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17th-Sep-2013 01:20 am - 23 ♐ Rendezvous
aim_exorable: (soft ♐ So you think I'm alone?)
Who: Darkleer and Summoner
When: After this
Where: The island
Style: man idk
Status: Closed

If the lighthouse still existed, then Darkleer would know where to meet up with him. It was the spot of so many of their other meetings, after all. It only felt right. Still, now there's nothing much left but rubble. He understands the reason why, he really does, it's just... He wish it hadn't had to happen.

Ah well. Things do.

Still, he goes to sit at the remnants anyway, and stares up at the night sky. There's a lot to think about. The future is getting closer all the time, and this time it doesn't bring any kind of good news.
15th-Sep-2013 12:37 am
thalassino: (» station master)
[If you've visited the island any time in the past week, then you would have had the briefest conversation with Station Master in the elevator, right before you stepped off onto the island, demeanor as polite as ever as he speaks--]

I'm trying out some new cookie recipes and wanted to know if you wanted to try some. Stop by, when you and your friends are able. I’m thinking of baking up a big batch on Saturday and pass them out where we met before. You really should come.

[--before the doors of the elevator will close, dissuading further conversation. He certainly looked far too serious to be talking about cookies.]


[For those who take Station Master up on his offer, he'll be waiting by the warehouse up on the island, distracted, before waving people inside. Inside are cookies, muffins, and cups of water, but those aren't the real reason he's summoned you here. When Station Master steps inside, he removes his hat, but his gaze is still distant, as if he has other thoughts preoccupying him.]

I’m sorry for calling everyone here on such short notice. I’m afraid I had little choice though and my message is not an enjoyable one.

[His expression is serious now, very serious.]

This morning I intercepted a message meant for the Head Nurse from the lead scientists who are behind this experiment. I was able to erase the message, leaving her unaware of its existence for now but I’m afraid I’ve only been able to buy us some time, nothing more.

[He’s reaching into his pocket now, drawing out a folded piece of paper. The message for those who’d rather read it black on white.]

It said they have gathered all the data needed and are shutting down this project. They’ve also given her the all clear on eradicating all left over assets. That is to say… you.

((Now with a summary))
10th-Aug-2013 09:32 pm - Open Log
devwocean: (Mituna - Brain Problems)
Who: Dualscar and YOU
When: Any time throughout the curse period
Where: For some, at Dualscar's hive, but he can be found anywhere in Vatheon as he's been wandering aimlessly all week
Style: Action

For those at Dualscar's hive

[Dualscar consciousness has been trying to get home for most of the week, but he's having a really hard time remembering where he lives. After several days of wandering, getting lost, and having somewhat vocal tantrums elsewhere in Vatheon, Dualscar finally stumbles his way up the steps and tries the door]

Hello? [He calls out, stepping uncertainly through the doorway. He thinks this is his hive.] Ith anyone here?

For everyone else

[Dualscar can be found pretty much wherever, suffering from Mituna's brain problems. He has a tendency to trip on nothingness, or get confused and wander off in the wrong direction. When he gets frustrated, watch out, he's got a mouth on him.

He took off the helmet at some point and threw it into his captchalogue - or maybe just threw it away - and that might not have been a very good idea. His body spasms at times, and sometimes he simply can't stop himself from falling, occasionally even hitting his head on the ground.

This is pretty much the most miserable Dualscar's ever been.

Dare to approach the violet-blood trapped in a broken yellow-blood body?]
9th-Aug-2013 01:38 pm - 22 ♐ Horse in a Spider's body
aim_exorable: (gdi mf ♐ This is a cold war)
Who: Darkleer (trapped in a spidertroll's body) and YOU
When: Throughout the day
Where: The park, and then throughout Vatheon
Style: Open
Status: Open

Morning, the Park

For anyone wandering near the connection between the park quadrant and the main city, they might see something odd. After spending the last few days detoxing (a painful experience), Darkleer has finally decided to venture out in Mindfang's body. There's just... one problem. The empathy. As reluctant as he is to admit that she was in any way right, Darkleer can't deny that it is a powerful overwhelming sensation. But he's not going to give up.

So those wandering about might see 'Mindfang' taking deep breaths and trying to venture into the city.. only when more than a few people are in the vicinity, 'she' seems to pale and quickly retreat until 'she's' in the entrance to the park again where 'she' can sit down and sigh in frustration.

> See what the big deal is?

Throughout the plaza, the rest of the day

At some point, Darkleer manages to get over the crushing feel of empathy- okay, that's not quite right, and the real answer is much longer and involves the kind of stubborn denial that only Zahhaks are capable of, but the point is...

At some point, one might see a finely dressed Mindfang walking about the plaza, with her hair actually brushed and made nice and everything. She actually cleans up fairly well, even with her robotic arm looking a bit jarring in comparison to the rest of the fleshy body. There's also something else a bit jarring:

the giant terrarium full of spiders that she's holding in her hands.

Seriously, there are at least, like, eighteen of them or something. Lord. At least Darkleer seems proud. Awwwww yeah, cleared this body of spiders in the hair, excellent.

> Approach?
replicatedcourage: (shock)
Who: Sola and Vatheon
When: The wee hours of the morning
Where: Plaza
Style: Brackets
Status: Open to all CR great and small!

[At first the Hylian doesn't recognize where he is.

There's a heavy and wild intake of breath as if he doesn't expect for his lungs to expand. He scrambles for the nearest cover, nearly bowling over a hapless towel vendor in the process. He merges into the shadow of a building, nothing visible aside from piercing red eyes as he finally pauses to take in his surroundings, tense and suspicious.

What had Link done? He'd thought he'd been done for, that Ganon's resurrection was a failure purely because again he hadn't been able to spill the hero's blood. And he'd had so much time to plan, to send minions and monsters after him all along, to observe and prepare. But maybe that had been the problem, he'd waited too long. He should have attacked at the beginning when he'd been- well, not weak, he'd still defeated the Demon King, but when Link had his guard down during the reconstruction...

Dark Link's train of thought grinds to a halt as he finally connects where he is, as the jumble of memories he'd ignored suddenly appearing in his mind in favor of adrenaline still surging from his life or death battle start to sort themselves out slowly. They're hardly finished, but he knows this place now. He recognizes it.

Still standing in the shadows but no longer a part of them, Dark Link just stares.


30th-Jul-2013 05:04 pm - 21 ♐ Whistle while you work
aim_exorable: (tinker ♐ A beauty calm and clear)
Who: Darkleer and Summoner
When: In the afternoon
Where: The Hoofbeast Feather Hive, Darkleer's room
Status: Closed

While he does have a much nicer and very large workshop in the basement thanks to lots of hard work, Darkleer still likes working on smaller projects while in his own room from time to time. It's nothing grand or complicated, just a little robot cat. His day is somewhat free besides working on the Welcome Pamphlets, so he's taking the time to relax.
shippingmath: (pic#5352263)
Who: Bro, Dirk, and any heroes of Vatheon who come across them
When: Throughout the day Saturday
Where: "hero cafe" to start, then around Vatheon
Style: brackets to start
Status: First option closed for Dirk and Bro. Others are open!

[Those familiar with Dirk Strider this week might know that he isn't fond of wearing shades, but today he's wearing a hard-to-miss pair everywhere he goes. The shades mask his expression, but there's more to it than that. His movements are jerky and sudden, as though he's being pulled around by little strings. He strides through the streets of Vatheon with none of his usual casual air. He's on a mission, and he has no time for anyone who gets in his way.

That mission is taking him toward one of the banks that litter the city, then into it. As he shoves his way in through the doors, he pulls out a gun, and points it at the patrons.]

This is a heist. Put your hands up, and give over your money.

20th-Jul-2013 01:37 am - 13 - The Path
fistfullofmagic: (Default)
Who: Dhaos and you
When: Pretty much anytime during the curse he's not otherwise occupied
Where: various spots throughout the city
Style: I prefer brackets
Status: Open as the treasure chests in a dungeon when you've got a rogue in the party

[For those not to caught up in saving the day to notice anything else, they might notice a rather tall blond off doing small acts of heroism for people. Nothing about the turtleneck and jeans look he has going would separate him from an ordinary citizen, if not for the very blank face mask he wears. Who is this mysterious man? If he's really a superhero, why the general lack of outfit? Why stop purse snatchings when there are larger crimes to worry about? Why not just go up and actually ask him instead of standing around wondering these things?]

((ooc: If anyone wants to make up a crime for Dhaos to help on, go right ahead. His power is generating barriers, which he can change the size and shape of. It's one of those things he has to actively focus on doing though.))
ugly_soldier_dude: (sigh)
Who: Cloud, Zack, and YOU
What: Vatheon's Dynamic Duo is off doing dynamic things. Like rescuing kitties.
When: Backdated to Tuesday night
Status: Open!
Style: Starting with prose but I will match

A scream of panic alerted the two heroes. The city may be full of crime, but no scream or cry for help would go ignored by these two. No deed was too great or too small, too lowly or too risky for them. So with capes fluttering in the wind, they set off for the scene of the emergency, muscles tensed and minds racing in anticipation of whatever awaited them. What cruel mishap, what foul deed, or what horrid crime awaited them?

Honestly? The most fearsome thing was the panicking old woman trying to scramble up a tree for her beloved cat.

An easy fix, or it would be if the tree weren't so damn tall. A single bound or leap up the tree would suffice, or it would if the old lady didn't insist the branches would break if they did that. It was an old tree, apparently, and heaven forbid a branch break and her poor kitty plummeted to the ground.

So that's how Zack and Cloud, the most daring and awesome spike-haired pair the bubble has ever seen, can be found that night trying to get a darned cat out of a tree. Zack is on Cloud's shoulders, giving him directions and helping him maneuver him towards the trapped feline.

Now if only it would stay still...

((ooc: Feel free to join in in any manner! Help them, hinder them, or just point and laugh.))
16th-Jul-2013 11:50 am - While the villains are away...
thalassino: (» quest npc)
Seems like crime has taken a step up from just purse-snatching or someone stealing forty cakes when no one was looking. Those with a great sense of hearing or who happen to be at the wrong place at the right time will find that the good people of Vatheon are in danger. It's up to anyone who is willing to help to work together to save the day!

Something is happening in the lower district! )

Something is happening in the middle district! )

A string of crimes happening all over the City! )

Something is happening on the Network! )

[They may also wind up stumbling or following a goon back to the actual secret base to listen in on a meeting at their own risk. Good luck!

((If you are open to being threadjacked, then please put Open in your subject line. If you have an idea already and want to play it out with a particular group of people, then please put Closed in your subject. Thank you.

Have fun playing out the scenarios, and feel free to drop a note in the subject line if Carol or the hotel owners are needed or if you believe characters may have solved the riddle! The location of the bombs is random and characters are encouraged to locate and defuse them on their own.))
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