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13th-May-2012 05:59 pm - I live to destroy~
destroytheworld: (I'll destroy you)
Who: Morte
Where: Park
When: Afternoon
Style: action, prose, everything's fine with me
Status: OPEN

Anyone who happened to go through the park can see Morte practicing her skills in the park. She was attacking the closest tree mercilessly, then stepped back with a sigh.

"I need a real opponent."

If she noticed you, she would call:

"Hey, you! Yeah, you there. Know how to fight?"
11th-Apr-2012 06:32 am - Imagine, if you will, a clever title.
thalassino: (Default)
[Starting Wednesday morning, the foreigners in Vatheon will start feeling a little... accosted. Why? Well, it seems the locals have some flyers they really want the foreigners to have. Really want them to have. They stop at nothing to push the colourful pieces of papers into waiting --or not so waiting-- hands, the back of shirts, pockets, mailboxes, nothing is spared. Even the notice board is covered, the shop windows, everything.

And every flyer bares the same, cheerful message. The same words over and over and over again.]

[Feel free to use this post as a mingling post for reacting to the native's... very enthusiastic method of flyering.
fortheempire: (even this heart can hurt)
Characters: Ioder, Open to anyone who wants to bother him
Where: The Plaza
When: Afternoon
Style: Prose or action, good for anything!
Status: OPEN

[There was someone in the plaza today that, unless you knew who he was, seemed to really just blend in with the rest of the people milling about. Blonde, unassuming, in a brown jacket and white button down with nothing that really stood out about him.

Except maybe his expression. He seemed distantly upset, staring at some place far away from where he sat, something obviously weighing on his shoulders and bothering him more than usual.

Would anyone care to ask what's on the young emperor's mind?]

gun_symphony: (Shy smile)
Who: Rhi'a and Shelly
What: Slumber Parties~
Where: Yutopil Apartments: floor one, room one
When: Evening~
Warnings: ...It's Rhi'a and Shelly hanging out. CAN'T BE TAMED
Style: Action
Status: Closed, sorry. ;W;

[Things were far to negative outside the apartment. Yes, Rhi'a knew a murdered happened and that people had the right to be afraid and nervous and angry and all the other emotions that followed death, but that is clearly what the killer wants them all to feel, and this dragonkin will have none of that. After Shelly returned home, our friendly neighborhood dragon decided to propose and idea to clear the mood and their minds having a slumber party...

...yes, I know it doesn't mean anything if they already live together since it's always a sleep over, shut up.

Anyway, so now Rhi'a is just sitting on the couch, wearing her new black PJs and slippers, waiting for Shelly.]

Well...this should certainly be an interesting experience. I can't say I've had a traditional slumber party before.

18th-Mar-2012 02:35 am - l'amour sous-marin
rougerogue: (<3)
Who: Spy and ladies anyone
Where: Around town
When: 3/17 noon
Style: Action
Status: Open

[Spy is still adjusting to this new underwater city. He's not exactly fond of the ocean, but hey, it seems more enjoyable than his last job. One thing in particular pleases him. Now that he is no longer on the base, he is now finally surrounded by beautiful women. Excellent. He was sick of being stuck in a stinky base with grumpy men anyway.

As a Spy, he's adept at hiding even his own thoughts. Though on occasion things will trigger suspicious flashes or judgement. His bubble gives off a carefree sort of vibe, but tends to show a more perverse nature at times. He hopes this will only make him more alluring to the ladies, but perhaps it will offend them.

Today, he's wandering about the town, trying to seek out a new suit. His current one suffered in his entrance and has deteriorated in quality.

If you happen by him, he will be a perfect gentleman. Especially if you are of the female persuasion. Hand kisses and suspicious smiles abound.]

6th-Mar-2012 05:31 pm - 03
ex_diplomacy861: (Default)
Who: Shelly and anyone
Where: Lower District → Middle District
When: Afternoon
Style: Either
Status: Open

[Early in the afternoon, Shelly heads down to the lower district as a continuation of a long due exploration. While she's at it, perhaps she can see how effective products from the Nostalgia Nook are. Given the epidemic a while back, how about, say, a panacea for a test run?

The Great Lamufao has other things in mind, apparently, and Shelly stares long and hard at what she just accidentally spent her tokens on.

. . . You're kidding me. You're giving me that?

[So Shelly returns to the Middle District with a whole new(?) pancreas of her own. Some deity, couldn't it have given it to her in a jar or something? She's going to need new gloves -- not to mention the smell.

But not now. Not when she looks out and one modest building catches her eyes. Peering over the potted plants through the window, she hums.

A salon . . .
13th-Feb-2012 05:07 pm
kingwithnocrown: (Default)
Characters: Orihara Izaya and the world of Vatheon
Location: Most likely in the Plaza, but anywhere really.
Time: Monday evening
Style: Action or prose.
Status: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open

[This might be considered a warning sign for mental instability but if anyone actually knew Izaya, it wouldn't be that shocking. It's still a pretty interesting sight regardless.

Izaya is pacing back and forth. Between one street lamp and to the next. He's walking in a quick, even line back and forth, back and forth. He stops at each street lamp and occasionally pulls out his starfish communicator but only to put it back away and continue pacing. If anyone had been watching for a while now, they might've known that he's been doing this for a good twenty or maybe even thirty minutes.

He's muttering to himself too. Even better. Oh but the slightly worse part is the flick blade he continuously snaps open and shut in his other hand- of which is clicking loudly over his ramblings. He doesn't look upset. Actually, he looks kinda of energetic and excited.

Go and interrupt his thinking time?]
4th-Feb-2012 09:49 pm - 02
ex_diplomacy861: (Default)
Who: Shelly and Rhi'a ([personal profile] gun_symphony)
When: Throughout the day
Where: Bookstore
Style: Either
Status: Closed

[Given their privileges in the city, the bookstore may as well be a library, and that's inevitably what Shelly has ended up treating it like as she pulls out a book to inspect its front cover. She flips through a handful of pages before returning it to the shelf and moving on. Pity. Nothing's hooking onto her.]

There has to be something . . .

[She turns to Rhi'a.]

Find anything of interest?
a_violent_end: (smoking furrowed brow)
Who: Shizuo and VATHEON
Where: The park
When: Mid-day.
Style: Either
Status: Open!

One of Vatheon's perks was that it wasn't necessary to work; almost everything was free. As far as Shizuo was concerned, however, that was also one of the drawbacks. He missed working. Of course, his track history for holding down jobs was poor, up until he finally relented and became a body guard, a position where his strength came in handy. But that was exactly what left him feeling off. Too much strength and energy, with no where to vent it. It made him feel restless - even more so after Izaya had denied him a good chase. Shizuo wouldn't have wished an attack on Vatheon under any circumstances, but he could not deny that having a reason to channel that jittery energy would probably help him relax.

Without that prospect, Shizuo tried to focus on other things, like keeping track of the happenings around Vatheon and keeping an eye out just in case anything strange happened. Which is exactly what he was doing, walking in the park - trying to take his mind off of everything. After a while, he paused his walk in favor of leaning against a tree and having a smoke.
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