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force_a_change: (Mou so mean)
Who: Ryoko Asakura and you lovely folks of Vatheon!
Where: In front of the coral.
When: August 7th, early morning.
Style: Starting with [Action], will follow your lead.
Warnings: None at the moment.
Status: Open.

I am quite sure you can help me out here. )
1st-Aug-2012 03:52 pm
daddydeathscythe: (Default)
Who: Spirit Albarn and You
Where: The Plaza
When: Tuesday, late afternoon
Style Any style will do.
Status: Open

Spirit peers at the bizarre, starfish-like device and turns it over in his hands as he aimlessly wanders about the plaza, leaving a trail of wet footprints in his wake. Every so often, he looks up, glacing around at his current surroundings with wide, apprehensive eyes. He eventually fixes his gaze upwards, shivering and as he stares at the sky -or what looks like it might be a sky. It looks vaguely sky-like. It must be some kind of sky. What else could it be?
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