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Who: break ([personal profile] nonsensical) & minato ([personal profile] messianic)
Where: plaza
When: noon; today; event
Style: first
Status: go away

pretend to know )
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Characters: "ben" ([personal profile] nonsensical) & gullible-chan ([personal profile] sobbing)
Location: casino............
Time: after this; night
Style: first
Status: closed

no it won't )
13th-Feb-2012 05:07 pm
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Characters: Orihara Izaya and the world of Vatheon
Location: Most likely in the Plaza, but anywhere really.
Time: Monday evening
Style: Action or prose.
Status: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open

[This might be considered a warning sign for mental instability but if anyone actually knew Izaya, it wouldn't be that shocking. It's still a pretty interesting sight regardless.

Izaya is pacing back and forth. Between one street lamp and to the next. He's walking in a quick, even line back and forth, back and forth. He stops at each street lamp and occasionally pulls out his starfish communicator but only to put it back away and continue pacing. If anyone had been watching for a while now, they might've known that he's been doing this for a good twenty or maybe even thirty minutes.

He's muttering to himself too. Even better. Oh but the slightly worse part is the flick blade he continuously snaps open and shut in his other hand- of which is clicking loudly over his ramblings. He doesn't look upset. Actually, he looks kinda of energetic and excited.

Go and interrupt his thinking time?]
11th-Feb-2012 09:46 pm - bluh bluh huge ball
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Characters: Vatheon
Location: That Castle
Time: Evening, on Sunday
Style: Any
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[ Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen of Vatheon— whatever your newfound stature may be, Prince, Princess, Knight, or Peasant, you will all receive a message on your SFC on the eve of Saturday regardless:

You are cordially invited to the castle for this evening's ball. In addition, you are all welcome to try and solve the riddle if it fancies you. It just may break the curse!

The invitation is unsigned, but its intentions are clear. Maybe you hadn't quite noticed the sizeable castle in the distance of the city that had sprung up, but this message would surely garner your attention toward it now.

Should you arrive at the castle, plenty of attractions await you:

Ballroom ❧ A very large and beautiful ballroom is lighted up, complete with a playing violin orchestra. While the curtains will be drawn during this event, there is a windowed view and exit on one side of the ballroom that leads to:

Smee's Rose Garden ❧ A broad and colorful spanse of a garden, complete with many paths and turns. Plenty of roses are arranged in great arches, which provide perfect little places should you need some privacy with your sweetheart. Anyone familiar will even tell you that the garden was purposefully designed for just that sort of thing.

The Riddle ❧ There is an inscription located on a noticeable plaque set in one of the garden's benches. It reads:

Two are necessary to break this curse
Riled up, upset, what kind of love?
Only this kiss will stop it from getting worse.
Look for a winged one is push comes to shove,
Look for a glance slightly dark,
Search for a pair in reluctant love.
One answers a call; that's your mark;
One longs for patria though adverse.

Dining Hall ❧ Connected to the ballroom is an extremely long hall that stretches as far as the eye can see, elegantly arranged as the dining area. Expensive and exquisite cuisine seem to be on the menu— try something new? Chances are you won't be eating from a selection such as this again anytime soon!

Dais ❧ There is a noticeable raised dais that is easily visible via any area within the ballroom. It's locked off from guests, though— what is it for...?

Do enjoy. ]
9th-Feb-2012 08:59 pm - How Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?
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Characters: The Hatter, The March Hare, and Vatheon! Guest Starring Alice.
Location: Park
What you're comfortable with

Anyone close to or wandering the park might be drawn by the glow of lanterns. They were strung around and over a large table. There were various tea cups, tea pots, flower pots, watering cans, and plates all around. None of the chairs matched either and ranged from bar stools to plush office chairs. Bread, butter, jam and small cakes were in the middle. There was a pocket watch resting inside of the creamer.

A pair could be found there, sitting rather close. The Hatter had his feet kicked up on the table's edge, a tea and saucer balanced in his hand. He was watching his partner with amusement. Why? Because the tea was spiked with rum. He needed something to loosen up his little March Hare.

((Expect tags from Faris, Laharl, or both. Ciel might be dragged in as well)).
23rd-Jan-2012 05:13 pm
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Characters: Inga and everyone~~~~
Location: The Plaza
Time: Any time of the day.
Style: Whichever you prefer.
Status: Open!

[There appears to be a boy lying in the middle of the plaza. If someone were to step a bit closer, they would see that his expression is calm... Peaceful, even. Sleeping like an innocent, yet deathly pale angel. Very still. Very much... not breathing--

Ahh, no, wait, how long has this young boy been laying here?!

Anyone who felt obliged to investigate further as a curious passerby or helpful citizen will be welcomed with the sudden jerk of the boy's body, eyes wide and arms flailing towards the sky. He shouts:

23rd-Jan-2012 10:48 am - ☽ Delivery
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Characters: troll Break and antitroll Minato
Time: Afternoon
Style: First
Status: Closed!

[So Minato has been very busy with everything, sure. He's been sending out messages to defense force members and what have you--

But he still takes some time to go to the store and pick up a bag of small hard candies of various flavors with crinkly wrappers in happy pastel colors. Some even have smilie faces on them. :)

And then he wanders over to where he knows Break stays (don't ask how) and. Knocks.

Knock. Knock. Knock.]
21st-Jan-2012 09:18 am
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Who: Orihara Izaya & All Of Vatheon
Where: The park
When: Sometime towards the evening but not at night
Style: Prose or action. I really don't care.
Status: Open

He looked like he hadn't slept in days. And really? He probably hadn't. He walked slowly, his shoulders drooped with a bit of a glazed expression on his face. He knew it wasn't safe to be out and about in a state like this but his day was coming to an end and he planned on sleeping tonight. Swinging from his hand was a small plastic bag and in his other hand was a bottle of what looked to be tea.

As he shuffled through the park along the path, he eventually stopped by a tree that was just a few feet away from the path. He walked on over and all but collapsed at the tree's base, leaning up against it and stretched his legs out in front of him. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a breath. A few minutes passed of him just sitting there before finally, he moved again and began to unpack his bag.

A box of ootoro. He began to eat his dinner with his fingers, the bottle of tea on his other side. Of which he occasionally took a sip from. The typically observant informant seemed to be...well. Not so observant tonight. He seemed to be, anyway.
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Characters: two ([personal profile] gorges) gluttons ([personal profile] nonsensical)
Location: plaza
Time: some day during the curse
Style: first
Status: closed

insert smooth, speakeasy-style jazz i guess )
6th-Jan-2012 04:34 am - OH DESIIIIIIRE (FUU)
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Who: yuka-tan ([personal profile] tsundyne) & that jerk who won't give his name ([personal profile] nonsensical)
Where: plaza
When: BACKDATED LIKE HELL HATH NO FURY after...hallow..een-ish...LMFAO
Style: first
Status: closed

the most inappropriate lyrics for this log tbh )
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