who: Bulma and Vegeta
Where: Bulma's house
When: Shortly after curse 30 happened!
Style: Is it ever anything but brackets? NOPE
Status: Closed

[Not ten minutes after leaving Bulma that last message, Vegeta flies to her house with a large bag of mostly-cooked meat. Sating her hunger will have to come before any explanations. After all, she's spent her life as a human. A Saiyan's hunger is likely to impair her mind significantly. Unable to hide the smirk on his face, Vegeta knocks.]
27th-May-2012 10:29 pm
unwillingseer: (grr.)
Who: Bardock and ALL OF YOU.
When: Sunday, May 27th, late evening
Where: Plaza
Style: Whatever
Status: Open like my arms

Bardock was having a really bad day. )
14th-May-2012 04:17 pm - 01 | FLOWER POWERRRRR.
dreamchasing: (Default)
Who: Cheria and all of [community profile] vatheon ~
When: 05/14/2012, Afternoon
Where: Somewhere among all the ~*~flowers~*~
Style: Starting in Action Brackets, will follow whateeeever you do. ♥
Status: OPEN. Like an open thing.

[ The first thing Cheria thought upon seeing all of the flowers was how much Sophie would love them. So now, here she was; knelt down among a patch of flowers, picking them and making them into little bouquets. She had paused only long enough to run to one of the shops and grab some ribbon and a pair of scissors before returning and continuing her work.

The idea was to make little bouquets and pass them around to all of the people she knew and cared about in this place. After all that had happened in the past month, Cheria felt that perhaps everyone could use a little bit of extra cheer, and what better way to do such a thing than with flowers? Plus, they'd look nice on the kitchen table.

Would anybody like to join her in making bouquets? There's always more room! ♥ She'll even share her ribbon and scissors to make them look extra nice! ]
fighting4afuture: (awkwaaard...)
Who: Bulma, Bulla, and Trunks
Where: Bulma's capsule house(?)
When: May 1st (what is this thing you call backdating)
Style: Action
Status: Closed

Vatheon's own little Jerry Springer re-enactment )
1st-May-2012 06:42 pm - (3) | When in doubt, go shopping
vulgarwoman: ([Nerd] Oh it's in binary)
Who: Bulma and YOU
Where: Some place where you can shop for the foodstuffs!
When: ...Today? :D;
Style: Always brackets
Status: Open!

[The interruption of the sudden broadcasting of dreams was mildly upsetting, but Bulma—having done the magical solution of not touching the "dream" button on the communicator—considered it nothing more than a bump in the road. She's a woman that knows how to keep herself busy, that's how she's always been, and today she had a picnic to plan on her agenda.

So she's gone grocery shopping! It sure is a lot easier when you don't have to pull out cards and can just show them the mark on your back. No problem! It's not like Bulma has a problem with wearing things that expose that part anyway.

She's not sure exactly how much her future kids eat, and Gohan himself...well, he's half Saiyan, so she's already got quite a haul stored away in her capsules with only a few actual bags in her hands. (Just as a precaution so people don't assume she's a wandering around Vatheon for no reason and try to pull her off into something else or whatever it is the locals do around here.) Bulma's not anywhere close to done yet, however, she's still got fish and meat to take a look at.]
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