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3rd-Mar-2013 02:23 am - Enter The Gromble
grombleness: (Fess up slimeball!)
Who: The Gromble and ~you~
When: Late night, March 2nd
Where: The plaza
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[When The Gromble awakens, the first thing he notices is how wet he is. It's not the comforting sludge of his bed, it's almost like clean water. The Gromble just barely suppresses a shudder as one of the locals approaches with a welcoming kit. He's shocked to say the least when the human walks right up to him and shoves a fresh towel in his face, cheerfully telling him he should dry off before he gets sick. What in the name of the pool is wrong with that human?! Can't they see how terrifyingly hideous he is?

They must be drugged like those strange love-and-peace humans from a few decades back. It's the only acceptable explanation. No sane human wouldn't recoil from his grotesque visage!

Rather than wipe off his protective coat of grime he chooses to toss the towel to the side, red heels quickly click-clacking their way to the nearest garbage can and propelling him inside where he can safely read his pamphlet and observe the sparkling clean plaza. Truly, humans were absolutely unfathomable creatures, who would want to live in a place like this?

He remains there absorbing the information written in the pamphlet (the whole thing sounds ridiculous, really) until someone approaches the trash can. He's feeling pretty cranky, a good scare might cheer him up. He hunkers down, ready to loom at the person. Come at him, Vatheon.]
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