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24th-Apr-2013 03:15 am
thalassino: (» station master)
It has been quite the few days, hasn't it been, Vatheon? That conversation appearing on the network --just who had posted that, anyway?-- the experiment and then the collapse of the bubble and the evacuation. It certainly kept everybody's hands quite busy and full. But now that things are looking at little more calm, with far fewer trips needed to ferry things from down in the bubble up to the island, Station Master makes his move, abandoning his post to seek out people. Who? Well, just about anyone. He seems to avoid groups, instead seeking out people while they are alone, whether wrapped up in some activity, or moving from on place to the other. His purpose? Unclear for now, but if you are a foreigner and you are on the island, you may very well find yourself with a sudden Station Master at your side.

How will you respond?
13th-Apr-2013 05:01 pm - 30 - Pepe
radiantwingedone: (Default)
Who: Duke and anyone ever-
When: 4/13 (After no-longer part of Host Club, at least)
Where: Library, on way to library, somewhere shady and reading
What: Duke's actually out of the house! ... and in the library.
[ Style ]

[ So he'd been worrying people by not leaving the house, and since he didn't have a purpose in leaving the house daily - albeit one that he'd been ignoring recently - Duke is out and about today.

Mostly to the library. Even if he had been reading at .. home, and he would just be reading at the library, clearly the change in location was going to mean something.

At least, that was his plan. Hopefully actually going out and about helps lighten worries.

... Even if he casually skirts the hostclub just for reactions.
10th-Apr-2013 07:10 am - [gv] - 8 - garden
beauchevalier: (♦ 58)
This month the Golden Victory is decorated in a different way than usual. When customers enter, they will be greeted with garden arches covered in roses before coming inside to see the club has become a beautiful rose garden itself. All around the garden room are various seats with tea and snack trays for the customers and larger tables with decorations and having trays of their own, while the larger tables also have matching tea trays much like the smaller tables.

At various spots in the club too, there can be seen long buffet tables (all decorated the same way) carrying all types of food (from fruit to meat) on each table. For our hosts themselves, they will be dressed as butlers wearing matching top hats and colored roses matching their personality with special meanings. The usual rules and host roster is posted near the front door for any new customers or old ones looking for their favorites.

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7th-Apr-2013 04:34 am - She's asleep? Time for gossip!
420: Art by Jasheen [at] tumblr (pic#2488094)
Who: Gamzee Makara and Guy Cecil
When: Some hours after Zelda falls asleep
Where: Zelda's house!
Style: I'll match you
Status: Closed

With Karkat asleep, Zelda had been gracious enough to take over his task of reminding Gamzee to take his sopor dosages. It was largely a superfluous thing, really --Gamzee had been on the same schedule for ages now and it had become part of his routine, and honestly, how many addicts turned down a dose of their favourite poison?-- but always a welcome little check on the behaviour of a kid who had been known for zoning out so completely he had ended up in a rain shower and only noticed it 15 minutes later. And the first couple of days it had gone a-okay.

And then she didn't text him.

Now at first, Gamzee hadn't even noticed. He led a flashy, busy life (not really) and little details like that often slipped his mind. By the third missing message, realization started to set it. It's a curious thing. Now see, if it turned out Zelda had forgot, Gamzee couldn't be upset with her. Hell, the whole reason he had asked her to do this was cause sometimes he forgot himself. Wasn't any kind of fuckin' fair to hold something your own self would do against someone else. But the thing is... it was just really weird and unlike Zelda. Zelda was always so fuckin' on top of shit, it was like she had taken all the shit, put it in a fuckin' pile and then put her hive on top of that. So for her to miss things, it was...

Well, he could just check up on her, couldn't he? Just drop on by, make sure his sister was okay. She had been all sorts of fuckin' stressed lately, even Gamzee could see that, what with her good bro leaving and then reappearing again without nothing to remember her by, and her flushed brother asleep. Maybe what she just needed was a bro to drop by at her, see what's the haps.

So with that in mind, Gamzee set out for Zelda's house, ringing the doorbell when he got there.
3rd-Apr-2013 09:21 am - 29th Combo
redcladidealist: (Wings on my back)
Who: Lloyd Irving and anyone
Where: Starts off en route to the elevator, then continues up on the island
When: Morning, Noon, and Afternoon (please specify)
Style: I'll match!
Status: Open!

Warnings: Anyone who tags into the Afternoon runs the risk of being accidentally targeted by a powerful but miscast spell. If you want your character injured, go right ahead! o/ Just please, no character death.

Morning. )

Noon. )

Afternoon. )
relinquishing: (☼ and I'm damned if I don't)
Who: Guy [personal profile] relinquishing and Zelda [personal profile] zelda_hylia
When: February 14th
Where: Yutopil 1-5
What: A Valentine's dinner and a couple awkward surprises.
Status: Closed.

Life has a way of confusing us, Blessing and bruising us )
1st-Feb-2013 03:09 pm - End Trial
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({Rest Here. . .})
Who: Jade Curtiss and those involved in the recent glasses plot
When: Today, February 1st
Where: Medical Clinic
Status: Semi-open

((Follow the cut!)) )
((OOC: I wrote in brackets, but you are all welcome to do prose or brackets or whichever!))
13th-Jan-2013 11:00 pm - N-no... no, I'm scared...!
relinquishing: (☼ who should know better than that)

Who: A very young Guy Cecil and a bunch of scary strangers.
Where: Yutopil Apartments and the alleys near the plaza
When: Monday morning - afternoon
Style: I prefer [Action], but I'll match.
Status: Open

This isn't what I remember...! )

[Residents of the lower floor of Yutopil might here a thumping crash from Apartment 1-5 early Monday morning, followed by a loud wail. That's because one little blonde boy has literally fallen out of his bed and hit the ground a bit too hard. Nothing to truly hurt him in the end, but... well, he is a bit of a coward, and the impact is enough to startle him to tears. What is this place?! Where is he? And now his head hurts and oh no, oh please, what is he going to do????

He will eventually wander from his strange quarters, although the outside world isn't very inviting. Every face is strange and hostile, and with what he's just seen and heard he can't help but flinch away. So don't be surprised if you come walking through the plaza and hear the sniffling sobs of a young child, not even a day past five, huddled in the alleyway behind a building, head buried against his knees or hands wringing at clothes of the finest quality (dusted with the clouded markings of soot). He may look like an animal caught frightened in a bright light. But for as much of a man as Mary wants him to be, a stranger is still a stranger, and strangers are still frightening.]

((OOC: All replies will be coming from [personal profile] heirofhod.))
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It looks like Zelos has become enamored of Earth culture yet again and has outfitted the entire club like an American 1920's speakeasy. Each member of the staff has been outfitted with a 3-piece 1920's style suit (in the fabric style of their choice) complete with a matching fedora. Even the ambient music is much jazzier this month!

Per usual the rules and employee roster are posted near the door.

Asbel Lhant
Duke Pantarei
Fai D. Flourite (assistant chef and appointments)
Guy Cecil (bartender)
Jade Curtiss (bartender)
Malik Caesar (bartender)
Peony Malkuth IX
Rin Okumura (chef)
Sora and Roxas
Zelos Wilder (Only takes appointments with women.)
Please note that some hosts may be unavailable due to coma.

This month guests are encouraged to get up and dance with their hosts, all the tables having been arranged to each side and the center of the room's floor kept clear for such activities. The bar has its regular assortment of drinks but there's something else called "moonshine" for this theme. 21+ only please!

((ooc: Thank you to Umi for this month's theme! If you have an idea for a theme you want to share, please either PM Zelos' journal or shoot me a plurk on reikofanel, thanks!))
23rd-Dec-2012 11:58 pm - Trial the First
bootsweremadeforcasting: ({Derailed})
Who: Jade Curtiss and anyone who would like to join in the plot! (Fighting will be involved)
When: Late evening the 23rd
Where: Central Plaza
Style: Action or Prose!
Status: Open

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