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handholding: (♈ | stand my ground)
Who: Ico and YOU. Yes, you. Right there. You in the back. Yup, you too. And you.
Where: The park
When: 9/9 - afternoon
Style: I'll follow
Status: OPEN

Weep Little Lion Man, you're not as brave as you were at the start )
22nd-Aug-2012 10:26 pm
handholding: (♈ | fright)
Who: A very frightened boy with a sword and YOU!
Where: Plaza
When: 8/23 - afternoon
Style: I'll start with action tags, but follow whatever
Status: Open!

[It had to be a dream. It had to be.

He had only closed his eyes for a moment, after all, with his head rested against Yorda's narrow shoulder on that strange glowing stone seat. And when he had opened them he was someplace entirely new. Gone was the Castle in the Mist and the stone walls that had become so familiar to Ico in such a short amount of time, replaced instead by...


He wasn't sure what it was.

But there were people, actual people, living souls in such strange clothing, laughing and talking as though there was nothing odd or wrong about their presence. And everything was bright, but not in the way the sunlight filtered through the trees and beyond the stone walls of the Castle in the Mist. Bright in a way the young boy couldn't describe and didn't understand.

In fact he didn't understand any of it. Which was why it had to be a dream. It just HAD to be.

Except that he felt very much wet, and very much cold, and those were all very real sensations that told his brain that he wasn't dreaming.

And for the first time since laying eyes on the sinewy, dark form of the Queen, Ico felt fear. Fear from his surroundings and the people that hadn't even taken notice of him yet. He stood near the fountain still dripping wet, staring for a good long time with a much too large sword gripped in his hands, just waiting for one of them to turn in to a smoke man and come lunging at him. None of them did, but that didn't stop him from eventually turning and trying to run in order to find a place to hide until the dream was over and he could wake up.]

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