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23rd-Aug-2013 08:18 pm - 33 - Soldier
radiantwingedone: (Must have been quite a miracle)
Who: Duke and puppies and YOU
Where: park
When: This weekend
Style: [ for now ]
Status: OPEN! Although note, Duke is in a terrible mood.

[ A lonely mage with dogs at the park. ) ]
23rd-Aug-2013 07:53 pm - take it off
onebecametwo: (Default)
Who: Devit & You (unless you are a small child)
Where: Anywhere around town
When: Anytime during thought bubble curse week
Style: I will follow!
Status: OPEN!

Devit has been going about his usual business in Vatheon.  Wandering around, getting food, annoying random passerbyers and hassling friends or maybe just lazing around at the cafe.  However this week there is a slight difference.  A dangerous difference.  This week Vatheon, you are subjected to view his thoughts.  What does Devit think about? Mainly boobs, booze, and guns.  Though sometimes there's a slight difference.  Sometimes someone catches his eye.

You might see yourself in his thought bubble.  Maybe you might look a little sexier then you do in real life because HEY this is his fantasy.  You might also see yourself in there start to TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES in an appropriately provocative manner.

Yes.  He is undressing you.  With his EYES.
22nd-Aug-2013 07:43 pm - open
flared: (♣ quiet)
Who: A very sleepy Axel and YOU
Where: The library
When: Sundown-Nighttime on Thursday
Style: Will follow~
Status: Open

He may not look like the type who reads a lot, but the truth is that Axel spends a lot of his free time in the dome visiting the library for something new to pick up, whether that be a stack of comics or even a complete fantasy trilogy. Some of them are ridiculous and full of fish puns, sure, but it passes the time...

On one such evening, however, it seems he's tired himself out and taken a break towards the back of the library where there's a little table and a few chairs set up. With his arms folded on the table and head rested upon them, Axel appears to be fast asleep with a few dogeared and half opened books scattered about. Most noticeably, however, is the thought bubble hovering just above his head and the pictures that drift in and out of focus in its transparent body.

From afar there's only light pastels, blues and pinks mostly but with a splash of green and yellow now and again, but then if one draws closer they'll be able to see running water, beautiful rows of tulips and roses, and even a majestic castle surrounded by waterfalls and even more fields of color.

It's pretty, to say the least... even when the castle's image shakes and becomes more ruined and dark as the seconds pass. Axel twitches a little in his sleep, bothered but not yet awake.

Care to interrupt him?
20th-Aug-2013 10:06 pm - Where do I fit in?
stubbornskeptic: (Oh?)
Who: Jane and Dirk (with possible cameos by roommates?)
Where: Their apartment
When: Sometime during the day on 8-20
Style: Action
Status: Closed (Semi-open if said roommates want to crash the party)

When I am watching you watch him. )
20th-Aug-2013 07:48 pm - Day 507
coolerthansora: (skateboarding)
Who: Roxas, Sora, and YOU
Where: Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: We'll match♥
Status: Open!

For anyone who thinks Sora and Roxas are dorks... well, okay, they'd be right, but the wonder twins do know a few cool things. For instance, this afternoon they can be found in the plaza skateboarding. And not just rolling around the fountain in circles, but doing jumps and grinds and all that fancy stuff. Not total dorks, see?

They both seem to be suffering from the thought-bubble curse, but at least when concentrating on skateboard tricks, it keeps other things off your mind. And unless they attract an audience, it's not such a problem between the two of them.
19th-Aug-2013 06:05 pm - 010
fightforastar: (girlish moment)
Who: Tifa and you!
Where: Crow's Nest bar
When: Afternoon/Evening
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open! Mostly.

Some curses seem like they would be easier to get through with a few drinks in the belly. A curse that broadcasts your thoughts above your head... well, whether that's one of them might depend on the type of drunk you are. At the least, the Crow's Nest bar is small and out-of-the-way, not likely to have as big an audience, and its barkeep knows how to be tactful about anything she happens to see.

The same can't be said for all of her customers, but most of the time when her mind wanders she seems to be thinking about cake for some reason, and what harm can you really do with that? A sign is posted that the bar is closing early, and if you guessed that it was because of the curse, you'd be wrong.

Closed to Cloud )
fundemetal: (24)
Who: Leo and anyone
When: All week [Aug 19-25]
Where: Around Vatheon
Style: Will match
Status: Open

If he could, Leo would have holed up in his house all week. But he was never good at just sitting around. And there were things he needed to get that his tool belt couldn't provide. Or that his tool belt would take ridiculous amounts of time to provide.

The thought bubble wouldn't go away. He'd tried several times and it just lingered there, just out of his line of sight unless he looked into a mirror. He felt like a Sim, the only thing he was missing was the green plumbob over his head. Maybe he'd make one later.

Whenever he had to venture out, he'd try to keep his thoughts racing fast enough that no one would be able to make sense out of the symbols and words that filled the bubble. Or he'd focus on a single thought that he didn't care if anyone saw, usually whatever he was heading out for.

Neither method was perfect and it was near impossible to do whenever he wound up talking to someone. His thoughts varied from the mundane to the depressing to the flat out crazy and absurd.
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