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31st-Mar-2013 11:43 pm - April Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
[This month, there's a sign in the plaza indicating that the welcoming party has moved to the park to celebrate spring!

The food table is present as always, though the selection seems a little healthier than usual. No sweets are available for once - instead the Station Master will cheerfully invite anyone who comes by for a bite to eat or a nice drink to take part in the spring clam hunt! Scattered throughout the park are brightly colored clams, painted like easter eggs tend to be. Some of them are obvious, others are more well hidden. Others? Well, a few of the residents got a little over-enthusiastic. They sure do get excited about this stuff.

What's inside? Well, it depends! In most of the calms are various candies (not fish flavored this time, the clam theme seems to have satisfied the locals), but some of the clams are a little different. It might be time to celebrate spring, but it's also April 1st! When some of the clams are opened, characters might find that paper eels spring out at their faces, or that they're squirted with brightly colored ink, or even that the clam makes various noises. There are even a couple clams that are entirely empty and make a very mature raspberry sound when opened.

As always, the Welcoming Committee and Host Club have had booths set up for them as well. Have a question about the city? Want to talk to someone who doesn't have fish puns on the brain? Need a little companionship? Both are good places to check out. At the Welcoming Committee, just in case anyone was suspicous of the Zora Tunics that appeared Sunday night, Zelda's handing out a couple more and explaining those. The Host Club is under new management, but it seems like they've managed to pull things together regardless.

Have fun!]
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