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6th-Feb-2013 06:48 pm - [closed]
coronis: (pic#5661095)
Who: Rue and Prince Siegfried
When: February 6th
Where: Starting off at the Plaza
What: Rue has arrived and is found by her prince
Status: Closed

[ Her first thought is that she must have fallen off the swan carriage. That's the only logical explanation to why she's now on solid ground--and soaked to the bone. What had been a large princess dress full of volume is now thin and watered down, plastered to her skin as she steps out of the fountain with her crown crooked upon her head. Holding the skirts of her dress, Rue's eyes scan the sky. Surely her prince would notice her absence and come back for her. 

... But she doesn't see any sign of the carriage flying through the sky. Instead she's met with a much more peculiar sight--water. And lots of it. 

Rue's expression falls as her mouth opens. It only takes a few moments of mindless gaping before she catches herself, and hardens her face into something more stern and determined. And she sets off, uncaring of how ridiculous she must have appeared. To where? She doesn't know. But she won't idly sit by.

If her prince is unable to find her, then she will be the one to return to him instead. ]

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