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7th-Jul-2013 09:42 am
pierrotdemonique: (Default)
Who: Mephisto and Barry
When: Late evening, Saturday
Where: Somewhere about in the darkness.
Style: Starting in third but I'll match!
Status: Closed

[ Needless to say the week has been interesting enough for this demon. Trying to coax affection from the most prickly of creatures was fun. Managing to pay Night back from that little incident with his butt being stuck on his hand was wonderful.

But then he had to wonder how his other favorite bubble-dweller was coming along.

So it's on one of his late night sojourns one Saturday evening that he decides to call on the other demon. Call it a way demons call out to one another. His voice would be enough to get to Barry's attention if he was in the immediate area. He strides out quietly, his umbrella tucked underneath his arm and glancing up at the sky. ]

You've been busy this entire week, I trust...?
25th-Jun-2013 03:42 pm
pierrotdemonique: ([mm] | Is a dream.)
Who: Mephisto and Grell
When: Early evening
Where: Ordo 4 and who knows where else
Style: Starting in third but I'll match!
Status: Closed

[ He was prone to his late night walks. After all, the city did look its best at night, what with the moonlight and the water and the schools of fish passing overhead. Just as he's about to leave for this evening though, he hears the knocking. Normally, it doesn't really faze him. Whoever it is can wait. He'll be there eventually.

But then the knocking turns to pounding and that's when Mephisto decides it be best that he tend to this asap. So he heads to the door, umbrella by the crook of his arm.

There's a pause of surprise though as he spots Grell by his doorway. ]

I knew I'd find you pounding on my door eventually but not this soon...

[ He pauses, shutting the door behind him and offering her his arm. ]

Now then, my dear... what has gotten you so upset that you've come without warning?
14th-Jun-2013 04:11 pm
pierrotdemonique: (Default)
Who: Mephisto, the Maid Cafe and [community profile] vatheon
Where: Near the forest
When: Early morning - all day
Status: OPEN

[ That topiary garden was most definitely not in the forest clearing yesterday but hey, it's up now and looks to be the sort that should have taken weeks to set up. There are rosebushes in both white and red (some of those red ones look red. How odd.) as well as several pieces of topiary shaped like leaping hares and mock turtles and dormice. Amongst the topiary in a clearing are white tables and chairs set for what seems to be for tea. The maids of the cafe are dressed in blue and lace, along with matching striped white and blue stockings and mary janes. It seems the Master of Ceremonies has chosen Alice In Wonderland as the underlying theme for the maid cafe's debut event.

The food is, as well, similarly themed. Tea comes with delicate little sugar rabbits. Pastries are adorned with tiny playing cards. Feel free to order whatever your little heart pleases.

Mephisto himself is seated in one of the chairs in the corner, eyes trained on the girls and any incoming would-be patrons. He's calmly sipping his tea, stirring in one of those sugar rabbits and looking quite pleased with the way things seem to have turned out. There's a small sign on his table that reads "Kleine Engel - now hiring".

When evening comes, paper lanterns begin to surround the parameter of the topiary garden and setup. Fireflies start to come out, adding a surreal glow about the area.

Care to take a load off? Have some tea and cake? Inquire about any open positions?]

[ ooc: SO! Due to quick plurk discussion, here is the maid cafe's initial open house/recruitment post. Feel free to use this as a mingle post, the maids can make their own threads, interested parties can reply to the recruitment thread, go wild. ]
13th-May-2013 10:46 pm - 009
makainoou: (bored)
Who: Laharl and anyone!
Where: City residential districts
When: Daytime
Style: I'll match~
Status: Open!

Amidst the relocation of residents to the bubble is a sight which... probably isn't that strange, by Vatheon standards: that of a demon hauling a coffin through the streets. He doesn't seem to be having any difficulty carrying it, because he isn't, but he is awfully annoyed about having to.

Unlike most everyone else, whose places are just a little waterlogged, his entire building was deemed unfit for use. Maybe it was the water damage, or maybe it was the growing rat problem. Either way, he has to find someplace else.

"Maybe I should've just stayed on the damn island..."
6th-May-2013 06:27 am
pierrotdemonique: ([...] | Thinks about her now)
Who: Mephisto and anyone who comes a-looking
Where: Right on the beach
When: Early morning
Status: OPEN

Firstly, )
[ If anyone had tried to look for this particular demon during the chaos, they probably wouldn't have found him. Those who knew better may have probably thought that he had been returned home. Those who didn't may have considered him dead. Of course, if one was to look for him right now to ask what he was going on about or where he was, they would find him sprawled out on the beach under a parasol and a sundeck chair almost like nothing has happened at all. His usual tea and cake had been substituted by what appeared to be a brilliant pink cocktail.

If anything, he didn't look the least bit concerned (or aware for that matter) with what happened in the bubble. Care to join him? ]
13th-Apr-2013 01:02 am - witty title [open]
secondcoolest: (Default)
When: Curse 42 week shenanigans really
Where: the Villa
Style: whatever you want
Status: open!!

[ It's about that time again! More open log stuff at the Villa. Residents, friends of residents, and random passers by are all more than welcome to join in on the shenanigans. Go nuts kids. ]
paladaddy: (you're not serious right?)
Who: Shiro Fujimoto, plus anyone who happens to come across him
When: Very shortly after his arrival
Where: The plaza
Style: setup is prose, but I am open to prose or action
Status: Open to everyone!

Toto, I don't think we're in the afterlife anymore. )
15th-Jan-2013 04:16 pm - 400 BABIES
heartandsoul: ([Unsure] A ghost pumpkin's soup)
Who: VILLA PEOPLE and anyone else
Where: Where else, DA VILLA
When: Starting today, going allllll month!
Style: Any
Status: Open to all, visitors please sneak in a window knock

[What's this? It's a house full of babies! Although one of the babies is actually one year older today, she hasn't been made aware of the date yet.

What's your Villa resident doing? Are they one of the few that still has their sanity with their curse or are they past all that? Who knows!]
symmetrophile: (I will go down with this paleship)
Who: Villa residents and all visitors.
When: December 25th
Where: The Villa
Style: Whatever you like!
Status: Open!

[Hey, guess what?

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Which means Villa residents will be trading gift-wrapped presents and enjoying a delicious holiday feast prepared by a very hard-working Rin Okumura, so be sure to thank him!

The threads below are meant for mingling, the exchanging of gifts and other holiday activities!]
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