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24th-Mar-2012 10:20 pm
watcheshisrear: (down and out)
Who: Yoko and Kamina
Where: Somewhere on the beach up on the island
When: Late Evening
Status: Closed! It's a private reunion of a dead man and his girlfriend with a big booty.

[ Even the stars were different.

Yoko had spent enough long nights stargazing since she'd first gotten to the surface to know that much and the realization only managed to make her feel very alone. It could have been true, the story she'd been told about being a different world. But at least her investigations, asking questions and poking around, had led her up here instead of leaving her in that underwater dome.

She sits in the middle of a blanket she's laid out on the sand, leaning back as she still stares up at that strange skyscape despite its unfamiliarity. Her rifle lays next to her, always on hand even in a seemingly peaceful moment like this. It wasn't like she'd decided on where to stay yet anyway, no place to store it mostly for the fact that she didn't like going down into the bubble any more than she had to.

It was just all so frustrating. She didn't belong here, she should have been with everyone, finally building on the surface. She seizes a nearby rock, pitching it into the waves.

She wasn't going to go down without a fight, but right then it seemed like there wasn't anything she could target that would make a difference.
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