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16th-May-2013 11:20 pm
chainsmoke_king: santatotsuka @ tumblr (pic#5433830)
Who: Izumo Kusanagi, Mikoto Suoh, Anna Kushina & a sleepcoma!Tatara Totsuka
Where: Bar HOMRA
When: Just after the residents were allowed back down into the bubble
What: The Red Clan heads back down to the bubble to see the state of their headquarters, Bar HOMRA. It's not in the best condition...and neither is Izumo!
Style: [action pls]
Status: Somewhat open? Feel free to have your character stop by and be a part of the drama if you want :)

[ All that scattered debris along the streets - large puddles, pockets of seaweed and random floundering fish - are not helping Izumo keep his cool right now. Somehow he'd managed to keep himself calm over the last few weeks about the fact that his bar was trapped beneath the bubble, probably flooded beyond belief - his two best friends slipping into a sleep coma sort of helped as a distraction - but now it's near impossible.

As the group approaches the building, Izumo hangs back, quite obviously anxious over the situation. ]

Ah Mikoto, Anna... You guys go on in...

Tell me how bad it is.

[ He needs a cigarette first. ]
parasolspinning: (♕it's not tears it's just rain)
Who: Yashiro Isana and you
Where: On the island
When: 5/4, late evening after the sun has set
Status: Open
Style: Action

Where will you be when the last train has gone away? )
27th-Apr-2013 05:18 pm - ( 001 ) ♔ ( a knight on the beach )
pendragon: (sprite ♔ armor / indifferent tilt)
Who: Saber and anyone who approaches or calls her.
When: April 27th.
Where: The bay on the island.
Status: Open!
Format: Actionspam or prose is fine. If you want to have a network thread, you can reply to the accidental broadcast she sent!

There's a knight in blue and silver standing on the beach.

Having only awoken a few hours earlier, the King of Knights is still holding the Welcome Brochure, blue tunic, and Starfish Communicator in her armored hands. Saber has read through the letter twice; once was the initial reading, and twice was verifying what she was reading. Many questions are there, but that seems typical of this situation from how the brochure is written.

This entire situation does seems quite surreal, but Saber does not doubt what the Welcome Brochure says. She's not near cynical enough for that.

With the initial information having been absorbed, Saber is more concerned with something that's more personal. For her to be here, there would have had to been a summoning. Saber felt no contract with any Master, however, there is a slight presence in the place of where she would feel her Master. The only explanation she can piece together is that it is this deity, Lamufao..

Having broken her contract with the Grail, Saber was not expecting to have ever been summoned again. She feels neither delighted nor disappointed with the situation. Unlike when being summoned by the Grail, Saber currently knows no immediate purpose or duty she must fulfill.

Compared to being summoned by the Holy Grail for a miraculous War, this could be considered a step down. For now, though, the knight holds out her SFC and begins to examine it carefully. The blue tunic and letter are held under her one arm.

The Communicator is accidentally set to broadcast, showing the knight's face looking down towards the device for a few seconds, and then it cuts off.

Ah, is that what this is? A type of phone..

That would make sense with the mention of a "network." There's more playing with the device as Saber speculates as to why she is on the Island rather than this underwater city. Maybe she has to take the mentioned elevator down? Her thoughts fade off as she continues to experiment with the SFC.
10th-Apr-2013 09:52 pm - OPEN bar log/surprise birthday party!
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Who: The HOMRA clan and YOU!
When: 4/10 (preparations in the morning, bar opens at 4pm, party starts shortly after that!)
Where: Bar HOMRA
Style: [action pls]
Status: OPEN!

What: Bar HOMRA's doors are always open to anyone who feels they need a bit of a drink. Nothing's changed about that, except today you might find a little something extra going on behind those open doors. For today is owner, Izumo Kusanagi's 27th birthday! And his no longer dead friends aren't going to let the day go by without a bit of celebration.

So whether you know Izumo, are looking for that usual drink, or want dibs on a slice of free cake, come on by to Bar HOMRA tonight!
8th-Apr-2013 01:10 pm - oo3. This is how a phoenix feels...
ignisinfernale: art via Pixiv (Default)
Who: Suoh Mikoto and anyone in the vicinity of HOMRA later that evening
When: April 8th, Night
Where: Outside Bar HOMRA
Style: Action but will follow you.
Status: Open!

[ It's one of those nights. Suoh's spent the entire day sleeping so now, he's out and about hanging around outside HOMRA with his cigarette. He lifts it, moving to light his cigarette with his lighter but after a moment sets it back down.

It's a hell of a chance but... why not?

He makes a quick snapping motion and very nearly drops his cigarette when he finds that a snatch of fire just appeared between his fingers. Sure, he lights his cigarette but for a while, he's going to be there in front of the bar and staring at his right hand which is now absolutely and completely ablaze.

It's a welcome sight. Now he really feels alive. ]
preciousmemories: (Sleeps anywhere)
Who: K cast, mainly HOMRA but including Shiro and Kuroh if they show up for some reason or another
Where: Starting in the plaza!
When: 11:45 PM AM, today
Style: Which ever you guys want but starting in brackets /o/
Status: Closed!

[There's a familiar head of hair on the coral, maybe even a familiar shirt. The shirt is covered in almost familiar blood too...

He doesn't seem to be awake.

(( ooc: Sister and I decided that Anna would find him first-- and drag Mikoto and Izumo over to make sure it's Tatara. ))
11th-Mar-2013 07:55 pm - Sneaky Stealthy Selphie!~
booyaka_boom: (Let's Fight)
Who: Selphie and Any Passers By (+ their belongings)
When: Whenever over the next few days (even broad daylight!)
Where: In the shadows of the plaza.
Style: Whatever turns you on.
Status: Open Your Purses!

The first thing Selphie noticed was that she was able to get out of bed, get showered, and have breakfast without falling or knocking anything over. Next was the outfit. For the next two weeks, Selphie will be clothed in a very tightly fitted, curve hugging, leaving nothing to the imagination black leather catsuit. (No pic, cause you try Googling that and getting a SFW image. I'll let you browse at your leisure...) It's probably a good thing that Selphie has never thought of herself as a sexual object. She's pretty sure that men just don't think about her that way. Otherwise, there would be no way she would leave the house wearing that. Her usual nunchaku was replaced by a whip - but hey, at least she'd tried using Quistis' in the past, so she knew what she was doing with it.

Selphie also noticed her desperate desire to get her hands on some pretty things. Far from materialistic, but Selphie had a hunger from some sparkly diamonds, or maybe some kind of trinket that is difficult to get her hands on but completely useless. So if you're going by the plaza today, you'd best keep your wits about you. Selphie is crouched in a shadow, like a cat ready to pounce, a hood complementing her leather get up, hiding her face from any passers by. But don't worry, whether she slides your bracelet from your wrist, or pulls your wallet from your pocket, Selphie doesn't want to hurt anyone. In fact, she's more likely to charmingly distract as she takes what she wants.


10th-Mar-2013 09:48 pm - A Mini Adventure to the Island!~
booyaka_boom: (Default)
Who: Selphie and Izumo
When: Backdated to Saturday afternoon, and after her emo anon text.
Where: Up to the Island!
Style: Whichever you like best!
Status: Closed!

So Izumo had friends who'd gone home and he'd said that hanging out with her would help. Despite the fact that she could count on both hands the number of her friends who had disappeared lately, Selphie was only happy to make others happy. Sure, she'd posted that thing with her text, and in some ways she still felt pretty horrible about the whole thing. But so many people had replied, even though they didn't know who had written it, and her fellow residents seemed keen to convince her that having friends and maintaining happy relationships on all levels was important. Izumo had been one of the people to reply to her text too, and though he said he was grateful for the bubble, she felt a little guilty given that he'd had an experience of a disappearance so recently.

Regardless, Selphie turned up at the time that she was supposed to, waiting for Izumo by the elevator. He'd never been up to the island, so Selphie had to be sure that he enjoyed his first trip. He'd said all she needed to bring was a blanket, and sure enough she held over her arms a large red fleece quilt. The weather had been warm lately, so she was dressed accordingly in a yellow sundress. A bag hung over her shoulder, with an extra flask of tea, and some sunglasses just in case. Now all she had to do was wait, since she'd made an effort not to be late, so she stood hugging the blanket to herself, humming gently to herself as she looked around the plaza.

4th-Mar-2013 11:24 am - 002 | Two Punks and a Baby
ignisinfernale: <user name="azure-icons" site=""> ([♥] | Standing face to face)
Who: Suoh Mikoto, Izumo Kusanagi, Anna Kushina and you
When: March 3rd, morning to afternoon
Where: Anywhere with a clothing store
What: Two guys taking their daughter out for clothes shopping.
Style: Whichever!
Status: Open~

[ Decide to do a little shopping today, Vatheonite? Yeah, so did these guys. There's actually a reason for the two of HOMRA to be out and about today. Their little princess just came to the city. You may have actually seen her a moment ago, seated in one of the chairs at the ice cream parlor taking her time with a parfait or walking hand in hand with either Izumo or Suoh. Either way, both of them are rather engrossed in pouring through what Vatheon has to offer. As long as it's frilly and girly, bordering on possibly goth-lolita in style or at least something that would look good on a young girl. Whatever it is, it's srs bsnz. After all, the young lady can't go swimming in Suoh's shirts forever like she is now.

There's the occasional muttering as Suoh plucks something out for Izumo's approval and a small thoughtful hum between them as they call out to Anna to get her to try it on. But either way, there's an even more intense look on Suoh's face as he's rifling through the displays, trying to pick between red lace or a red summer dress.

Maybe they need a little help shopping, huh? ]

[[[ ooc: Just indicate whoever you want to respond to you. You could ask for Suoh, Izumo, Anna, all three or any combination of two. ]]
9th-Feb-2013 05:18 pm - Open MINGLE log~!
chainsmoke_king: (pic#5679946)
Who: The Bar HOMRA Employees and YOU
When: Friday 2/8 4pm til 2am
Where: Bar HOMRA
What: Izumo Kusanagi's bar, Bar HOMRA is officially open for business. (Mun will be on hiatus for this log so feel free to treat this as a mingle log. If you'd like to thread with Izumo specifically, say so in the subject line and I'll tag you as soon as I can, I promise!)
Style: Whatever you'd like
Status: OPEN!!

Come in and have a drink? )
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