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15th-Jul-2013 11:25 am
shirleyhopeful: (Battle ready)
Who: Shirley Fennes, Roxas ...and Walter can come too if he wants
When: Superhero Curse
Where: Somewhere near the forest
Style: Anything goes!
Status: Closed

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5th-Jul-2013 12:55 am - 18
asea: (88)
Who: Walter and anyone
Where: Island
When: 5th, morning
Style: Either
Status: Open

[The change is gradual and starts with faint discomfort when it actually affects him. The onset of something more severe begins much later.

Walter glimpses the network between then: I believe this week some of you might begin feeling a little chilly if you don't have physical contact with someone. He throws the communicator aside after that, and ignores the clatter of the thing against a table as he folds his arms.

He endures through Thursday, but by Friday, his senses have dulled and he doesn't quite see it or his paling complexion.

Something compels him to visit the island that morning. His gait on the way is more languid than that of his usual march, and he moves with a deaf ear to his surroundings, his inattentiveness being cause for the rare bump (or close call) into another denizen of Vatheon. But he cares little for the error and moves on without so much as a glance when it happens. He's strong yet – there's nary a stumble throughout the whole ordeal.

When he reaches shore, Walter sits where the tides reach. Perhaps it is against his better judgment, but his mind is a haze and why should he not sit there in the seawater? It belongs to the sea. He belongs to the sea.

His head rolls to the side in a fit of exhaustion, his ear brushing against the fabric of his attire. He's tired. Odd, considering he has neither fought nor trained recently, and he should be accustomed to a few hours of sleep; but he's tired nonetheless, the feeling reminding him of another time . . . a time he can't recall . . .
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Who: Tiir and [community profile] vatheon!
When: Backdated to during the curse.
Where: The park.
Style: [please!]
Status: Open!

[It's strange, how someone who appreciates honesty wouldn't appreciate a curse that made one honest—but even Tiir has his white lies, his claims of being okay even when he isn't really. And so, the recent curse doesn't sit too well with him, as he's not too thrilled at being unable to filter his words.

... Especially with what's happened in his world. Although it's been well over a month since his return to Vatheon, the reminder that he'll go back to the same time in his world means that the events that occurred always remain recent to him. It's a lot to think about, though Tiir isn't sure how much of it he wants to reflect over, as it might result in certain sentiments he doesn't want.

Normally, in a pensive mood like this where he just wants to shut his mind down—and, to an extent, does so—he'd go to the forest, but today... Today, for a moment, the memory of Minato goes through his mind, and so for whatever reason, he feels compelled to go to the park instead.

Thus, there he is, sitting by the pond—and throwing bread crumbs in the direction of the ducks, as he watches them feed.

Join him?]
21st-May-2013 07:14 pm - [OPEN] The sleeper has awakened
bufudine: (a battle endured :|)
Who: Serph and YOU!
Where: Near the Forest Quadrant (or on the island, by the beach)
When: The entire curse week
Style: [Brackets] preferred!

[Serph had been put to sleep for nearly a month.

In that time, Sera and Gale had left Vatheon, the coral had been broken and fixed, and the resultant water damage had wrecked the garden that he and many friends had cultivated together. Most of the flowers died from being submerged in salt water for so long, and even the saplings and rose bushes are looking worse for wear. And many of the gifts from his friends have either been washed away or heavily damaged by the water.

Serph's first instinct had been to tear a local apart (he had been hungry), but he'd held himself back, remembering what he'd told Ky. But the killing of locals stops now. He doesn't need to eat people. Not any more.

All week, Serph will either near the Forest Quadrant, picking through the garden surrounding his Tribe's base to see what can be salvaged, or up on the island in his demon form as he returns to the shore after hunting in the sea. He's always happy to talk with people, new and old, though people who know him may find him slightly more forthcoming than usual. But only slightly.]
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Who: Barry and Anyone~
Where: All around the bubble!
When: Anytime during the Event.
Style: I'll match!
Status: So very open~

[ Barry hadn't yet noticed the affects of the curse. If he had he might not have bothered leaving his apartment. For a demon who's very life was built on lies something like this could be quite troublesome.

[ Barry wasn't worried about it though. He was looking for some new meat, someone he could potentially use later that wasn't one of Johnny's friends. Maybe he'd get lucky, or maybe his luck will have run out. ]
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Monday morning, bright and early, Station Master gathers those that signed on to help out, bringing them down via the elevator, before sealing it off, making it impossible for anyone to go up or down.

This is it. This is the day. We are going to fix the coral or... not fix it, really.

[ooc: please check each individual thread for more information. Also, as for the attack/defence part of the log, we are willing to play out the fights for you (apart from the NPC fight which will for sure be played out by us) however, we have given you the skills/attack patterns of the monsters, so if you'd rather, for the sake of speediness, play out the monster yourself, that is also fine, just let us know.]
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[It has been a bit of a wait, the kind of wait that feels days longer than it is in reality, but Friday evening has arrived at last. It is a rather busy night, all in all.

First off, at quarter to ten while people are still gathering in the storage building, an explosion shatters the peace on the other side of the island. That scenic light house? Gone. The culprit? Unknown. Luckily, with how big the island is, the explosion is hardly noticeable in the village. There's a momentary shaking of the ground and smoke on the horizon, but beyond that little happens.

Station Master does not seem to notice or care about the short shaking of the ground, instead continuing to welcome people inside the building, occasionally making sure that nobody brought along their SFC. Inside the building is rather plain. Most of the items inside of it have been moved and put in other storage buildings. Some crates remain, mostly stacked along the walls, giving a seat to those that want or need it.

There are a couple things that stand out. The first are four tall devices in each corner of the room, glowing faintly. If anyone tries to come close to them and touch them, they are shied away by Station Master along with a promise that he will explain the devices once everybody is present. The other is a woman sitting on one of the crates. Some might recognize her as the one who had been cast in the role of the Cleric during one of the previous curses. For now, she does not engage anyone, simply sitting there silently, her fingers tracing over the mark on her wrist.

Once 10 pm rolls around (with a few extra minutes bumper time in case of stragglers), Station Master makes his way to the center of the room where he can easily be viewed and heard by all of those present.]

Good evening. I'm very pleased to see so many of you here. As you all know I've been contacting you recently over a possible way to fix the barrier below. Tonight I'll be giving you all the relevant information I know, and I'll try and answer as many of your questions as possible, so please do not hesitate to ask them. However, I want to underline that nobody will be forced to help. In fact, if my explanation does not convince you on why it is so important to act, you may all walk away from here tonight and continue on your own ways.

First, I want to explain the devices in the corner as I promised. These four devices are currently creating a barrier over this building making it impossible for us to be monitored while we are in here. I'm certain that most of you have come to this conclusion already, but your captors are monitoring your every move and your every conversation over your SFCs, which is why I asked you to leave them outside today.

In essence, while we are in here, you can talk freely. Nothing you say will become known to them, unless you repeat it outside. Anything planned within these walls would come as a complete surprise to them. If you agree to help me out today, I will let you have this building and the barrier technology inside. I can even try to set up similar ones in other locations or teach you to do so, however I must caution you that at best only a few of these barriers should be made. While a single blank spot will not be detected by your captors, if too many of them are created, they will likely catch on and investigate.

Now, first I would like to introduce someone to you.

[Here he motions to the woman sitting silently.]

This is C. Up until recently she was part of the group you have come to refer to as the Natives. Though she was not brought here from another realm like yourself, she was kept captive because she was judged to be a danger to the Vatheon experiment. Her memory had been taken from her and she was kept docile as all natives are. Recently she has started to slowly come to and regain some of her memories. These last few days she has been helping me put together a possible way for restoring the barrier below. It seems that the reason the barrier was failing to begin with and the reason why her memory has been starting to return to her have the same cause. Namely the fact that the coral has been starting to become desynchronized.

As you all know, you have been marked. These marks were supposed to act as a connection to the coral allowing it to cast these so called curses on you, but also to draw your energy in return. And this energy was instrumental in keeping the barrier strong. However the problem is that the coral is not a static entity. While it is not alive per se, it is also not unchanging. Over the last few years it has slowly been changing, whereas your marks have remained the same. This was a variable overlooked by the scientists. By now it appears that the marks you carry and the coral are so out of sync that it can no longer drain enough power from you to properly project the barrier that has been keeping the underwater city safe and protected. The connection has been muddled with too much white noise, so to speak.

Yet this is also the reason why C has been regaining her consciousness. Similar to yourself, the natives also carry marks, though for a different purpose than yourselves. Rather than being used to drain energy, they are being used to suppress them. With the link between the marks and the coral becoming this desynchronized, it seems C's connection no longer fully functions, giving her back part of her memories. There is a chance that in time more natives will become disconnected from the coral and will return to their true selves.

Together C and I have been creating a technique to change the marks which will hopefully bring them back in alignment again with the coral and restore the bubble. It is not all that needs to happen, but by doing this, we can solve 80% of the problem, we believe.

Now, I know this is a lot to take in. And I am not completely done yet. For now, I'll allow you to talk about this, and to ask both C and myself questions. We'll try to answer them as best as we can.

[ooc: Okay, you guys. Here it is. This is the post. We apologize again for getting this up so late. what we'll do is this. This post is pretty much a big free for all discussion post. Don't hesitate to jump in anywhere or at any time. This is happening in one room so it is easy to overhear other people talking and such.

There will be one separate thread for C answering questions and two for Station Master. With Station Master one will be for asking him questions directly and one will be summarizing the questions that have already been asked of him and answered. This is mostly to keep everybody from having to crawl through all the discussions. Please read up on what has already been asked via these bigger subthreads as much as possible so we can avoid having to answer the same question over and over. You are free to ask him any question you want, even if it's unrelated to this current plot. He will answer at his discretion. I know this might end up being a bit of a messy post, so once most of it has been threaded out, we'll put up an ooc post summarizing the proceedings.

Of course, characters are allowed to make their own threads to discuss among each other! We ask just one thing of you. If you character has a direct question to either Station Master or C that you want us to answer please mark 'NPC QUESTION' in your comment title. We'll be trying to keep up as much as possible, but this way we can quickly see where we are needed and where people just wanna discuss things among themselves for a little bit.]
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Who: Walter Delques, Kohaku Hearts
When: April 01, 2013 - Afternoon
Where: The Island
Style: [ this is good, methinks? ]
Status: Closed

the weight of loneliness stands on your feet; the cage already there, around the bird. )
30th-Mar-2013 02:49 am - tiir rumibul; oo9
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Who: Tiir and [community profile] vatheon!
When: Noon
Where: Plaza
Style: [c:?]
Status: Open!

[It comes as a somewhat unpleasant shock to suddenly awaken, drenched. The water mixes with the not-quite-dry blood in Tiir's clothes, with tears in them indicating that at least some of the blood is likely his own, creating a bit of a watery bloody mess. His eyes are red—and not in his usual manner, that is—like he's been crying recently. While disoriented for a bit as he gets up, his memories of Vatheon return to him soon enough, fortunately, and combined with everything that's happened back home, there's so much he needs to sort out—]


[—Not that he gets the time to, as there's suddenly there's a local up in his personal bubble with a towel, wiping at his hair, face, and anywhere there's blood, really. Tiir's gut instinct is 'kill her', before quickly reminding himself that that would be a Bad Thing, and likewise deciding that even knocking her unconscious would probably be excessive force (and he never expected to think that about a human, but, well, things have changed).

And so, as he tries to decide just how much force he can use to stop her while still not being rude, exactly, he protests, though his voice is hoarse, as if his throat's been torn to shreds.]

I'm not some child, so don't touch me, hu—

[Wait, no. Using "human" as an insult is also a Bad Thing. Trying to overcome his hatred, right. Reminding himself of that, Tiir settles for more... normal protests that ultimately seem to have no effect as he attempts to back away.]

Honestly, I'm fine.

[... Ryner told him to trust humans, but he didn't tell him how to deal with fussy humans who apparently have no concept of personal space, damn it.

Help him out? (Or ignore him and his awkward misery—)]
24th-Mar-2013 10:48 pm - 16
asea: (89)
Who: Walter and anyone
Where: Forest
When: 25th, morning
Style: Either
Status: Open

[He'd woken up and promptly left, leaving the tunic behind in exchange for his shirt.

Walter doesn't quite make it as far in the forest quadrant as usual before he finds a fairly unused clearing (so the undisturbed patches of grass tell him). His march coming to a gradual close, he gives the area a quick once-over. Then he exhales, and pivots on his heel to kick out with his dominant leg in a wide arc.

He's been asleep too long; he can feel it in how his movement is clumsier without his eres than it should be. At the very least, there's little in the way of muscle soreness despite the prolonged period of rest, but he won't consider that an excuse to let his performance deteriorate. A curse must have taken place when he was dormant, and he's not interested in the details: Working out the laziness (among other things) is a priority.

A series of kicks, then a deep right hook, then another kick—then his fingernails flash a dark blue, and the next punch comes even harder than the first. Just as quickly, the light dissipates and his strength falls considerably to a more ordinary level. Soon enough, he's worked up to the familiar sting of climbing exhaustion and takes that moment to stop abruptly.

Assuming a noncombat stance, Walter extends an upturned hand. His nails flash again, and this time a black light gathers together to form a small creature (with a more bat-like appearance) of the same color. It flutters about, shedding dark purple flecks of light. And so everything seems to be in order . . .

Still as the ground beneath him, Walter appraises it in silence, his expression impassive.
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