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23rd-Jul-2012 10:14 pm
ladyinscarlet: (// bloody)
Who: Madame Red and YOU!
When: July 23rd, evening
Where: The plaza, near the coral!
Style: Action to begin with, but willing to do prose.
Status: Open to everyone!

[Angelina wonders if she lost her way in London after Elizabeth Stride. Did she pass out, anyway? She can't remember how she ended up soaking wet in something else than blood... She notices Grell is not around. If she was here, she would be making a scandal of having her red outfit ruined. Angelina's was ruined already anyway.

Fortunately, she still carries a bloody scalpel with her. As she looks around, she realizes she is in a dome underwater. How did she get here, anyway? Where is this place? She can only be wary as she takes a few steps away from the Plaza. Even though her fine clothes are dripping wet, she holds herself in an elegant manner that makes her look sophisticated. Anyone who happens to see her would realize she's an aristocrat. Quite an outdated one, by modern standards, of course. Just before anyone shows up, she manages to stash the scalpel inside her sleeve.]
4th-May-2012 01:46 pm - ☀ 03, closed log
flammatory: ((folded) woeful)
Who: Zuko ([personal profile] flammatory), Iroh ([personal profile] jasmineofthewest) and Karkat ([personal profile] bethehugejerk).
Location: Starts with meeting Karkat by the coral, then goes to Iroh's residence.
Time: Evening sometime?
Style: Action tags.
Status: Closed.

[Zuko wasn't completely inconsiderate, and had asked his uncle first if he'd mind having a guest over for the express purpose of teaching him how to make tea. Of course, the answer was exactly what he'd expected, so here he was, waiting to meet Karkat out by Lamufao so he could walk him over to Iroh's apartment.

Maybe he'd give up on the island and move down here to be with his uncle... He didn't really want to, but the draw of staying with him again was pretty strong. He didn't like being separated from the only person he knew from home, and as time went on, being underwater was getting less unsettling.

His arms are characteristically folded, and he has a thoughtful frown as he waits, considering this.]
23rd-Apr-2012 03:45 pm - First Cup of Tea
jasmineofthewest: (Default)
Who: Uncle Iroh and You!
Where: In the Plaza
When: Early Afternoon
Style: Action
Status: Open

[Uncle Iroh was nothing if not the most generous man you would ever meet. Arrive in a new place, soaking wet with no idea how you got there? See other people in a similar situation? While a normal person might freak out and demand what was going on, all Iroh saw was equally confused people who desperately needed some nice, soothing tea. And as luck would have it, he had some tea leaves right there in his pocket! And also some tiny cups. Because he was always prepared that way.

They might have been a little damp with sea water and it wasn't his best cup of tea, but he had set to work (with a little bit of sneaky firebending of course, shhhh) and had some tea brewing very soon, passing out cups to random people with a large smile on his face. He was also still soaking wet, because he'd declined the towel. More, less fortunate people than him needed it!]

Please, do return your cups to me after you finish, so that others may have some tea as well!
7th-Apr-2012 08:27 pm - ☀ 02, log
flammatory: ((emo) in chains)
Who: Zuko and whoever wants in! OPEN.
When: Sometime this week, whenever.
Where: Around the island.
Format: Action tags, please?
Warnings: None! Not even swearing for this guy, at least.

on the beach.
[It's early morning at the beach, and the sun is glinting across the waves, a darker blue-green contrast to the pale white-blue of the sky. The air feels light and crisp, salty, this early in spring; but regardless of how cold it is, it's still the best time to firebend in the morning.

Which is what Zuko's doing. He has a very practiced, sharply punctuated style of martial arts, because it is literally a form of kung fu. He sweeps across the sand, plumes and waves of fire preceding him. He's frowning with concentration, but focused as he is, he's aware enough to notice someone approaching. He knows the beach is more or less public, and doesn't want to catch anyone with fire accidentally.]

in the village.
[Later on in the day in early afternoon, the clouds are starting to roll through and cast gray over the island. Zuko's taking the chance to dig through the rubble in the abandoned village, and anyone walking by might hear him grumbling from within a half-collapsed building.]

Ow! Stupid beam... [Yeah, he just hit his head on a structural beam. His life is hard.]

at the harbor.
[Once evening comes, though, Zuko is back to his preferred default activity: brooding. He's standing near the edge of the pier, staring out into the ocean with a pensive expression. He's trying to be blank and neutral, but it's undeniably not working; there is a darker, preoccupied cast to him.

It matches the fact that by now the cloud cover has become more of a carpet across the sky, and the fading light is weak and dreary over the roiling water.]
31st-Mar-2012 12:02 am
fighting4afuture: (sword)
Who: Trunks and anyone
Where: Beach, up on the island, opposite side from the village.
When: Early morning
Style: Action/I don't really care
Status: Open!

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23rd-Mar-2012 07:01 pm - add (1) Irishman to the mix
finallycowboys: (◆ oh shit)
who: henry & you
where: plaza
what: wringing out all his nice clothes... he's pretty upset....
when: march 23, morning
style: doesn't matter
status: open

[ There's a lot of incomprehensible cursing, though whether it's in English or not is uncertain. A man, dripping wet, is removing his vest and draping it somewhere, then removing his gloves (casting them aside) to work on getting his knee-high boots unlaced. ]

Bloody ruined is what this is all is, fuck...!

[ He drops a metal handle-shaped thing on the ground, looking extremely annoyed. Guy rarely loses his shit like this, but some things were just that important to him. ]
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