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24th-Sep-2012 09:32 pm
onlyasign: (head down)
Who: Sufferer and whoever wants to mob join him
When: September 24th, early afternoon
Where: in the Plaza to start
Style: whatever you like!
Status: totally open

In the beginning, there was pain.

Talk of blood and torture under here )

His mind whirls, remembering Vatheon, images coming to him in fractured, fragmented half-memories--Karkat, growling crabbily after getting a hug... Dualscar's fins, moving under his fingertips... Sola, asking questions with that plaintive look on his face... Zelda... Johnny... Jacob... Dave... Disciple... Spider... Psii...


He tries again to get to his feet, but his wounds and the chains on his wrists are too much, and he topples forward again, groaning as the arrow digs deeper into his side. He's worthless, useless, he led them all down the wrong path, everything he told them was wrong, he's a failure, he's failed them all...

Sufferer looks up at the bubble's dome, his eyes so bloodshot they're red almost all the way through, and his jaw works, his teeth grinding together and the tendons in his forearms standing out as he tries to clench his hands into fists. His voice is raspy, his throat raw and choked from the last time he spoke, centuries and seconds before.

He throws his head back and screams at the bubble's dome. "FUUUUUUUUCK!"

His voice ripples and echoes back to him, distorted, animalistic, the cry of a brute instead of a savior. Slowly, he bends back over his chained wrists, resting his forehead on the irons, and the red that stains the cold steel is not blood this time.

nos_servabit: (i broke down in the middle of nowhere)
Who: A newly-resurrected Jacob and all of you
Where: In the plaza
When: Noon on the 17th, first day of bodyswaps (Though if you want this to be before bodyswaps, just tell me!)
Style: Anything goes!
Status: Open to everyone ever! Please comfort your resident god figure, Vatheon.

a story of a death )

[When he awakens in Vatheon, however, and the Source flares up in him as if it's never left, the first thing he doesn't feel is relief.]

[It's apprehension. Again, he's back the way he was, still connected to the thing that has never made him age and has put the histories of every single person around him into his mind without warning. The powers that were forced upon him without even him having a choice of whether he wanted them or not.]

[Without even looking around, Jacob just sinks to his knees, burying his face in his hands as he tries to grasp it all. He'll never truly be able to escape this- escape being him. He'll be eternal, and the world will pass him by, and he'll be tied forever to the island with an invisible rope he can't let go of. For a brief moment, all his incredibly human feelings flare up in him, and it takes all of his energy not to actually cry. Of course, sooner or later, those emotions will be gone, packed inside his soul where they belong, and he'll pick himself up and be the god figure he is as usual.]

[So, if you're passing on by, dealing with your body swaps and confused feelings on the matter, don't mind the man shuddering in the middle of the plaza, Vatheon.]

[After all, he just came back to life. Which is a miracle, truly, but its a miracle that Jacob is not sure he entirely wants.]

[ooc: Just a quick reminder that for people who have never interacted with this character before, this is Jacob from the TV show LOST and...he's a god figure in his canon who has powers of omniscience and such. Therefore, I have a handy-dandy permission post over here as to how much he can know about your character and such. Thank you!]
nos_servabit: (and that is how it is)
Who: Jacob and YOUUUUU
When: Morning till late afternoon
Where: Near the plaza
Style: Whatever you want, I'll do.
Status: Open like your ears!

[There is a man sitting in the plaza.]

[He isn't at all out of the ordinary- no crazy hair colors or eye colors or anything amiss. Even his clothes are plain and simple, and honestly, he looks like the kind of man who you could spot in a crowd and just forget about instantaneously.]

[He's sitting on a bench while a large black chocobo with flowers tied around its neck rests near his feet. And in his hands is...what appears to be a lute. Huh.]

[There is a few seconds of silence, and then he starts
playing, not even looking at his lute as he does so, as if he's gotten the whole piece memorized by heart.]

[And if you're passing by, he'll smile over at you, as if saying "You can come over and listen. I don't mind."]

[Say hi to your resident god figure, Vatheonites? He won't bite.]

[ooc: For all of you new players out there, this is Jacob from the TV show LOST and...he's a god figure in his canon who has powers of omniscience and such. Therefore, I have a handy-dandy
permission post over here as to how much he can know about your character and such. Thank you!]
7th-Apr-2012 05:17 pm
devwocean: (Come hither)
Who: Orphaner Dualscar and YOU!
Where: Wandering about the city. I haven't gotten old Douchefin out and about in a while.
When:Style: Starting with prose, but I'm fine with following your lead
Status: Open!

[It has been so many sweeps since he's simply been able to walk around without a care in the world.

Despite himself, he has to admit that he's becoming comfortable here. He hasn't seen the Grand Highblood in a little while, though he's well-aware of his proximity when he's at his hive at Ordo. He has a moirail who seems to be doing a good job of keeping him calm and stable, not to mention a kismesis to keep him entertained. The emotional hurts of various romantic failures have lost their sting.

He's turned to other pursuits now, and has picked up reading again, and watching television, and even swimming for the pure pleasure of it. It seems as though even the threat of sea monsters is not one that will arrive any time soon.

He picks up an ice cream at a vendor and wanders along, nibbling at it delicately with his sharp teeth. It's a vice that he's picked up here, and he loves the sweetness and the biting cold of it.

Feel free to bother him. He's in such a terribly good mood]
28th-Mar-2012 08:34 pm - Happy Birthday to Me
prominence_glow: (vatheon ▼ We're gonna have horrible)
Who: Lea and everyone in Vatheon
What: This is how you celebrate birthdays, right?
Where: All over Vatheon
When: Backdated before Happy McMurder Mysteryfest, on the 26th, all day
Status: Open

[Hello, resident Vatheonites! So you're just wandering through Vatheon, going about your business- maybe coming out of a store after shopping, or just taking a walk, or looking for something to do...]

[And suddenly a sleigh being pulled by a bunch of giant birds screeches to a stop in front of you.]

[(Those birds would be Chocobos, by the way, and they come in a bunch of different colors, from a very large and aggravated yellow leading, to an excited looking red, to a calm brown, a jittery blue and inquisitive green...)]

[A certain redheaded youth with facial tattoos grins like a loon and leans over the the edge of it. Apparently, he's the driver, and boy does he have a question for you!]

Do you like cake?

[Even if the sleigh doesn't stop for you in particular, Lea can be seen riding his sleigh all over Vatheon, looking ridiculously delighted.]
16th-Mar-2012 11:40 pm
a_violent_end: (did you get the milk?)
Who: Shizuo and YOU
Where: The island
When: Friday evening
Style: Whichever

[Shizuo isn't as bothered by this curse as some of the people he's come across thus far. He tends not to be a pretty deep-thinker, and since he's a pretty honest individual, there isn't much for him to hide - with a little exception, but Shizuo has enough of a command on himself to avoid thinking about certain things in public. When he decides to go to the island, it's not with the intent to avoid people - at least, not more than usual - but because spending time here a week prior had shown Shizuo that the beach is nice and calm at night. The stars are especially peaceful.

His thought bubble calmly cycles through words like Izaya, stargazing, telescope, calm as he finishes a cigarette, walking along the water. He pauses and looks up at the night sky, and his bubble seems to pause with him - clearing itself of all text for a brief moment.]
brbstealingpknm: (Between heaven and hell)
Who: Silver and YOU
Where: All around the bubble.
What: Silver dislikes his hair, thinks about Amane and wants to ragequit the thought bubbles. Not in that order.
When: Today!

Thought bubbles where stupid if you asked Silver, his own currently flicking between several images as he walked the streets of Vatheon. Him punching Hilbert, his hair and one of his pokemon - his golbat, actually, and the idea of getting a sooth bell for it so that he could get a crobat.

Mostly though, it was settled on a nice, cartoony picture of him - looking like, yes, he was sulking.

It even had a raincloud over him.

Why? Well, to say that Silver was pleased with his haircut (even after a week) was an understatement. Oh, his hair had needed it, there was no denying it - but - not at the expense his hair acting like he was thirteen again. Which only made it worse as he was seventeen. It looked stupid - more stupider than ever if you asked him. Half the reason he'd let it grow while he'd been here was because the stupid, stupid 'antennae' of hair that stuck up like it was no one's business. The other half was that he'd been lazy  but it was more about the stupid, stupid ahoge.

He hated it so much. For a moment, the thought bubble showed his father with one, and Silver snorted in amusement - if only it was true - before shaking his head to clear the thought bubble.

...for all of 5 seconds before a list of things he wanted to do in the day popped up. The largest being an image of Amane and spending time with her, followed by training his pokemon, then looking over the SFC. Along with other worries.

Mostly though, it was about the ahoge and spending time with Amane - even going so far as to wonder if he should buy her lunch or something.

Of course, the moment anyone approaches him will be the moment his bubble is filled with this image.

9th-Mar-2012 09:08 pm
kingwithnocrown: (Default)
Who: Izaya and whoever wants to interact
Where: Plaza. Probably near the elevator.
When: Evening about.
Style: Action. Because.
Status: Open

[It's not that unusual to see Izaya looking happy. It's just unusual to see him lugging so much shit with him. Okay, it's not a lot, but by his standard- it's too much.

There's a telescope slung around his shoulder, a blanket under the other arm, and then a basket filled with who knows what, probably heads of dullahans or something, in his spare hand.

He's peering up at the bubble as he makes his way towards the elevator.

When. Oh no. A book that had been crammed into the top of the basket topples out. The tragedy.

But look.

Izaya keeps walking. Wow, his attention must be elsewhere pretty intense. And what is that book anyway? It looks weird. Are those instructions on human sacrifice------!!!

Actually it's just a fairy tale. But who can read kanji anyway? Aw look at the fairies-]
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