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Who: Manly ([personal profile] sobbing), the terrorist ([personal profile] bombtossing), and his boyfriend ([personal profile] ploys)
Where: Larmline Apartment
When: Sometime in the early afternoon, after these text messages
Style: First always first!!
Status: Closed

[ Getting in a fight with his self proclaimed girlfriend is bad, but having someone to fall bad on in his time of need is good (this logic)! Akise always seemed to be supportive, and Yukiteru was more than grateful to have him as a friend. So what better way to show appreciation then invade his apartment? Never fear though, he does have compensation for this stay— a nice box of freshly made donuts!

The donuts were neatly tucked under his arm the moment he approached the door where the other male had lived. It was a wonder he never really visited before, but because Yukki had seen Akise countless of times either around the plaza or even over the network, there really wasn't a need to. Well, up until recently, as least.

AND SO HE RINGS THE DOORBELL AND/OR KNOCKS idk if they have doorbells oh well with the most kawaii and anticipating look on his face. Oh boy male bonding time with snacks!!
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Who: Yuno and Yukki!
Where: Larmline Apartments/Their room on Floor 4
When: 3/8; morning after these lovely texts were sent
Status: Closed

[Yuno hadn't been awake for very long this morning, when a noise from the other room startled her. She didn't bother to put any clothes on other than her undergarments before rushing out of her bedroom and straight into Yukki's.

He was wrapped in blankets and sitting in the floor by time she got in there to check on him, although, so she simply walked over and crouched down to sit next to the poor boy.]

Yukki, are you okay? I heard a noise from my room, it sounded like you fell out of bed!

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Characters: "ben" ([personal profile] nonsensical) & gullible-chan ([personal profile] sobbing)
Location: casino............
Time: after this; night
Style: first
Status: closed

no it won't )
21st-Feb-2012 11:10 pm
sobbing: (pic#1933268)
Who: Yukki 'n Yuno... oh yeah Akise, too
When: Backdated like whoa- Valentine's Day!
Where: Larmline Apartment
Style: First because I am still number one
Status: Closed

This is suppose to be a date right )
saiyan_prince: (The fuck?)
Who: Vegeta and allll~ of Vatheon! He's so cuddly, come on!
Where: The plaza
When: Evening, January 28th
Style: Either, starting in prose because I kinda liked my sample and I'm lame.
Status: Open like the door Vegeta just blew open.

Vegeta, prince of all Saiyans, was lost. His scouter kept telling him that it was out of range and he felt the urge to crush the damn thing, but that could turn out badly if he was far enough from another habitable planet that he would need someone to pick him up.

No, it was better to survey his surroundings.

This place was nothing like the pathetic planet he had been sent to enslave. They certainly didn't have technology advanced enough to build a city underwater, and - he jumped just to test it - the gravity was lighter, here. He fluffed his tail up in irritation. If he had no idea where he was, he couldn't be too forceful with gathering information. There was no way to tell who had favor with Frieza. He would have to play nicely.

"You," he barked at the nearest person. "What is this place?"

There. Perfectly nice. He hadn't even hit them.
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