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1st-Sep-2012 12:57 pm
unconchonable: (oh you havve CROSSED the fuckin LINE)
Who: Eridan and Yuno
Where: The Park
When: Friday, after his argument with Karkat
Style: Action!
Status: Closed!

Was gonna happen sooner or later )
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Who: Yuno and Yukki!
Where: Larmline Apartments/Their room on Floor 4
When: 3/8; morning after these lovely texts were sent
Status: Closed

[Yuno hadn't been awake for very long this morning, when a noise from the other room startled her. She didn't bother to put any clothes on other than her undergarments before rushing out of her bedroom and straight into Yukki's.

He was wrapped in blankets and sitting in the floor by time she got in there to check on him, although, so she simply walked over and crouched down to sit next to the poor boy.]

Yukki, are you okay? I heard a noise from my room, it sounded like you fell out of bed!

21st-Feb-2012 11:10 pm
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Who: Yukki 'n Yuno... oh yeah Akise, too
When: Backdated like whoa- Valentine's Day!
Where: Larmline Apartment
Style: First because I am still number one
Status: Closed

This is suppose to be a date right )
13th-Feb-2012 05:37 pm - [2nd Kill] Actually Killing
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Characters: Yuno and Karkat
Location: Larmline Apartments; Second Floor, Room 6
Time: Feburary 13, Mid-Morning
Status: Closed

[OOC: As a warning, this post will contain death/blood/gore!] 

Today's the day. And it's going to happen, again and again. It has to happen.

The curse had ended now, which had cheered up most of the foreigners in Vatheon, but Yuno was far from being cheerful. Her encounter with Karkat Vantas at the ball had been an....interesting one. He had plenty to say to the girl, after all. Rotting corpses and cages were certainly a triggering topic for her, and he was very clearly trying to set her off.

The troll was a threat to her relationship and only happiness she had to hold onto. So was Eridan for that matter, he had to have told Karkat her dark secret due to his choices of wording to her. With that kind of information, it wouldn't be hard to tear her precious Yukki away from her...and then...

No, I can't have that happen, can I? Yuno told herself. She had been staring directly at the door of the unlit room she'd been in for quite a long while now. Her eyes held a vacant look to them, but inside that vacancy something still appeared to be stirring inside of her, something not quite right. This was a look of insanity, and it meant no good for anyone to walk through that door Yuno had been standing next to all this time, wielding the kitchen knife she had in her tight grip.

Someone should be home soon, and it wouldn’t matter who it was. Yuno was ready.

11th-Feb-2012 09:46 pm - bluh bluh huge ball
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Characters: Vatheon
Location: That Castle
Time: Evening, on Sunday
Style: Any
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[ Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen of Vatheon— whatever your newfound stature may be, Prince, Princess, Knight, or Peasant, you will all receive a message on your SFC on the eve of Saturday regardless:

You are cordially invited to the castle for this evening's ball. In addition, you are all welcome to try and solve the riddle if it fancies you. It just may break the curse!

The invitation is unsigned, but its intentions are clear. Maybe you hadn't quite noticed the sizeable castle in the distance of the city that had sprung up, but this message would surely garner your attention toward it now.

Should you arrive at the castle, plenty of attractions await you:

Ballroom ❧ A very large and beautiful ballroom is lighted up, complete with a playing violin orchestra. While the curtains will be drawn during this event, there is a windowed view and exit on one side of the ballroom that leads to:

Smee's Rose Garden ❧ A broad and colorful spanse of a garden, complete with many paths and turns. Plenty of roses are arranged in great arches, which provide perfect little places should you need some privacy with your sweetheart. Anyone familiar will even tell you that the garden was purposefully designed for just that sort of thing.

The Riddle ❧ There is an inscription located on a noticeable plaque set in one of the garden's benches. It reads:

Two are necessary to break this curse
Riled up, upset, what kind of love?
Only this kiss will stop it from getting worse.
Look for a winged one is push comes to shove,
Look for a glance slightly dark,
Search for a pair in reluctant love.
One answers a call; that's your mark;
One longs for patria though adverse.

Dining Hall ❧ Connected to the ballroom is an extremely long hall that stretches as far as the eye can see, elegantly arranged as the dining area. Expensive and exquisite cuisine seem to be on the menu— try something new? Chances are you won't be eating from a selection such as this again anytime soon!

Dais ❧ There is a noticeable raised dais that is easily visible via any area within the ballroom. It's locked off from guests, though— what is it for...?

Do enjoy. ]
29th-Jan-2012 03:40 pm
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Who: Summoner, Tavros, and Everyone
Where: The forest, specifically Summoner's tree house and camp
When: January 29; Afternoon
Style: Any!
Status: Open

[Summoner has been spending his entire morning cleaning up the camp grounds and getting it ready for setup for the picnic. Tavros seems pretty excited about this idea and that's showing to be contagious. The orange blood clears out sticks that have fallen, makes sure the fire pit is ready if they wish to use it later in the day, wood is stocked. He removes a few wood tables from his sylladex and puts them in various places, covering them with table clothes, leaving a large open space of grass for any various games Tavros wants to get up when he gets there.]

[Soon Lysunder moves into his hive to start getting food to prepare, just general setup before he can really get things done. He's made sure to have a lot ready, meat as well. Summoner's better that cooking seafood so he has that too, but he's made sure to have a lot of options. Lysunder doesn't want to do too much now though, he'd rather have Tavros help, and well, anyone else that has the interest in doing so.]
clairvoyancies: (so annoying...)
Who: Tsubaki Kasugano & you
Location: The plaza and that general area.
Time: Mid-day?
Style: Whatever you like.
Status: Open!

looking for her eyes... )

(( OOC: so basically tl;dr, Tsubaki's kind of embarassed herself in front of a local and is looking for a quiet place to think. she has really poor eyesight so feel free to have your character run into her at any point during all this! ))

6th-Jan-2012 01:55 am - [1st Kill]
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 Who:  Yuno and Everyone else!
Location: Plaza
Time:  Jan. 5, Afternoon
Status: Open~

Most people would be startled by the fact they woke up in a brand new place more than anything else going on at that very moment, but Yuno was not one of those people. Her dress and hair drenched with water, Yuno paid it no mind as she frantically looked around the plaza for something particular. Or more like, someone. She reached for her phone, but instead found a strange device.

The communicator. She opened it and examined the thing, feeling her anger rising at the realization that this would not help her in any way in locating Yukki via future diary readings, or knowing whether he was safe.

Yukki was gone. All she remembered last was being in the car with him following after the 11th, and Yukki's hand on her own..and..

That's right.
The diary had said that Akise knew her secret and was going to tell Yukki everything. He must have done something to cause her to forget how she got here, and took Yukki away! Yuno was angry enough at this rate, and knowing Akise would tell him her secret made her enraged...once Yukki knew, he'd definitely leave her. She had to stop Akise...

He had be somewhere in this strange place with her precious Yukki, and she was set to find him.
No matter what.
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