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1st-Aug-2013 05:46 pm - I feel the power of the ocean
ofthedragonfire: (Huh | There's so much to learn)
Who: Bloom, Sanji and Denzel Crocker later on.
When: 31st July, Afternoon
Where: The beach
Style: Prose.
Status: Closed

Connecting with the deepest part of me )
serving_love: (fooood!)
Who: Sanji and Renge
Where: Renge's place
When: Some night this week
What: Cooking date meet-up! So Sanji can show Renge his skillz.
Style: Whichever!

[Sanji is making his way up to Renge's apartment, arms laden with bags and a little skip in his step because he gets to make an awesome meal tonight~!

For a girl.


The mere thought has him all aflutter, and it's with a big, goofy grin on his face that he knocks on Renge's door.]
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