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serpentslain: (the hell...)
who: shura & you
where: plaza
what: offering a few choice words to that friggin' coral
when: 3/23, anytime
style: starting in [action] but I'll run with anything!
status: open as Shura's drenched exorcist coat

That was my favorite bikini top... )
23rd-Mar-2012 07:01 pm - add (1) Irishman to the mix
finallycowboys: (◆ oh shit)
who: henry & you
where: plaza
what: wringing out all his nice clothes... he's pretty upset....
when: march 23, morning
style: doesn't matter
status: open

[ There's a lot of incomprehensible cursing, though whether it's in English or not is uncertain. A man, dripping wet, is removing his vest and draping it somewhere, then removing his gloves (casting them aside) to work on getting his knee-high boots unlaced. ]

Bloody ruined is what this is all is, fuck...!

[ He drops a metal handle-shaped thing on the ground, looking extremely annoyed. Guy rarely loses his shit like this, but some things were just that important to him. ]
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