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10th-Apr-2013 07:10 am - [gv] - 8 - garden
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This month the Golden Victory is decorated in a different way than usual. When customers enter, they will be greeted with garden arches covered in roses before coming inside to see the club has become a beautiful rose garden itself. All around the garden room are various seats with tea and snack trays for the customers and larger tables with decorations and having trays of their own, while the larger tables also have matching tea trays much like the smaller tables.

At various spots in the club too, there can be seen long buffet tables (all decorated the same way) carrying all types of food (from fruit to meat) on each table. For our hosts themselves, they will be dressed as butlers wearing matching top hats and colored roses matching their personality with special meanings. The usual rules and host roster is posted near the front door for any new customers or old ones looking for their favorites.

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25th-Mar-2013 08:28 pm - Silence in the Library, Part 2
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Who: Roxas, Rin, and Faris
When: March 18-ish
Where: Library
Style: Whichever
Status: Closed

[The library certainly is a lot quieter since the retreat of the harpies. But Roxas has been here a few times during his months and Vatheon, and this level of quiet is just weird.

Trying to not to make enough noise to announce their arrival, he walks up to the entrance and pushes open the door. The quest posting said something about shadow monsters, and he can't help wondering if they'll be facing something like Heartless. Maybe even actual Heartless? He looks around from the entryway, in search of the familiar yellow eyes, then glances back at his companions.]
21st-Mar-2013 10:02 am - Trials of Three
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Who: Faris, Rin and Tifa
Where: Spelunking up on the Island
Status: Closed
Style: Whatever you want

19th-Mar-2013 02:14 pm - Boss Fight: Big Slime
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Who: Demyx, Fai, Faris, Feferi, Ioder, and Laharl
When: Today
Where: Main Lab
Style: Action
Status: Closed
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Enjoy fighting your giant slime! While it's not as tough as the werewolf, it's got some tricks up its sleeve. Melee attacks will not be particularly effective against the slime, though they will serve to keep it off the mages. Anyone that gets close runs the risk of being poisoned, so watch out! Water spells will work, but they have a pretty high chance of making the slime reproduce and spawn a bunch of little slimes. Once it's halfway down, it will do this anyway. For the final phase, it will condense into something that can be attacked properly by melee characters but its poison will be that much more intense. Hope you brought a lot of potions.

17th-Mar-2013 08:17 pm - Bounty!
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Who: Faris, Demyx, Dirk, Roxy, and Davesprite.
When: March 17th
Where: Faris's house
Style:  Starting prose, switching to whatever people prefer.
Status: Closed

"So this is it," Dirk says to Roxy and Davesprite, pointing to one of the two large Speculum Houses.

Quest week thus far hasn't been a big deal for Dirk, but he's been watching the quest board for quests befitting a rogue. There hadn't been many that had caught his attention, until seeing this one about a missing gem.

Of course, it had caught Roxy's attention too, which was even more of a reason to do it, in Dirk's opinion. Except the two of them were rogues and not sure what they were going up again, so they'd looked around for some support and managed to connive Davesprite into it. Then, some quick research later, and they were here, waiting to confront the jewel thief herself.

12th-Mar-2013 09:25 pm - Questing we will go
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Who: Faris, Demyx, and Guests
When: Cursed Fortnight
Where: All over
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Closed. If you want to join, send me a message.

((Just a catch all of all the Quests. It will be in the comments.))

11th-Mar-2013 05:48 pm - Silence in Four
seablaze: Get ready for stabbity (Run ya through)
Who: Faris and the Nobodies (Demyx, Axel, and Roxas).
When: Monday
Where: Library
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Closed

[Faris emerges from the library after consulting with the librarian. Scratching his head for a moment because there wasn't a whole lot to say. The problem was obvious from all the screeching and jeering the harpies were doing on the roof.]

Try not to steal their tops. [Said to the rogues. Seriously, harpy boobs weren't something he wanted to see. They were bird things. Why did they even need them?] They wouldn't really fit ya right.

Get ready. [Faris then used taunt to lure them down from the roof.

It was super effective! One was lured down, and it was fuming mad! The others will join suit in a couple of turns so they have better finish this one off fast!]

28th-Aug-2012 07:42 pm - 10
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Who: Walter and you
Where: Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Today, Walter breaks his typical routine by heading down to the plaza. Normally, he would check on Shirley first but lets her be, and goes out without the usual cape to boot. He doesn't appear nearly as tense, though his posture is still guarded; careful.

Upon seating himself in an outdoor cafe, a familiar waitress attends him.

Hello there! Oh . . . you look a little different today. Waiting for someone?

[Walter stares, and she continues on on an assumption.]

Here's some water, free of charge. I'll be back once your girlfriend comes!

[But he came alone. And alone he is, sitting near a fountain with an untouched, full cup of water, across an inversely empty chair. If he had to answer why he's there, he wouldn't be able to supply a reasonable answer. There's . . . nothing else to do.

He just looks out of place. There's a nagging feeling in the back of his mind, and it's steadily beginning to irk him despite his otherwise cooler disposition.
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Who: Ryoko Asakura and you lovely folks of Vatheon!
Where: In front of the coral.
When: August 7th, early morning.
Style: Starting with [Action], will follow your lead.
Warnings: None at the moment.
Status: Open.

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Who: Caden (Riku Replica), Izanami, and Zexion; then Zexion and Demyx; then Demyx, Caden, and Faris -- at least as I understand how this will work out
Where: Outside the library first -> Demyx's place -> in front of the Church
What: Goddess shenanigans, death and string-ups
When: Wedns. May 30th

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