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5th-Jul-2013 02:12 am - it's hard to believe [OPEN]
terranullius: (pic#6394550)
Who: Terra and whoever wants to meet him
When: current, evening
Where: the Plaza
Style: I'll start with prose, but I'll follow whichever. But beware the tl;dr.
Status: open

there are so many worlds out there besides our own )
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Who: Terra and Anyone
Where: The Park
When: August 5th
Style: Starting [Action], but I'll follow your lead
Warnings: ... just massive amounts of derp.
Status: Open

All work and no play makes for a very stressed person. )


[[OOC: Sorry about that, everyone who posted; mods told me to edit or take the original down. I figured it'd be easier to take it down and repost, so you didn't have to edit your own responses. ^^;

There will be prizes for the winners! :D]]
handshakegreeting: (attendant ▣ greeting and departing)
Who: A human(?!) goddess of death and you lovelies~
Where: Starting at a cafe, the scene of the "crime" amusement park, and anywhere else...
When: Second day of the power swap week.
Style: I'll follow your lead.
Status: Open like the gates to Hell-- I MEAN UH ?

16th-May-2012 05:55 pm - Race against the clock
quakega: (pic#3098546)
Who: Terra and Riku
Where: the edge of the Forest Quadrant, then the Clinic
When: Backdated to just after this log wraps up
Style: Initial entry written as prose, but Action
Status: Closed
Warnings: ... um... KH is suffering? Seriously, darkness, worry, grieving/breaking down emotionally, and other things as they come up.

But time's already over-- )
8th-May-2012 10:38 pm - birth by sobbing
takesyoubytheheart: (Blue)
Who: Mickey & Terra.
When: Directly after Terra learns his master's fate. (Thanks, Repliku.)
Where: Terra's apartment.
Style:  Whichever you want.
Status: Closed, lost boys only.

dearly beloved )
24th-Apr-2012 10:17 pm - Lesson One | Just Practicing
quakega: (pic#1254431)
Who: Terra and KH Cast?
Where: Starting in the 'island'/'Somarium', will eventually be... idk, wherever the hell he's led for the party.
When: 4/24, starting a little after noon, lasting until the evening.
What: Terra's trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he's now twenty.
Status: Open-ish?
Style: [Action] brackets, please.

Earthquakes, fireballs, and possibly Darkness being flung around... just another training session. :3 )

11th-Apr-2012 06:32 am - Imagine, if you will, a clever title.
thalassino: (Default)
[Starting Wednesday morning, the foreigners in Vatheon will start feeling a little... accosted. Why? Well, it seems the locals have some flyers they really want the foreigners to have. Really want them to have. They stop at nothing to push the colourful pieces of papers into waiting --or not so waiting-- hands, the back of shirts, pockets, mailboxes, nothing is spared. Even the notice board is covered, the shop windows, everything.

And every flyer bares the same, cheerful message. The same words over and over and over again.]

[Feel free to use this post as a mingling post for reacting to the native's... very enthusiastic method of flyering.
8th-Apr-2012 01:47 pm - It's fun exploring new worlds!
runbysmiles: (stranger things [cocky|talk])
Who: Sora and all of Vatheon!
Where: Wherever you want~ Sora's probably managed to find the place.
Style: I'll match
Status: OPEN
Summary: It's a new worlds, and there's no way Sora's not going to go exploring!

You never know who you're going to meet. )
3rd-Apr-2012 06:32 pm - Completing a Trio
quakega: (Default)
Who: Terra and YOU
Where: The Plaza fountain
When: Late afternoon
Style: [Brackets], please!
Status: Open to All

Insert witty phrase here. )
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