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spacecase: (--WAIT NOW I AM CONFUSED.)
Who: Jade and you!
When: July 23rd, midmorning
Where: Ever-loving PLAZA
Style: [brackets gooby]
Status: Open!

[Jade is not a stranger to shenanigans, of course not, her life is made of approximately 99.9% shenanigans. If there was a chemical element for shenanigans, it was probably contained in her ecto-biological makeup...and her ecto-brother's too, for that matter. Must be why he likes pranking so much.

Digressing aside, Jade was still not expecting to be tossed into water and thrown onto the ground! In fact, it was actually the opposite of what she was expecting considering she had just told John they'd be stuck on the Prospit ship for the next three years. Still, Jade's a trooper just the same and--automatic doggy reaction of shaking herself aside--she wasn't going to fuss about being wet.

Nothing can stop her from questioning what's going on, however.]

Hello? Helloooooo? John?

[No answer, maybe she could try finding him with her spacey thing? She closes her eyes to concentrate stretching her subconscious across the new area, but is surprised to find that she's immediately exhausted and has to lean back against whatever is behind her.

Of course, whatever is behind her has assorted spiney things on it and makes her jump back, barking defensively before she's even aware of the fact that A) her energy felt renewed and B) she was in public.]

WOOF WOOF WOO--...oh nooooo. Is that coral? Where am I?
19th-Jul-2012 04:18 pm - We Can't All Be Andy Warhol
mothersunlight: (Ink play)
Who: Amaterasu and EVERYONE
When: All day July 19th
Where: In the streets of Vatheon
Style: Action
Status: Open

[The streets and walls of Vatheon were typically devoid of any graffiti. It'd happen, now and then, but it wasn't that noticeable.

Now, however, the graffiti was incredibly noticeable. But unlike most spraypaint-type graffiti that most modern people would recognize, this all appears to have been done with some sort of ink. The symbols are all extremely simplistic, though some have things like cute little flowers or some drops of water to help "illustrate" what they are. There's also doodles of things like stars and hearts, and of course plenty of simple Kanji here and there.

And, most importantly, the dead giveaway of the source of all this inky mess, black paw prints trailed around town. Follow them, and you will inevitably find Ammy, who is likely doodling on the side of a building or maybe even flirting with some cute waitress by painting tiny little squiggles or hearts on her face (and getting some awesome petting and food in return).]
18th-Jul-2012 02:56 am
waterkorrant: (Default)
Who: Korra and Bolin
Where: Up on the island.
When: Mega backdated to like the 7th.
Style: Action
Status: Closed
Warning: Contains spoilers for the Legend of Korra finale, if it still matters to anyone.

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