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1st-Sep-2012 12:13 am
testsubject031: (what's goin' on here?)
Who: Labrys and You
When: Afternoon
Where: Somewhere in the plaza
Style: Whatever floats your boat
Status: Open!

[Improper Shutdown Detected. Restarting System...

Possible water damage to system. Running diagnostic scan for errors... No errors found.

Global Positioning System is out of date. Scanning for update... No updates found.

System will start shortly...

Nngh...did I go and get myself hacked again? The nerve of that guy...

[A robot in a school uniform with white blouse and houndstooth skirt frowns, slowly getting up from the ground. This place is unfamiliar to her, and she can't figure out where it is in regards to her last location.]

Mitsuru-san? You around?

[Or maybe possibly...]

Yu? Chie? Teddie? Anybody?

[She's worried. Without her friends, what will people think of her? Are they gonna try to take her away? Shut her down because she's dangerous?

No. She's gonna stand up for herself. She's more than a weapon.]
23rd-Jul-2012 10:14 pm
ladyinscarlet: (// bloody)
Who: Madame Red and YOU!
When: July 23rd, evening
Where: The plaza, near the coral!
Style: Action to begin with, but willing to do prose.
Status: Open to everyone!

[Angelina wonders if she lost her way in London after Elizabeth Stride. Did she pass out, anyway? She can't remember how she ended up soaking wet in something else than blood... She notices Grell is not around. If she was here, she would be making a scandal of having her red outfit ruined. Angelina's was ruined already anyway.

Fortunately, she still carries a bloody scalpel with her. As she looks around, she realizes she is in a dome underwater. How did she get here, anyway? Where is this place? She can only be wary as she takes a few steps away from the Plaza. Even though her fine clothes are dripping wet, she holds herself in an elegant manner that makes her look sophisticated. Anyone who happens to see her would realize she's an aristocrat. Quite an outdated one, by modern standards, of course. Just before anyone shows up, she manages to stash the scalpel inside her sleeve.]
soulsrest: (before i make the final sacrifice)
Who: Takaya and OPEN.
When: Evening, the 22nd.
Where: The Coral.
Style: Whichever.
Status: Open.

[The last thing he had remembered was pain - pain and the voices of the members of SEES around him. Death was close, and Nyx was coming. She would bring her salvation to everyone.]

[And yet… he feels somewhat damp. That is strange - strange enough that he opens his eyes and looks around. He seems to be in a plaza - but that cannot be. He was dead, even if they had managed to stop her - which was impossible no matter what they believed. No matter how much he wished to make sure her arrival was prepared… he was unable to stop them.]

[At least he would have some peace… though it appears now that he is denied it for the moment. He feels in his pocket, clasping his hand around the pills. There aren't many left. Why would he have need of them where he was going? But in this situation… this could be a problem.]

[He snatches up his gun and shrugs his shoulders, attempting to gain feeling back in them where they are starting to go a little numb and cold. He will explore this place… and find the answers that he seeks.]
5th-Jul-2012 07:08 pm - Wet Arrival #2
incinerare: ([blind] silence)
Who: Roy Mustang & Anyone else.
What: The colonel returns to the city, though the landing leaves much to be desired.
When: Late Afternoon/Early Evening on the 5th of July.
Status: Open
Style: Any

Roy wasn't entirely certain just what he actually expected upon being thrown out of that pure white space, via the Gate. But landing in a body of water in a pitch dark location likely wasn't on the expected list. Getting to the surface was a relatively simple matter, unfortunately he had no way to tell which direction to go to get out of the water, provided there was actually an end to the water in the first place.

So Vatheon, which of you good good samaritan's will help the poor man out of the water?
handshakegreeting: (attendant ▣ greeting and departing)
Who: A human(?!) goddess of death and you lovelies~
Where: Starting at a cafe, the scene of the "crime" amusement park, and anywhere else...
When: Second day of the power swap week.
Style: I'll follow your lead.
Status: Open like the gates to Hell-- I MEAN UH ?

30th-May-2012 01:24 am - Enter Mischief
lostliar: (Default)
Who: Loki and you
Where: The forest
When: Nighttime
Style:  As you please
Status: Open

So it begins... )

cadenbychoice: (talk ][ disappointed)
Who: Caden (Riku Replica), Izanami, and Zexion; then Zexion and Demyx; then Demyx, Caden, and Faris -- at least as I understand how this will work out
Where: Outside the library first -> Demyx's place -> in front of the Church
What: Goddess shenanigans, death and string-ups
When: Wedns. May 30th

But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me / Just how I should feel today )
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