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26th-Jan-2012 06:03 pm - ♣ 01 ♣
feline_flapper: (rustle rustle)
Who: Ivy, Calvin, and everyone!
Where: The Plaza
When: January 26
Style: Any!
Status: Open

Now wasn't the time to be sleeping. There was a sense of urgency in that thought but Ivy didn't immediately stir or open her eyes; she knew she should be up but she couldn't recall exactly why. The why was important. Ivy's brow furrowed over her closed eyes as she tried to remember. It seemed to her that her mind was moving like molasses, but it was slowly coming to her. Something about Rocky--big surprise there. That cat made everything seem urgent. Ivy got the sense that it was because of Rocky beating his gums, but this wasn't particularly revealing either.

Whatever had happened, it had ended with them being in a pickle. Ivy should have known better than to go with him...wherever it was they'd gone, but Viktor's rejection had stung--yes, she remembered that--and she'd wanted to get up to her knees in things.

Ivy's eyes flew open as the blank spots filled in, but the disorientation of her surroundings made her see mental spots. Thoughts about Rocky and the corn field and nearly being run down vanished as she realized that this was not where she'd been. It was not anywhere she'd been.

Ivy rolled onto her side, barely comprehending this strange area, but the figure beside her pushed these thoughts back as well. There was no mistaking this person for Rocky, the coloring was all wrong. In fact, it looked a lot like--

"Freckle! How'd you get here?" For that matter, how'd she get here?
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