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14th-Apr-2012 09:28 am - so about that flyer...
thalassino: (Default)
[ there's a bit of a commotion tonight, and many locals are talking about something happening up on the island. anyone curious enough to check it out would first notice a glowing shore to match a starry sky; it seems to be a type of jellyfish causing this.

immediately afterward they would undoubtedly see a very large boat having apparently docked itself on the shore. there's no captain in sight and it appears to be completely inoperable, so it's a full-blown mystery on how it arrived on the shore. it certainly doesn't look like a normal boat though— probably due to the fact that it is utterly decked out for a party.

there are streamers, balloons, and a whole lot of glitter on deck. there's even a large banner that reads:

☆ HAVE FUN!!! ☆

on deck there are speakers blasting a nautical-style party music should dancing be your thing. nearby there's plenty of good food for the eating, along with a gratuitous amount of chapagne (with a non-alcoholic brand for the underage); a champagne tower can also be seen. party games are encouraged, and a few are even already set up (such as the large whale-themed piñata).

have fun, mingle, and enjoy the party! ]
3rd-Apr-2012 06:32 pm - Completing a Trio
quakega: (Default)
Who: Terra and YOU
Where: The Plaza fountain
When: Late afternoon
Style: [Brackets], please!
Status: Open to All

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31st-Mar-2012 06:15 pm - ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz . . .
ex_ventus850: (Default)
Who: Ven and anyone!
Where: The park
When: Afternoon-ish?
Style: Whichever
Status: Open!

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30th-Mar-2012 12:33 am
unbendable: didn't you know my real name is alice (⚵ curiouser and curiouser ...)
Who: Aqua, and [community profile] vatheon
Where: The Plaza
When: Late Night, 03/29
Style: Starting in Action, but will adapt to anything you guys respond with. ♥
Status: Open (like an open thing) ~ also, this post may contain spoilers for those who haven't played birth by sleep.

It was dark in this place. )
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