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19th-Jul-2013 11:39 pm - It's all just a game to him [OPEN]
unwrittenformula: (η ≕ 3 + 3)
Who: A seemingly innocent Fennec fox and YOU
What: All around Vatheon during this week, one might catch a glimpse of, or be harassed by, a small talking blonde-furred fox
When: Any time during the curse
Where: All over Vatheon
Status: Open like so much openness
Style: action

[Throughout the week, while the city has turned dark and gritty, and heroes and villains run rampant, one might have the unfortunate luck of happening upon a small furred creature. And not just any small furred creature. A fox, with large ears, blonde fur, a tail tipped with pale tea green, and... strangely blank, unreflected blue gray eyes.

He may seem cute and innocent, but those who encounter him might be in for more than they want to deal with.]

(ooc: slightly in tandem with
this Hilda post. If anyone wants to play out N being a jerky jerk face here would be the place to do it!)

4th-Jul-2013 05:25 pm - ( closed )
ourlegends: art from 'sayonara - refrain' by soara (∂αяк)
Who: N and Hilda
When: July 4, 2013 - Afternoon
Where: Their Apartment
Style: [ brackets ]
Status: Closed

baby it's cold out-- wait a second ... )
unwrittenformula: (η ≕ 2 + 3)
Who: N, Zoroark and anyone wandering around their area
Where: Right on the beach
When: Early morning, April 27th
Status: OPEN

On this path which I didn’t aspire to walk just because someone told me to )
5th-May-2013 10:40 am - (closed)
unwrittenformula: (pic#5937013)
Who: N and Ky
When: Backdated: during the meeting with the Station Master
Where: In the warehouse
Style: Starting in action brackets
Status: Closed

[N was still plenty reluctant to get involved with all of this, but he had been asked by the Station Master to come just the same as anyone else, and even Zoroark was pushing for him to do something. C had instructed him to speak to 'the blond man' she had pointed at, and while hesitant to do so, he finally made his way over and cleared his throat awkwardly to get his attention.]

Excuse me... I was told I should speak to you.

[That is... so descriptive, N.]

7th-Apr-2013 06:46 pm - He writes in his daily journal
unwrittenformula: (pic#5937038)
 Who: N, his Pokemon and YOU
When: Any time during the curse
Where: (Part of) N's Castle on the Island
Style: Action, but can follow any
Status: Oooooopen

Eyes blindfolded, gathering pieces )

(ooc: So the castle isn't completely there, it's just the center tower. Inside are a collection of
rooms that all look more or less like small banquet rooms, except for one that looks more like a child's play room. N and Zoroark are wandering around, but the castle is more or less deserted aside from them. A rough map of the tower can be found here.)
20th-Apr-2012 08:23 pm - it's been a while.
accumula: (Default)
Who: Hilda and N
Where: N's home in the lower district.
When: A little bit after Hilda's arrival.
Style: First to start!
Status: Closed

to their respective futures. )
singularjustice: (♔ to banish care)
Who: N and whoever!
Where: Plaza.
When: Saturday Afternoon.
Style: Either or!
Status: Open.

[ There is a tall boy standing in the plaza, tea-green hair blown back behind him as a large white dragon blows warm air around him, just enough to work on drying his soaked state.

N knows he has been gone for some time. It is like waking up from a very deep sleep, where the dreams you once had were fading blur, yet it was obvious hours upon hours had passed.

He was wearing his old clothes again. He remembers the wind whipping his hair, Hilda's calls before he leapt to Reshiram's back. That memory seems so close and yet so far away.

The boy pushes it out of his mind. It does not matter now.

N is home.
7th-Jan-2012 10:48 pm - So this is the new year.
singularjustice: (looking down)
Who: Minato and N
Where: The Beach, Island
When: Backdated to the end of the New Year's Party.
Status: Closed.

And I don't feel any different. )
5th-Jan-2012 08:20 pm - First Planet
last_lombax: (Asshats woke me up for this?)
Who: Ratchet and anyone else
Where: The Plaza
When: January 5th, early evening
Status: Open

At first there was nothing. Just darkness and silence. He couldn't feel anything really, no pain, no wind, no cold or warmth. Only nothingness. But soon came a familiar sound. That whizzing sound of rushing air. Ratchet knew that sound. He was falling. The air whizzed passed his ears, making his fur move as he continued down. He shivered at the cold air, only now realizing his eyes were closed. He couldn't bring himself to open them just yet, his lids just felt too heavy.

It felt like forever as he fell downward, shivering as he felt himself grow colder and colder by the minute. Why couldn't he open his eyes? Where was he falling to? The reasons and memories just wouldn't come. He was at the Great Clock with Clank and they were saying their goodbyes. Then came the yelling and he was told to stop. He did and then...The memories came flooding back into his mind, rushing in as it all became clear.

His eyes opened and he sat up in with a jolt. His coughed, his chest burning with a need to oxygen. The coughing finally subsided, letting him gulp down that much needed air. Why did he feel so heavy? He looked at himself, staring at the water dripping from his fur and armor. That would explain it but where had the water come from? He took in his surroundings and knew instantly this was not the Great Clock. Just where was he? He stood up, shaking what water he could out of his fur before looking at the massive structure in the middle of the Plaza. Was that...coral? How did coral grow in the middle of a city underwater? And then he spotted the glowing...thing next to him. He reached out to touch it before it flew back away from him.

"Um...hello?" No response. Great.

"I don't think I'm in Polaris anymore..." Well this definitely not what he had expected. He needed to find out where he was and how to get out of here. Clank needed his help.
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