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17th-Apr-2012 03:14 pm
oneechan: (With Shinichi)
Who: Ran, "Shinichi." and Hakuba
Where: Coral Corral house #1
When: Following this post
Status: Closed

[It really was a pity that Shinichi wasn't home yet. But what a pleasant surprise it would be for him to come home and see that one of his colleagues was here in Vatheon!

While Hakuba was on his way, she did her best to make the house as hospitable as possible. After all, if she was going to extend the invitation for him to stay with them, she would want his first impression to be a welcoming one! was from England, wasn't he? That means...Darjeeling? Ceylon? She'd need to brew some sort of black tea.

Or did he prefer coffee?]
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