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26th-Nov-2012 10:40 pm - Am I dreaming...?
chaoticreverie: (Comtemplation)
Ω Who: Vincent and you. (The more persistent, the better.)
Ω When: Midday, Monday
Ω Where: Town Central
Ω Style: Whatever you want~ I do use brackets though.
Ω Status: Open

[ I?

Heading swimming, Vincent puts a clawed hand to his face as flashes of memory hit him in small bursts. Shelke smiling at him -- Omega rising up from Midgar -- Flying in front of the moon, prepared to take the dive.


[Opening his eyes, the light hits them and makes him squint. I was about to fight it all over? Had he failed? No...that couldn't be. If he had failed, then he wouldn't still be alive. Would he? Cerberus was still in his hand and that was reassuring. The hard metal was an anchor to remind him that this was real. If there was a way to find out what happened, he would find it.

Getting up was somewhat painful, but not over much. His muscles felt strained, as though he'd been running for a long time. And ...Great. Tilting Cerberus' barrel down, he watched as water slowly trickled out. He was soaked, along with his equipment. If this was left unattended, Cerberus would rust. He'd need to clean it as soon as he found a safe place to rest.

This wasn't Edge. A quick look around could tell him so. It wasn't Kalm or Junon either. All around him people passed by, calm and unhurried. The buildings were tidy and made of a white material that he wasn't familiar with. Overhead, the sky was a deep blue. A blue that rippled around the sun, far off in the distance. It's water...I'm underwater. How did I get here?

Excuse me, sir?


[ Blinking, he looks down at the short, elderly man speaking to him.]

I thought perhaps you'd need this. It's always a bit difficult, getting moved to a new place and all.

[ In a small, wrinkled hand the man produced a pamphlet of some kind.
As Vincent took it, the man walked away without another word. Unfolding the pages, puzzled, he frowned down into it's contents. Welcome to Vatheon. Huh. Guess I'll have to take a look around. The question was...where to start?
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