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17th-Apr-2012 08:11 pm
mylittledoormat: (Default)
Who: Fluttershy ([personal profile] mylittledoormat) & you
Where: Up on the island
When: Present, late in the morning
Style: I'll match you~
Status: OPEN

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16th-Apr-2012 06:39 pm - (i)
martelapproves: (Mithos: Bricks)
Who: Mithos and you!
Where: Next to Lamufao.
Style: Action tags.
Status: Open!

[ By the time Mithos arrives, he's soaked and looks like a drowned kitten. Coughing up lung-fulls of water, he sputters something about 'Pronyma' and being stupid. When he first arrives, it looks at first like he's someone else entirely, before reverting to this form; his child form. The change happens too quickly for anyone to tell that he was just in the form of Lord Yggdrasill; he just looks like a glowy ball. ]

P-Pronyma, what are you-- [ Cough, cough. By the time he finally gets up, he looks dazed, still disoriented, and still trying to steady his breathing. The Cruxis Crystal may mean he doesn't need food or sleep, but he still needs to breathe. The explosions of stars in his eyes gone, he looks up at the coral, clutching his side, where he had been hit by a Demon Fang earlier after having fought Lloyd's party in his Yggdrasill form only one day earlier; they had fared better than their first time around (despite still losing), and actually landed a few noteworthy hits on him. He still hadn't recovered from that, and another Demon Fang on an already sore spot was quite painful. ]

Wha... where am I?

[ Rodyle's Human Ranch? No, not unless Rodyle embezzled Desian funds to COMPLETELY RENOVATE THE ENTIRE RANCH WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION. This... this was something else entirely. ]
22nd-Mar-2012 06:00 pm - Arrival, OPEN
mylittledoormat: (Unsure)
Who: Fluttershy ([personal profile] mylittledoormat), Gamzee Makara ([personal profile] 420), Feferi Peixes ([personal profile] fintastic), The Warden ([personal profile] superjailwarden), Cielo ([personal profile] rainbowarch), Denzel Crocker ([personal profile] crackpotcrocker), anyone
Where: The beach
When: March 22nd, morning
Status: Open

She wasn't in Ponyville anymore... )
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