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Who: Rin Okumura, students, Villa residents and visitors!
When: Tuesday-Friday!
Where: The Villa
Style: [action]
Status Open!

[Even with the curse going on, Rin still has the Villa open for his offered cooking classes. Just make sure to tell him who you really are if you're swapped with some one.

This week, though, he is going to try to keep it some what simple, with just giving some basic overviews of common breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

At the end of the week, he's going to leave the class open for any questions and demonstrations while also giving out a potluck lunch for everyone.]

15th-Jul-2013 12:39 am - newcomer
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Who: Anyone
When: July 15, 2013 - Early afternoon
Where: Wandering around the plaza
Style: [brackets]
Status: Open

Another Pokemon trainer has appeared )
30th-May-2013 08:51 am - A good day for a nice swim
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Who: Wallace and Bianca
When: 30th of May
Where: The Beach
Style: Prose
Status: Closed.

Wallace had brought his best blue swimming trunks in his satchel, as he found a place in the soft sand to sit down. He and Bianca had organised this day for a nice swim in the warm ocean. Why not? Since their last meeting, they had decided to meet up to explore Vatheon's warm waters. Wallace hadn't really been to the Beach much and it felt like he should. He had been living here long enough now.

Milotic was busy watching, as Wallace gazed at the soft waves curling into themselves. Would she want to swim as well? Milotic was a water Pokémon, so should naturally want to test the waters. He sighed as he waited for Bianca to show.
22nd-Apr-2013 11:12 pm - Finding Sewaddle within the Park.
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Who: Burgh and Bianca
When: April 22nd
Where: The Park
Style: Prose
Status: Closed.

Burgh waited eagerly in the park as he expected to see Bianca show up soon hopefully. She had offered to help him find Sewaddle, which was really kind of her. He felt lost without him. The little caterpillar must have crawled somewhere and found himself a nice leaf to nibble on. Or perhaps, he had gotten lost within Vatheon.

Burgh sighed. He hoped that Bianca would be able to help him.
12th-Feb-2013 05:23 pm
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Who: Dr. Franken Stein, Pip the Eevee, and you. Also some ducks.
When: Today, Feb 12th
Where: Around Vatheon.
What: Pip will never manage to figure out that ducks and other small critters aren't Pokemon.
Status: Open!

[Pip hatched from an egg that Death the Kid found in the fridge in the Soul Eater cast's villa about a year and a half ago. Somehow, he still hasn't quite figured out that the non-humans here in Vatheon aren't Pokemon for him to fight with.

And for some reason, Pip has been in a mood to pick fights recently. So, if you have an animal, or if you are an animal, or maybe if you're a troll, there is a (slightly pudgy) fox-like creature suddenly attacking with a jumping tackle.

Alternatively, Pip is trying to fight ducks using that same jumping tackle. The ducks are not very amused. Some of them run off, but then Pip goes after a goose. The goose is almost exactly what he was looking for in an opponent, though it's not very good at taking turns.

Dr. Stein is being very responsible and keeping track of the Eevee.

Actually no, he's just taking notes on Pip's behavior and watching in amusement.
30th-Jan-2013 07:18 am - Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Sexy Lady
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Who: Yukio Okumura and You!
Where: The Fountain
When: Afternoon
Status: Open

[Alright, with all things considered it was bit of a understatement to say that Yukio Okumura was confused. One minute he was assisting the boy exwires into their "required uniform" and the next he was sitting waist deep in a water fountain. Gingerly climbing out of the fountain and expecting his soaking wet "uniform", Yukio had yet the chance to figure out where he is. Would anyone care to lend him a hand and maybe a change of boy's clothes ?]
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Who: Silver, Bianca
What: Silver finds bitty!Bianca and pulls a big brother type move given his own experiences with the last age swap curse.
Where: Near the place Bianca lives.
When: Morning of the curse start.
Style: Starting in action but will go with whatever.
Status: CLOSED

[.... How stupid can vatheon get? Another age swap? That had been Silver's first thought when he'd spotted the blonde kid- Bianca or something like that - on his morning walk back from the park where he'd been training both swordmanship and pokemon. While he'd normally have started bullying the girl, his own memories of the age curse brought him to a pause.

Would she remember it? He knew he remembered his own time as a kid here -

He grit his teeth before raking a hand through his hair and snorting softly. He really had gone soft but -

... If it proved to be trouble then he'd just pawn the kid off on someone else. No biggie.
10th-Jan-2013 12:41 pm
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Who: Bianca, Shing, and Kohaku
Where: Their apartment
When: In the afternoon
Style: I'm good with whatever!
Status: Closed

And we'll have some cookies! )
27th-Dec-2012 02:22 pm - 24 - Rogue
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Who: Duke and ANYONE
Where: Plaza
When: All week! Monday and Tuesday at intervvals but... just about any time day/night for the rest of the week o/
Style: Brackets, but if you want action, I WILL FOLLOW

[ So Sunday had been a particularly bad day for Duke, although it did end up with him eating a bit more than usual because wow, it should not have been that easy for him to get knocked down-

But monday morning felt fine. Mostly because he got hit with the curse, and once again was able to sprout wings and... ignore any normal needs. Although he did find it a little harder to talk this time... Perhaps he was a different sort of angel? Still had a crystal... Oh well.

This mostly left him with a great deal more hours than he had for the past weeks, and so the ordo-Zel house is swiftly filled with the smells of apples and baking... Because if he remembers the days right, then this is close to that gift-giving holiday and...

He can't really think of much.

The problem with a full twenty four hours to spend doing something is that he ends up with way more apple pies than he has people he knows. Everyone Duke knows the name of gets 1(one) Apple Pie with 1(one) slightly magicked pie tin. The tin will keep the pies at a nice warm temperature, and will do this again if they are cooked in the pie tin. Something to do with "absorbing and storing heat from the oven and giving it slowly back over time", the note explains. Don't make cold pies in this tin, obviously.

This does leave a great deal of pies left over, and after some thought, Duke takes them to the plaza and the coral. This was newcomer time, wasn't it?

Now there's a table with pies, notes attached explaining "keep-warm pie tins", and a small paper sign proclaiming them as free apple pies. Yup.

(OOC: FEEL FREE TO FIND HIM DELIVERING PIES TO CHARACTERS WHO HE KNOWS. Just mention "christmas" or something in your tag and I will know it is his gift-giving o/ ANYONE CAN GET PIES FROM THE PLAZA...

Duke is also a Symphonian Angel for this -)
28th-Nov-2012 10:46 pm - 05 - gravity
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Shing Meteoryte, YOU
Where: Wherever.
When: Whenever. we're meant to be together Backdating or forward-dating is good.
Style: Either
Status: Open

[ Between finding himself literally stuck to Kohaku at the beginning of the week and seeing that everyone else was having the same problem... to say that Shing was expecting something awkward to happen at some point during this week would be an understatement.

Of course, by this point it would be nearly impossible to avoid going out of the house, especially where errands were involved...

So, after several moments of decision -- as well as his telling Kohaku that he'd contact her if something or someone came up -- Shing's out and about doing... something.

How hilaribad this ends up as depends on who he encounters at this point. ]

( OOC: Catch-all post for Shing for this week's event! Apologies in advance if tags are slow, though... )
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