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15th-Apr-2013 10:08 am - .oo7 | Companions in misery
diehardreaper: ([...] | And everyone wants to have one)
Who: Ronnie and Liz
When: During curse week - late evening
Where: Bar HOMRA
Style: Starting in third but following you!
Status: Closed

[ This week wasn't so bad as far as he was concerned. There were things in the host club to be taken care of, his bosses to check in on and his cushy little spot behind HOMRA's bar. It was starting to be like home, really. Maybe it was really something that happened at the bar.

This entire week was too good to be true, really. Yukio remembered him again, things could go back to normal but there was just something weird. Something off. He paused as he polished one of the glasses, setting it down and shaking his head before placing the glass back onto the shelves behind him.

This wasn't something that he wanted to dwell on, especially when there was a possibility of just one more customer passing through the doors of the bar that evening. ]
proudsister: (Turn this love skin tight)
Who: Liz and Kid
When: idk some time this week
Where: the Villa
Style: [ probably this because fuck it ]
Status: Closed 8U

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