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23rd-Jan-2012 09:50 pm - Row 1 - New Arrival
kaonashi: (Concern Frownin')
Who: No-Face and anyone who happens to pass
Where: The Plaza
When: January 23rd, later in the evening
Style: Any
Status: Open

There appears to be a phantasmal black blob laying motionless, off near the center of this strange and foreign plaza. Next to this heap rests a basket that appears to contain a bundle of wool fiber, two knitting needles, and a small group of vegetables.

As quickly as it appears though, the dark mass solidifies and takes it's regular looming form; a white mask drifting up from the center and appearing where a face would normally be located. The quiet figure you're left with is just a bit unsettling. Those blank eyes seem to stare straight off into the distance for a moment, before the ghostly being extends an arm down to pick up the basket. Oddly enough, he seems to clutch his container against him with both arms rather protectively.

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