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9th-Jul-2012 05:33 pm - 3ʀᴅ sᴇʀᴀᴘʜɪᴍ [ open ]
martelapproves: (Mithos: Hrrrmph)
Who: Mithos and YOU
Where: Plaza, shopping center!
Style: Mun will follow!
Status: Open!

Mithos hasn't been seen for a while, following that explosive conversation with Lloyd that, thankfully, didn't end violently. But somehow, Mithos managed to get cabin fever, and left his small room; he can now be seen in the shopping center, actually wandering into a place that sells clothing for young teenagers.

And so, here's Mithos, having culture shock. Seriously, look. At. THIS. SHIT!

Someone, anyone, show up and tell him this isn't how people usually dress, or he'll lose what little respect he gained for humans so far!
31st-May-2012 02:14 pm - Tokunaga squashes all!
Who: Anise and anyone!
Where: the plaza
When: Morning~
Style: Whatever
Status: Wide open

[No crickets. That’s the first thing Anise notices, even before she opens her eyes. The second thing is she's soaking wet, clothes irritatingly sticking to her, jarring her mind from sleep and setting it turning. Can her parents just not pay for the roof to be repaired? Again? Damnit Papa, how is Mama supposed to recover properly if she gets rained on?!

When she moves to get up out of bed and opens her eyes, she notices the third thing. This is not her house in Daath.

Bug-eyed, Anise leaps to her feet and immediately morphs Tokunaga for battle, raising the puppet’s mass enough to climb on its back and look wildly at her surroundings. A big rocky looking plant, unfamiliar architecture... is that a shark?!

With a loud exclamation of surprise and a sudden flail at seeing that great big sea creature swim right on by, the young guardian topples backwards off her plushy perch and lands hard on the cobbles with an immediate squeal of irritation and indignation that echoes ominously across the plaza.]

Where the hell is this?! Where is everyone?!

[The demand echoes back across the plaza, causing a nearby towel vendor to stare at the sudden outburst, too sluggish to turn away before he catches Anise's eye. She has half a mind to go and demand answers from the poor man; have Tokunaga shake him so all the information tumbles out. Kidnap the Fon Master Guardian, will they?!]
13th-Mar-2012 07:51 pm
chosen_gigolo: (cranky-upset narrow eyes)
Who: Zelos and whoever finds him
Where: On the island at the beach, waaaaaay far down the beach, trying to avoid sharing his thoughts
When: All day and well into the evening
Style: Any is fine
Status: Open!

[This month was already shaping up to be Zelos's worst yet here in Vatheon. Not only had that illness curse knocked him out for way too long, his own stupidity had lead to not only him making an idiot of himself - that he could handle and often did on purpose - but brought to light some things he was not prepared to deal with, so when this curse displayed every single morbid thought or memory that crossed his mind, he decided to do just as his roommate had done and get the hell out of dodge.

Unfortunately, Vatheon is a small enough bubble that the Chosen had a hard time actually getting away from people. The furthest cranny he could find, and thus where he'd rooted himself, was the beach up on the island and so the day finds him pacing the beach, having discarded his shoes in favor of walking barefoot on the sand and idly picking up shells, trying to clear his mind of anything in particular. He's managed to keep his thoughts on the sand and the surf so far, with the occasional thought of Altamira's warm sun or brilliant fireworks.

We'll see how long that'll last.]
2nd-Jan-2012 02:28 am - Bewildered but alive
fonmaster: (puppydog)
Who: Ion and all the people!
Location: The plaza
Time: January 2nd, morning
Style: Anything works
Status: Wide open!


[Ion tries too hard to draw in breath and gasps, sputtering. Oh, good, he'd managed to finish his sentence after all. Wait.]


[Utterly confused, he pats himself. How could he be wet? They were just in a volcano!]

Anise? Luke? Tear?

[He looks around. The city is beautiful, almost unnatural. It's possible that this could be the afterlife, isn't it? But he's all wet, and so cold! That doesn't seem right at all.]

Is anyone here...?
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