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17th-Jun-2013 04:59 am - ♌ A True Hat-trick - [OPEN]
fundemetal: (36)
who: Leo and Anyone
what: hat shenanigans/pranking
when: All week during the curse week starting 6/17.
where: All around Vatheon - starting in the plaza, but feel free to have your character run into him anywhere public.
style: Starting with prose, but will change to match.
status: OPEN

Leo loved a good prank. He hated the last curse, but this one? Was a whole other bag of tricks. Or more accurately a bag of tricky hats. When the mark had glowed last night he hoped he wouldn't be affected by whatever wicked scheme the scientists could come up with to make his (and everyone else's) life hell.

He wasn't expecting this. But oh, was he loving it. The first hat he found was a thinking cap. He was already a pretty good thinker, but the idea of a thinking cap sounded promising, so he put it on and immediately began coming up with the best ideas! (Or what he thought were the best ideas.) He wrote them all down on a pad of paper as they came to him. But one idea stood out from the rest!

See, he had just come across the table in the plaza and it was piled with hats! All sorts of hats! It would be a lot of fun to try them all on. He went to remove the thinking cap to try on a space helmet. He quickly realized that he could not remove it. But, maybe he could put it on someone else. And how awesome of a prank would it be to go around putting these hats on other people? He picked out an array of interesting hats and began putting them into his tool belt.

A supply of hats was necessary to pick from to prank anyone he came across. And surely people would do everything they could to avoid the plaza once they caught wind of the curse, so he needed that supply to be mobile and stealthy.

[ooc: Let me know in an ooc note whether or not you want him to be able to get a hat(s) onto your character. I'm up for both successful and failed pranks as well as your character pranking Leo in return!]
25th-May-2013 06:30 pm - 1st clover
fourleafed: (hehehehehe)
Who: Yotsuba and anyone
Where: The Plaza
When: The 25th, middle of the day
Status: open
Style: starting post is action, but I'll match you

suddenly small children )
21st-May-2013 06:31 pm - To Tell the Truth
dashingloyalty: (Gotta go fast)
Who: Rainbow Dash and all of y'all
Where: Anywhere
When: Anytime during curse week
Style: Any! I'll match you!
Status: Open!

[Rainbow Dash can be seen doing plenty of things, mostly involving her flying somewhere. Maybe she's up on the island doing complicated aerial maneuvers. Maybe she's flying laps all around the bubble after finding out that the coral and stuff has been fixed.

Or maybe she's just enjoying some ice cream somewhere after a long workout. After being asleep for three weeks, Rainbow wants to get back into shape again. If she sees someone she knows on the street, she'll give them a friendly wave with a huge grin.

Vatheon has totally missed this pony, right?]
17th-Apr-2013 05:58 pm - Finally I Can See You Crystal Clear
dashingloyalty: (FREAKING CLOUDS GAWD)
Who: Rainbow Dash and Dirk Strider
When: April 17th
Where: Somewhere in the bubble
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Rainbow Dash was more than willing to forgive Dirk for their last conversation, if he had apologized to her about it in a timely fashion. She might've been sore about it still, but she would've forgiven him.

That didn't happen.

Dash is, if anything, angrier by that than by what Dirk said last week, and she got pretty darn angry! She feels she has a right to be, too, which only fuels that anger. By now, Rainbow Dash is ready to give the kid a sound trouncing.

She'll never admit that what he'd said had honestly hurt her. Never. It's easier to just turn that hurt into anger and show that instead of the hurt itself.

So, she's flying around Vatheon, searching for Dirk in any part of the city and island and other places he might be.]
3rd-Apr-2013 09:22 am - Living in hope
replicatedcourage: (earnest)
Who: Sola and anyone
Where: Plaza, in front of the coral
When: After his network post
Status: Open to all

[Sola isn't stupid. He's naive and gullible, yes, but he isn't plain stupid. Somewhere, deep down, he knows that sitting here in front of the coral and wishing or hoping or even praying won't bring Link back. It hadn't brought Ion back, or any of his other friends who'd been tossed back to their own worlds.

But what if, this time...?

He'd sat with Darkleer for a time before, watching the coral, and not too long after Signless had returned. He'd sat in front of the coral for days after waking up and finding Johnny had died and his matesprit had come back to him. There's just as much of a chance that Link could return.


He has to hope. Because without hope, what else is there? Maybe he's stubborn, maybe he even knows it's futile, but he has to hope.

So here he is, sitting on the ground in front of the massive edifice of undersea polyps. Waiting. Watching.

31st-Mar-2013 08:14 pm - April Fool's Pony
dashingloyalty: (Mischief managed)
Who: Rainbow Dash and YOU!
Where: Everywhere
When: April 1st all day long
Style: Whatever's comfortable for you
Status: Open!

[Do you know what today is?

It's April Fool's Day. The day pranksters really pull out all the stops in their pranking business.

Welcome, citizen of Vatheon, to Prank Wars. This pony is about to cause some mischief.]
3rd-Mar-2013 09:06 am
shippingmath: <user name="palpo"> (That is in my hair.)
Who: Dirk Strider
When: middle of the day
Where: The park
Style: Starting with brackets, but your choice!
Status: Open!
Summary: Events back in his world have left Dirk with a lot on his mind. The best way to deal with that is obviously to beat up something, right?

[It's been almost two weeks since Dirk returned to Vatheon, and it hasn't been the best, to say the least. What's worse is that there hasn't even been a curse to make it shitty. The only problem is him. Because most of it's his fault, really. It's his fault things are still awkward between him and Roxy, it's his fault there are still problems with Jake, it's his fault that Jane's feeling awkward. Somehow. The house has been completely full of awkward, and he's really getting tired of it.

That's why he takes one of his prototype robots out to the park, in theory to test its reactions, but somewhere along the line 'testing' turned into
'beating the shit out of,' until finally it went down in a dented, sparking heap.

As soon as it stops working, Dirk prods it with a shoe, scowling down at the wreck he's reduced his bot to.]

Fucking... stupid piece of shit...
keepsthefire: ([✠] just as planned... ?)
Who: VILLA PEOPLE and anyone else
Where: Where else, DA VILLA
When: Starting today, going allllll month!
Style: Any
Status: Open to all, visitors please sneak in a window knock

[Even with the curse going on and the myriad of new arrivals and new residents to that well known house in Vatheon, it's actually been more or less calm there. Not exactly quiet, but calm. Which is always nice to start the month of December with.

So what is your Villa person doing today? Cooking, hanging out, putting up Christmas decorations? Whatever the case, feel free to mingle about! There's plenty of new people to say hello to!]

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