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16th-Jul-2013 11:50 am - While the villains are away...
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Seems like crime has taken a step up from just purse-snatching or someone stealing forty cakes when no one was looking. Those with a great sense of hearing or who happen to be at the wrong place at the right time will find that the good people of Vatheon are in danger. It's up to anyone who is willing to help to work together to save the day!

Something is happening in the lower district! )

Something is happening in the middle district! )

A string of crimes happening all over the City! )

Something is happening on the Network! )

[They may also wind up stumbling or following a goon back to the actual secret base to listen in on a meeting at their own risk. Good luck!

((If you are open to being threadjacked, then please put Open in your subject line. If you have an idea already and want to play it out with a particular group of people, then please put Closed in your subject. Thank you.

Have fun playing out the scenarios, and feel free to drop a note in the subject line if Carol or the hotel owners are needed or if you believe characters may have solved the riddle! The location of the bombs is random and characters are encouraged to locate and defuse them on their own.))
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Who: Hubutt and other shopping citizens of Vatheon
When: April 4th
Where: Middle District Shops
Status: Open! (Will match style)

Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. )
12th-Mar-2013 10:24 pm - 03: quest time! (closed)
findsrisks: ((゚.゚*)(*゚.゚))
Who: Nanaki, Hubert, and Pascal
When: the 12th
Where: out and about -> the library
Status: closed

fighting harpies yay! )
19th-Nov-2012 11:23 pm - ( closed ) things to be thankful for
dreamchasing: (pic#3179979)
Who: Sophie, Pascal, Malik Caesar, Hubert Ozwell, Asbel Lhant, Cheria Barnes.
When: Thanksgiving Daaaaay! (so, front-dated a little bit)
Where: Grace's House Graces House
Style: I'm starting in brackets, but y'all can do whatever you want ~
Status: Closed

[ Cheria had been extremely busy since the morning, preparing everything they would need for their feast that night. She'd worked so hard on all of this, and it was really starting to become obvious in how tired she was ... it would be worth it, though, right?

When Cheria had heard of this holiday, she immediately knew she wanted to try and do something for it. She and her family had been through a lot in the past year or so, regardless of whether or not it was in Vatheon or in their own world, and she felt that it was only appropriate to celebrate and be thankful for everything they had.

Plus, there was always a good reason to get everybody at the dinner table, right? Cheria tried to stick to the ordinary Thanksgiving traditions she'd read about, food-wise, but she tried to incorporate something that every individual person in their little family liked into the meal as well.

There was a lot of food still in the process of being made. Cheria leaned against a nearby wall, sighing tiredly and wiping her forehead with her sleeve. It was getting there, but there was still quite a bit left to do. ]
16th-Nov-2012 01:21 pm - It's a jungle out there
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Who: The escaped animals, a frazzled quadrant leader, and YOU
Where: The Carnival/Amusement Park
When: Friday
Style: Will follow
Status: Open! Help, hinder, take animals home for yourself!

[The animals have escaped! And Hubert is attempting to round them up and get them back. Help him? Don't? Hang out with animals or take them home? It's up to you!]

16th-Sep-2012 06:17 pm - Graces House Move In
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Who: Anyone in or near Graces House
Where: Tales of Graces House
When: Early-Afternoon, Sept 17th
Style: [Action]
Status: Semi-open

[Malik knocks on the door of the Graces house. In the few weeks he's been here he has mostly toured around and met with with his friends. At the urging of Asbel, Cheria, and Sophie - he has decided to leave the room at his favorite inn and move in to the house with everyone else. It shouldn't be too hard - he hasn't accumulated too many possessions yet. Just his trusty bladerang, a small box with some personal effects (which smells quite good), and a few sets of clothes.]

[He looks around as he waits for an answer. Something very strange was going on today. The communicator was filled with odd messages about body swapping. Thankfully he hadn't been afflicted.]

[[ooc: This is a chance for all Graces cast to catch-up and get a chance to talk about recent events as much as it is for Malik to move in with everyone. Hubert has moved out, Sophie has recently been sworded, Cheria is in a hiatus coma:), anything else?]]
5th-Sep-2012 09:17 pm
dualbladepaladin: (Default)
Who: Hubert Ozwell ([personal profile] dualbladepaladin ) and Ratchet ([personal profile] last_lombax )
When: Backdate: August 30th
Where: The Island
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Hubert wasn't entirely convinced sparring was going to help him take his mind off everything, but it couldn't hurt really. He wasn't sure what would come of it either, but he wasn't about to turn down a perfectly good chance to keep his skills in peak condition.

So he waited on the island, wearily eying the mess that still remained from the Yami battle and the strange underground lab it had uncovered. It made him strangely uncomfortable, but damned if he couldn't figure out why.]

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Who: Hubert, Pascal
Where: Graces House
When: Backdate : July 14th, afternoon
Style: Prose
Status: [CLOSED]

"I'll be rooting for you, Hubert!"

Ai's words were still ringing in Hubert's head as he trudged home from the library. A sigh escaped, and he shook his head at the recent memory. Ai was a nice girl, but her naivete was clear to him, and he found himself wondering if there was any use for her advice and encouragement at all. Pascal wasn't even from the same point in time as him! To have a conversation with her over something that hadn't even happened in her memory...

It was pointless, wasn't it... ?

He shouldered the small bag he had some checked out books in and opened the door to the house he shared with his friends, keen ear listening for any signs of life.

"Hello? I'm home!" There didn't seem to be any response, and he was quietly grateful for that. His conversation with Ai had left him distracted, and he knew the second any of them picked up on that, they were going to be all over him with questions.

Something to drink, a good book on the couch, something to keep his mind off it. That's what he needed.

So he headed to the kitchen with every intent of doing just that, believing himself to be alone for the time being.

19th-Jun-2012 03:42 pm - We just need to hold on tight...
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Who: Asbel and Hubert
Where: Graceshouse
When: June 17th, Father's Day.
Style: I'll switch to whatever you want to use.
Status: Closed

Asbel had been sitting in bed listening to and reading about what other residents of this place had been talking about. That had been his only pastime since he’d arrived in Vatheon. At Cheria’s behest, Asbel had given up on trying to leave the house until he was feeling better.

Today he felt much of his former strength return, but he was still troubled. Of the many topics on the network, one in particular cropped up a few times. Father’s Day.

It was only now that Asbel was unable to focus on his duties as the Lord of Lhant that he let his mind wander to his parents. It had been seven years since he’d left home. Even when he’d finally returned to Lhant, he hadn’t had much time to speak with his mother about his reasons for running away from home. As for his father, Lord Aston, the chance to reconcile would never come.


Even as he pulled on his coat and turned toward the door, he could feel his eyes begin to sting.
2nd-Jun-2012 10:28 pm
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Who: Hubert, ANYONE
Where: The park
When: Early evening, yesterday
Style: Anything!
Status: Open to anyone - people who want to spar, people who want to watch, people who want to heal the stupid people sparring, ANYONE!

[Hubert is waiting in the park with his weapon in hand, wating for anyone who had expressed an interest in sparring with him.

Come at him bros and brosises?]

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