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Who: Ryoko Asakura and you lovely folks of Vatheon!
Where: In front of the coral.
When: August 7th, early morning.
Style: Starting with [Action], will follow your lead.
Warnings: None at the moment.
Status: Open.

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6th-Aug-2012 04:59 pm - Rainy Days
behind_my_smile: (Golden eye slight smile)
Who:Fai and anyone who strolls by!
When: Afternoon
Where: Center of town
Style: Will Match
Status: Open

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drunkmanjuu: ([♫] Reading time!)
Who: Mokona and [community profile] vatheon
Where: The library
When: The whole day
Style: Action but I'll match you

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25th-Jul-2012 10:39 am - Yosuke ♪ 002
garbagecanned: (pic#2938296)
Who: Yosuke and you!
Where: wandering around near the elevator
Style: first person preferred! what can I say, I'm lazy
Status: open!

[Why was he going out here? If it was only to get some fresh air, then shouldn't he do it when it wasn't raining? Maybe he was getting stir-crazy, sitting in the bubble all the time.

Maybe the rain reminded him of Inaba. At least it wasn't foggy outside, he could give it that. Then he would be even more paranoid than he was already. Especially with Adachi here.

He opens the umbrella as he gets out of the elevator, and looks around--

His little moment of peace doesn't last long before the flimsy umbrella is ripped out of his hands by a gust of wind.

He's stunned, just for a moment, quickly getting more and more wet before he groans.

Damn it! Why did I come up here??

[He takes off after the umbrella. But guess what? Wet sand is kind of hard to run in.

And guess what? Yosuke's pretty clumsy. Faceplant in 3...2...


[He goes down, falling into the wet sand. No umbrella. Just the rain and the wet, nasty stuff underneath him.

He's not even going to bother to get up, either. Not for now.

Maybe he should just stay in the house for the rest of his time here. Yep. That sounded nice right about now.

Also, that umbrella? Way gone at this point.
takesyoubytheheart: (Yay Hugs!)
Who: Mickey Mouse, anyone who wants some odd CR.
When: Late afternoon.
Where: Out and about the town.
Status: OPEN
Style: Whatever you please!

If you ever needed proof Vatheon is a most unusual place, Mickey has decided to prove it, although not on purpose. He's decided to take out his new pets for some exercise in the best way possible. So along the streets you'll see a giant clothes-wearing mouse riding an even bigger blue Chocobo, while a large grey hound runs beside them. Feel free to reread that sentence.

"Ha-ha, c'mon boy! I know we can get faster than this!"

The Chocobo squawks, and tries to pick up the pace. Mickey is wholly a child today, putting serious matters temporarily behind in order to have a few hours of fun. 
9th-Jul-2012 09:21 am - Come one, come all--
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Characters: Fish Olympics participants and those who would like to laugh at them cheer them on!
Location: Center plaza!
Time: Evening, Sunday
Style: Whichever suits
Status: OPEN, threadjack away!

[The natives were rather insistent at shoving people towards the center plaza this night. Very insistent indeed. So insistent it is rather hard to escape their grabby hands.

And when they've gathered as many foreigners as they can, they tell everyone the teams.

It's with a smile that the foreigner who seems to be in charge of this all says 'Good luck, teams! And please, be teams.' but then he is waving them off to go meet each other.

Also to hand out betta fish. Try not to lose your fish already, alright?]
2nd-Jun-2012 07:57 pm
thestrengthoftenderness: (wistful)
Who: Yuugi and you!
Where: The Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: The style is LET'S DO THIS. (I'll match.)
Status: Open

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