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24th-Aug-2013 02:36 pm - Karkat Vantas: interior designer
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Who: Karkat ([personal profile] bethehugejerk) and Eridan ([personal profile] unconchonable)
When: Backdated to August 6, during the body swap curse.
Where: Their hive.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

nothing like rearranging the furniture at five in the morning )
22nd-May-2013 10:13 pm
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Who: Karkat Vantas and whoever!
Where: All across Vatheon.
When: Anytime during the week.
Style: Action please!
Status: Open.

[A curse that makes you say the truth no matter what you want is not exactly Karkat's idea of a fun time. He's not much a liar, no, and his worst secret isn't so secret around Vatheon anymore, but that's not the point. What's the point of being open if it's forced from you? And as outwardly prickly a guy as he is, he doesn't want his squishy inside exposed at will.]

[Unfortunately, as is true for every curse, life doesn't stop just because you're inconvenienced. There are groceries to get, his job at a video store to do, the coral to visit, and his usual sickle practice in the park. He tries to avoid people if he can, oh yes, but there's only so much he can do. Even if he evades them outside the hive, he can't exactly send mental waves to stop them from coming to visit him at home, if that's their prerogative. Ultimately, he's bound to run into more annoyance than he'd like. But what else is new?]

(OOC: This is pretty standard! Pick a place to meet him, and feel free to note a specific day if you have one in mind, though the second probably isn't too necessary. If there's any problem I'll let you know.)
8th-Apr-2013 09:18 pm
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Who: Eridan and Karkat
When: 4/8 later in the evening
Where: Around Vatheon
What: Karkat's woken up, but Eridan wasn't home, and now Karkat isn't home. Shenanigans.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

420: Art by Leppu [at] (pic#5114933)
Who: Gamzee Makara, Eridan Ampora, Karkat Vantas and a poor poor ukulele.
Where: Starting at the quest board
Status: Closed
Style: []

[Surprisingly, Gamzee manages to make it to the quest board first. A little while ago, Karkat had send both him and Eridan an invitation to join him on a quest, and Gamzee had been more than happy too. Seriously, shooting the wicked shit with Karkat and Eridan? Sign him up! This whole curse has been nothing but a great excuse for catching up with some buddies and having some fun. Points? Rewards? Nothing he cares about. What would he even wish for to have from back home? All what he cares about is all what he got here.

Now that he has to wait anyway, he plucks the ukulele from his back, strumming his fingers idly over the strings to pass the time until his bros show their snouts.]
18th-Mar-2013 02:32 pm - ♊ + ♋ + ♒
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Who: Sollux, Karkat, and Eridan
When: March 16th
Where: The cave for The Trial of Three
Style: Action
Status: Closed
Warnings: Cursing and quest-related stuff. So possible violence, etc.

This will obviously go well )
23rd-Feb-2013 10:10 pm - feelings and emoceans
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Who: Eridan and Feferi
Where: Around Vatheon
When: The day after Eridan discovered Roxy was gone :'(
Style: Action
Status: Closed!
Weh weh im sad while a pretty girl wants to hang out with me life is hard )
15th-Feb-2013 11:14 am - WALENTINES!
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Who: Eridan and Karkat!
When: Valentine's day!
Where: Eridan and Karkat's shared hive!
What: Enjoying Valentine's day togetherrrr.
Status: Closed.
Lowe is in the air~ )
2nd-Feb-2013 11:40 pm - tell me im pretty
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Who: Roxy and Eridan
When: Feb 2
Where: Eridan's room or wherever in the hive no Karkats allowed
Style: action
Status: closed

tell me im wanted )
6th-Jan-2013 12:29 pm - Guess who got a moirail!
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Who: Eridan and Roxy!
When: backdated to the 5th
Where: Roxy's place!
Style: action cuz I am lazy
Status: Closed like ERIDAN'S PALE QUADRANT ;D
10th-Dec-2012 04:03 pm - how do human holidays work
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Who: Karkat and Eridan.
Where: Their shared hive.
When: Afternoon.
Style: Action.
Status: Closed.

tangled lights are inevitable )
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