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6th-Mar-2013 03:33 pm - PUPPY POOOOOWEEEERRRR
spacecase: (e-ehhhh???)
Who: Jade and YOU +10 robot puppies
Where: Starting in the neighborhood of wherever-the-hell the Villa is and ending up in the park
Style: Action
Status: Open!

[So Jade had locked herself up pretty tight in her workshop after that disaster of a conversation with Cronus, it sounded like she was ripping up metal in there. What was she doing?

Dismantling a robot and making it into several smaller robot puppies.

Yes. Robot puppies. Fat ones, teeny ones, ones that climb on rocks! Or shoot lasers. It's been very therapeutic for Jade.

However, puppies get rambunctious. So rambunctious that they want to go out and play, and for all of Jade's spatial manipulating powers, she can't make a workshop big enough to contain these puppies. That's why they're busting out of her workshop and stampeding across the way to find ADVENTURE!!!

Meanwhile Jade is vaguely floating after them but she ultimately decides to not contain them for now. After all, she deactivated the lasers, what's wrong with letting the puppies play?]
4th-Mar-2013 11:24 am - 002 | Two Punks and a Baby
ignisinfernale: <user name="azure-icons" site=""> ([♥] | Standing face to face)
Who: Suoh Mikoto, Izumo Kusanagi, Anna Kushina and you
When: March 3rd, morning to afternoon
Where: Anywhere with a clothing store
What: Two guys taking their daughter out for clothes shopping.
Style: Whichever!
Status: Open~

[ Decide to do a little shopping today, Vatheonite? Yeah, so did these guys. There's actually a reason for the two of HOMRA to be out and about today. Their little princess just came to the city. You may have actually seen her a moment ago, seated in one of the chairs at the ice cream parlor taking her time with a parfait or walking hand in hand with either Izumo or Suoh. Either way, both of them are rather engrossed in pouring through what Vatheon has to offer. As long as it's frilly and girly, bordering on possibly goth-lolita in style or at least something that would look good on a young girl. Whatever it is, it's srs bsnz. After all, the young lady can't go swimming in Suoh's shirts forever like she is now.

There's the occasional muttering as Suoh plucks something out for Izumo's approval and a small thoughtful hum between them as they call out to Anna to get her to try it on. But either way, there's an even more intense look on Suoh's face as he's rifling through the displays, trying to pick between red lace or a red summer dress.

Maybe they need a little help shopping, huh? ]

[[[ ooc: Just indicate whoever you want to respond to you. You could ask for Suoh, Izumo, Anna, all three or any combination of two. ]]
3rd-Mar-2013 02:23 am - Enter The Gromble
grombleness: (Fess up slimeball!)
Who: The Gromble and ~you~
When: Late night, March 2nd
Where: The plaza
Style: Either
Status: Open!

[When The Gromble awakens, the first thing he notices is how wet he is. It's not the comforting sludge of his bed, it's almost like clean water. The Gromble just barely suppresses a shudder as one of the locals approaches with a welcoming kit. He's shocked to say the least when the human walks right up to him and shoves a fresh towel in his face, cheerfully telling him he should dry off before he gets sick. What in the name of the pool is wrong with that human?! Can't they see how terrifyingly hideous he is?

They must be drugged like those strange love-and-peace humans from a few decades back. It's the only acceptable explanation. No sane human wouldn't recoil from his grotesque visage!

Rather than wipe off his protective coat of grime he chooses to toss the towel to the side, red heels quickly click-clacking their way to the nearest garbage can and propelling him inside where he can safely read his pamphlet and observe the sparkling clean plaza. Truly, humans were absolutely unfathomable creatures, who would want to live in a place like this?

He remains there absorbing the information written in the pamphlet (the whole thing sounds ridiculous, really) until someone approaches the trash can. He's feeling pretty cranky, a good scare might cheer him up. He hunkers down, ready to loom at the person. Come at him, Vatheon.]
7th-Jan-2013 02:37 pm - [Action]
ms_potts: (homygod)
Who: Pepper Potts and YOU
When: Now
Where: Outside the Elevator
Style: Whatever takes your fancy
Status: Open!

Portland's not really that far if you think about it...

[Pepper's voice fades as she steps out of the elevator, realizing something is VERY amiss. This is most certainly NOT the first floor of Stark Tower. It's not even New York. What the hell? She realizes that someone is no longer walking beside her and she frowns, whirling around]

Phil? [she pauses, her voice getting more frantic] Tony?!

[Her luggage forgotten, she spins, searching the area and seeing nothing that strikes her as familiar whatsoever. Okay. Okay. It's just... just... a hallucination? No... maybe someone new out to get Tony? But how... none of this makes any sense whatsoever. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart when her gaze falls on the welcome basket.]

What the heck is going on, here?

[She looks around wide eyed as she tries to make SOME sense out of what she's stepped into]
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