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10th-Dec-2012 02:22 am - snow means . . . ? (open)
teradine: (can't believe this)
Who: Argilla & anyone
When: Monday morning
Where: Snowy island.
Style: I will match.
Status: Open!

[It's been a few days now since Jinana's disappearance; and while Argilla hasn't exactly given up hope that she would return, it's still markedly different around the base without her. After she'd fallen asleep, it'd become routine for her to check each morning that she was still all right-- that she hadn't suddenly awoken. But without that, the only thing left to greet her was an empty room.

Rather than stay in it, Argilla decides to leave while everyone is still sleeping . . . and upon passing by the Plaza, she gives a cautious look around, just in case.

But there's . . . nothing. No one she recognizes at all. So there's a sigh, but rather than dwell, she soon finds herself on the island, having taken the elevator alone.

It's where she usually goes to think, but of course, what she expected wasn't what she got, when she stepped out. The warm sun didn't hit her face as it normally did, and when she looked up, there was only grey. Falling from it--


This . . . isn't rain.

[Is it? She holds out her hand, allowing some of it to accumulate, but then it all falls to dust when she rubs her fingers together a bit to feel it. Definitely more powdery than liquid; not to mention it's colder than she's used to as well.

Regardless, she continues walking with her eyes wide, leaving footsteps. At least it's beautiful . . .

onlyasign: (sad walking away music)
Who: Sufferer and Redglare
Where: The park and then the woods
When: after this
Style: [ ]
Status: you just wish you could be this rad... closed

Oh, don't you know? Everything's all right, yes, everything's fine )
3rd-Dec-2012 12:04 am - Monthly Mingle Log
thalassino: (» station master)
Is it that time of the month already?

...No, today is not the start of shark week.

The Station Master's taken precautions to make this month's mingle party nice and laid back, after that rather magnetic week. Today, locals are all over the Plaza starting to put up the decorations for this strange holiday known as "Christmas", and they're more than happy to cheerfully rope any foreigner who doesn't look too busy into helping them.

The food tables are back, albeit with more drink than food. Hot chocolate, gluhwein mulled wine, a huge bowl of fruit punch, you name it, it's there. Foodwise, there's snowflake shaped crackers with cheese and meats, shrimp cocktails, cups filled with green or red jelly, and plenty of cookies to go around.

Near the food tables are the two usual booths, one belonging to the Welcoming Committee, armed with all the information a newbie would want to know, and the other belonging to the Host Club, manned by all the male eyecandy you could ever need. Have they done something special for their booths this festive season? Better sashay their way and find out!

Walking around all the tables and booths is what looks to be a giant lobster(???) in a Santa suit handing out candy to anyone and everyone nearby. It seems the locals don't understand that it's "Santa Claus", not "Sandy Claws."

Finally, it looks like there's been a new addition to the plaza. Was that ice skating rink over there last night?? It certainly fits the theme, and the locals don't seem to be surprised. They'll even help you lace up those skates and take them for a spin. Bundle up and try not to fall too much!
sylphauxiliatrix: (Needlework)
Who: Kanaya Maryam, many others.
Where: Kanaya Maryams Storefront For Commissioned Ragripping And Seamstressing With Display Space For Artistic Clothing Creations
When: Throughout this week, literally any time of day or night.
Style: I can match, though I do like those fetching braces. ][
Status: Open!

The door states the posted hours of this fashion boutique, the odd choice of opening one hour after sunset and closing one hour before sunrise... And yet the shop has been open quite a bit more often than that. Some days it hardly even closes. Kanaya has been throwing herself into her work lately, perhaps overdoing it a little. Just about any time someone comes in, she'll be in the back, slaving away on some new dress, or suit, or maybe even a hat. She still hasn't quite mastered the art of haberdashery, but that hasn't dissuaded her from trying.

Here is a more or less updated description of this shop.
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