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28th-Jun-2013 02:54 am - Stabbaking
ohshellno: (pic#5731857)
Who: Mituna+Meenah and then just Meenah
Where: Phanga: Eight
When: June 27th day time
Status: Closed for the first part and then OPEN

[Closed to Mituna]

[So they'd been planning to hang for a while, and Meenah has missed baking a hell of a lot, clearly the perfect solution to their problems is to have a BAKING DAY. Or. Morning anyway. Really, Meenah is doing most of the work, but Mituna is welcome to float around and interfere while the expert does her thing. It's not like he wouldn't need to have input for BEE SHAPED COOKIES of all things.]

[Open to EVERYONE who wants a piercing]
[As promised, Meenah is totally ready to give people piercings. Someone was kind enough to offer her LEGIT EQUIPMENT so she isn't just stabbing people with whatever sharp implement she can get her hands on. She's stocked up on bling that she's actually taken the time to clean, but whether it's stolen or not is another matter entirely.

Remember! If you don't pay, you ain't getting the good kind of stabbing.]
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