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scaresplants: (oh for somebody's sake)
Who: A certain demon and a certain angel (Anthony J. Crowley and Aziraphale)
Where: A nice bar
When: Super backdated to right after this embarassing incident
Style: Anything you want!
Status: Closed like something really closed.

Well, wasn't this the best day of his very, very long life?

Anthony J. Crowley had plenty of bad days. The worst one, in his opinion, had been the Apocalypse That Never Was, followed very closely by the day that he accidently stumbled into a quaint little Spanish Inquisition meeting.

It was definitly not what he had been expecting, that's for sure. (It took well over two weeks to get over the memories of that time. And even after that, he still would shudder if he ever heard someone mention the name. Humans could be horrible, horrible things if they wanted to be, in Crowley's opinion.)

So, just like what he did back then when a day came up that just ruined his mood, Crowley turned to the one thing that he knew would fix the problem when nothing else would.


He's standing in front of the door to the bar, puffing away at a cigarette and looking a bit roughed up after a very annoying fight with Otoha. Honestly, he's hoping that the angel wouldn't ask him too many embarassing questions about what he just saw. The last thing he needs is awkward questioning, and he's definitely not in the mood to answer any of them at the moment.

No. This had better be forgetten for good between the both of them. For good.
bakegarasu: (dream a little dream)
Who: Otoha and YOU!
What: The bar is open. It's booze time.
Where: The Crow's Nest (Otoha's bar)
When: Late afternoon Sunday - Early morning Monday
Style: Either!
Status: Open

Four in the afternoon. Time to open. Otoha makes sure the door to his room is closed and locked, and heads over to flip the sign on the front door to 'open'. Business has still been slow, but it's something to do at least. He heads behind the counter, sitting down and checking to make sure his sword is in grabbing range before cracking open a book.

Maybe someone would come in today. Hopefully.
14th-May-2012 05:18 pm - Flower Shower~
dancingonapin: (Butterfly.)
Who: Aziraphale and anyone he bumps into
Where: Everywhere! All the homes he can visit and along the paths of flowers he's picking.
When: Morning to late afternoon
Style: I'll match
Status: Open
Warnings: None, except a lot of cute flowers

[Aziraphale is out for a nice, brisk, morning walk after a relaxing night of reading when he discovers flowers blossoming all over the place, out of cracks and over sidewalks, petals stretched up to greet him.

His eyes grow wide, and before he can even think about what those flowers might be doing there the angel is suddenly gripped by the raging urge to turn them into gifts, as many gifts as possible. He begins picking them, rows upon rows of them, mystically able to store them safely in his coat while he gathers them. He takes them back to his apartment, making bouquets out of them, crowns and bracelets, necklaces, and tiny clusters tied up with ribbon, as many as he can possibly make.

He then distributes them to as many apartments as he can, and to those he knows personally (Crowley, Johnny, Katsu, and Amane) he will be ringing their doorbells and waiting for them to answer so he can deliver their gifts face to face. They will be getting the especially big bouquets and fancy flower jewelry.

Aziraphale will repeat this process when he runs out of flower gifts, so feel free to run into him while he's either picking more flowers or delivering them at doorsteps. The flowers will stay plenty fresh all day thanks to a little bit of encouragement from the angel.]
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