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3rd-Apr-2012 12:47 pm - Missing Person
chosen_gigolo: (grump)
Who: Zelos and Shizuo
Where: Shizuo's apartment
When: Barely an hour after Zelda vacates post this (April 2nd)
Style: Prose
Status: Closed

It had been a week and Zelda still wasn't home.

They'd fought. Bigger than their usual good-natured bickering. This last round of arrivals had been very hard on Zelda, Zelos knew, but there were some things that he just couldn't let go and it lead to her storming out on him. Fine, whatever, give her time to cool off. He figured she'd go whine to Shizuo about how terrible he was and why doesn't Zelos just understand boohoo. 

A day passed and Zelos stewed, convincing himself he enjoyed the silence and not having to cook for the Princess. Who needs food anyway.

By three days he had taken to checking the library.

By five he admitted he was worried and surreptitiously checked their neighbor's place to make sure the hulking troll hadn't hung her from the ceiling fan in a gruesome display like the last tenant. (He hadn't, thank goodness.)

And by seven days Zelos found himself banging on the door to Shizuo's apartment in an agitated flurry. "Shizuo, open up!"

2nd-Apr-2012 08:45 pm - Coming Apart
zelda_hylia: Hyrule's Princess (Emotionless)
Who: Zelda and Shizuo
Where: Shizuo's apartment
When: After getting Link settled, April 2nd
Style: FEELS
Status: Closed

Zelda wasn't even thinking anymore as she forced her way into Shizuo's apartment. It had been closer than her home, and the only safe place that came to mind when she suddenly became violently ill. Holding back her distress in front of Link had taken quite a toll on the princess, and she couldn't do it any longer. With no semblance of dignity whatsover she braced herself over his kitchen sink, shaking and breaking out into a cold sweat with the effort of not emptying the contents of her stomach into it right then and there.
30th-Mar-2012 09:51 pm
a_violent_end: (Mycroft's muffins)
Who: Shizuo and Cielo
Where: Shizuo's place
When: Early evening
Style: Action?
Status: Closed

Brotimes )
24th-Mar-2012 12:45 am
a_violent_end: (Lock the doors and close the blinds)
Who: Shizuo and Izaya
Where: Plaza area
When: Saturday morning
Style: Prose!
Status: Closed / smut warning

Shizuo had been feeling pretty good as he walked throughout Vatheon earlier that morning. )
16th-Mar-2012 11:40 pm
a_violent_end: (did you get the milk?)
Who: Shizuo and YOU
Where: The island
When: Friday evening
Style: Whichever

[Shizuo isn't as bothered by this curse as some of the people he's come across thus far. He tends not to be a pretty deep-thinker, and since he's a pretty honest individual, there isn't much for him to hide - with a little exception, but Shizuo has enough of a command on himself to avoid thinking about certain things in public. When he decides to go to the island, it's not with the intent to avoid people - at least, not more than usual - but because spending time here a week prior had shown Shizuo that the beach is nice and calm at night. The stars are especially peaceful.

His thought bubble calmly cycles through words like Izaya, stargazing, telescope, calm as he finishes a cigarette, walking along the water. He pauses and looks up at the night sky, and his bubble seems to pause with him - clearing itself of all text for a brief moment.]
13th-Mar-2012 07:51 pm
chosen_gigolo: (cranky-upset narrow eyes)
Who: Zelos and whoever finds him
Where: On the island at the beach, waaaaaay far down the beach, trying to avoid sharing his thoughts
When: All day and well into the evening
Style: Any is fine
Status: Open!

[This month was already shaping up to be Zelos's worst yet here in Vatheon. Not only had that illness curse knocked him out for way too long, his own stupidity had lead to not only him making an idiot of himself - that he could handle and often did on purpose - but brought to light some things he was not prepared to deal with, so when this curse displayed every single morbid thought or memory that crossed his mind, he decided to do just as his roommate had done and get the hell out of dodge.

Unfortunately, Vatheon is a small enough bubble that the Chosen had a hard time actually getting away from people. The furthest cranny he could find, and thus where he'd rooted himself, was the beach up on the island and so the day finds him pacing the beach, having discarded his shoes in favor of walking barefoot on the sand and idly picking up shells, trying to clear his mind of anything in particular. He's managed to keep his thoughts on the sand and the surf so far, with the occasional thought of Altamira's warm sun or brilliant fireworks.

We'll see how long that'll last.]
12th-Mar-2012 11:19 am - Mind of a child
replicatedcourage: (Confident smirk)
Who: Sola and OPEN!
Where: Around town
What: Groceries and thought bubbles
When: Monday morning
Style: Action but I'll follow if you choose to change

[Sola feels great.

Living with Signless and Psiioniic makes him happy, Ion visiting and sometimes sleeping over makes him happy, and even the novelty of waking up to this strange bubble that lets him see what he's thinking is incredibly neat. He experimented with it a bit on discovering it. He tried to pop it with a pin but the surface just caved under the point and sprung back when he removed it. He tried squishing it with his hands but all that did was distend and warp the images that appeared inside. He even tried to melt it with water but aside from the images inside it becoming runny for the time it was in the spray of the shower, nothing really came of it. Still, being able to see his own thoughts visually, even as they were displayed in rudimentary crayon drawings, is so cool.

More cheerful than he'd been in weeks, Sola decides to show his gratitude to his roommates/caretakers and sets out to get groceries, calling farewell to those still in the hive so they know where he's going and colorful crayon thought bubble in tow.]

((ooc: feel free to run across Sola in the plaza, the store, or enroute to either of those places!))

11th-Mar-2012 09:16 pm
a_violent_end: (Default)
Who: Shizuo and Izaya
Where: Izaya's place
When: Monday
Style: Action
Status: Closed

About this bubble. )
11th-Mar-2012 08:40 pm - Panic time
zelda_hylia: (The princess does not excuse this.)
Who: Zelda and anyone that comes across her
Where: Hiding throughout Vatheon - less populated places (forest, island, etc)
When: All day after the curse begins!
Style: Either
Status: Open, but Zelda says it's closed. Ignore her.

[Upon figuring out that the little bubble that she couldn't get rid of was displaying her thoughts, Zelda had no choice but to leave the house before Zelos saw. She really didn't have any romantic feelings for him, but she was still a teenager and that kiss was playing on repeat. Even though she doesn't want anyone else to see inside her mind either, at least it wouldn't be ruining the friendship she had with Zelos if they did.

And so the princess is wandering in the least populated parts of Vatheon that she can find, looking very sulky.]
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