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420: Art by skullcaps [at] (pic#3207079)
Who: Gamzee Makara and The Signless.
When: Backdated to some time after this post.
Where: Park, lets say the park.
Style: Whichever, brah
Status: Closed.

This afternoon finds Gamzee in the park, sprawled out on his back next to the small pond. His sneakers are laying besides him, discarded in the grass, and his long skinny legs are trailing in the water. The cuffs of his pants had been rolled up to his knees rather clumsily; by now one had already completely unravelled again, trailing in the water of the pond, but Gamzee clearly wasn't too bothered.

Probably cause it is pretty hard to give a shit about things when you got your favourite drugs right next to you.

One bottle of faygo sits opened and half drank next to a half eaten pie. Occasionally Gamzee breaks off a small piece of the pie crust, tossing it blindly into the lake for the big, rather fat goose swimming lazy circles in the water, occasionally diving under the nip at Gamzee's toes. Early today he had managed to unearth his portable music player from the bottom of his sylladex in a surprising twist, as he had completely forgotten he even owned the thing, and it lays on his chest while Gamzee listens to the music blasting into his auricular shells.

Ah, wasn't today a perfect day?
8th-Apr-2013 07:45 pm - Sleeping Wwith the Frienemy
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Who: Dualscar, Signless and Psiioniic a bit later.
When: The first day of the curse, early morning.
Where: Ordo 1, Dualscar's hive.
What: Dualscar and Signless have both forgotten each other. Shenanigans ensue.
Style: Action
Status: Closed

[Dualscar has woken up beside others before, of course, but it's not really normal for him. He curls around the smaller body, and one of the sharp horns jabs him straight in a fin, thus rudely and abruptly bringing him to full wakefulness.

He sits up, hissing with irritation, then stares around himself in shock.

He turns and grasps the small, young troll in his bed, giving him a shake]

Wwake up!
9th-Jan-2013 11:26 pm - you're very keen on when and where
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Who: Sufferer and Gamzee
Where: in the woods near the playground
When: after this
Style: holy
Status: closed

but not so hot on why )
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Who: Sufferer and Redglare
Where: The park and then the woods
When: after this
Style: [ ]
Status: you just wish you could be this rad... closed

Oh, don't you know? Everything's all right, yes, everything's fine )
21st-Nov-2012 01:13 pm - Feelings Jammin' (backdated)
devwocean: (Come at me bro)
Who: Dualscar and Signless
Where: Their hive. Because it's theirs. Not Dualscar's alone.
When: IDK, backdated to shortly after the animal curse, when Dualscar's got his body back
Style: Action?
Status: Closed

[Finally Dualscar is able to talk again, and thank goodness for that. Certainly no one would say otherwise, or imply that life might be better when Amporas aren't capable of vocalizing. So there.

He makes sure that the others who don't live here full time are packed away, and that Psiioniic is doing whatever Psiioniics do when they're not bees, and then goes in search of his moirail.

Signless said he needed a feelings jam, and Dualscar is here for you, bro.]

Signless? You wwanted to talk to me, as I recall.
20th-Oct-2012 10:32 pm - The time has come, seahorsedad said
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Who: Sufferer and everyone crashing at Dualscar's hive this week
When: throughout the curse week
Where: Dualscar's hive, which he's now sharing with two freeloading holy bros
Style: whatever
Status: pretty open

To talk of many things )
11th-Oct-2012 11:06 pm - puppy therapyyyyy
sonlight: (Love you. <3)
Who: Chibiterasu and the bubble!
Where: The main plaza, or alternatively a less public location of your choosing.
When: Starting in the morning and lasting aaaaaall day.
Style: Starting action tags, but I will follow your preference!
Status: Opennnnnnnnnnnn

At the plaza! )

A less public location. )
9th-Oct-2012 07:51 am - Pale Cheating!!!
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Who: Orphaner Dualscar, Signless and Psiioniic
Where: Dualscar's Hive, Ordo 1
When: After his date with Jade, the same day Psiioniic arrived.
Style: Proseish
Status: Closed

The date had been good, though Dualscar was still left with uncertainty about whether Jade was really interested in him in a flushed way. Then again, Jade had seemed so very fascinated about him as a person, so that was a good sign. Still, humans: so confusing.

So he's in a good mood as he trots up the steps to his hive and opens the door, humming softly to himself, his fins open and relaxed. Now it's time for him to join Signless in the pile he'd constructed for his poor, pitiable moirail, and tell him all about his date. Maybe Signless will have some more insight to share.

"Signless," he calls out quietly as he enters, moving through towards the main living block. If Signless is asleep, he doesn't want to wake him.

But the sight that confronts him when he turns the corner makes his fins flatten, then rise in irritated challenge. There Signless is, wrapped around another troll in the pile that Dualscar made just for him.

"Wwhat's this?" he says, hissing more than he quite intended to.
24th-Sep-2012 09:32 pm
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Who: Sufferer and whoever wants to mob join him
When: September 24th, early afternoon
Where: in the Plaza to start
Style: whatever you like!
Status: totally open

In the beginning, there was pain.

Talk of blood and torture under here )

His mind whirls, remembering Vatheon, images coming to him in fractured, fragmented half-memories--Karkat, growling crabbily after getting a hug... Dualscar's fins, moving under his fingertips... Sola, asking questions with that plaintive look on his face... Zelda... Johnny... Jacob... Dave... Disciple... Spider... Psii...


He tries again to get to his feet, but his wounds and the chains on his wrists are too much, and he topples forward again, groaning as the arrow digs deeper into his side. He's worthless, useless, he led them all down the wrong path, everything he told them was wrong, he's a failure, he's failed them all...

Sufferer looks up at the bubble's dome, his eyes so bloodshot they're red almost all the way through, and his jaw works, his teeth grinding together and the tendons in his forearms standing out as he tries to clench his hands into fists. His voice is raspy, his throat raw and choked from the last time he spoke, centuries and seconds before.

He throws his head back and screams at the bubble's dome. "FUUUUUUUUCK!"

His voice ripples and echoes back to him, distorted, animalistic, the cry of a brute instead of a savior. Slowly, he bends back over his chained wrists, resting his forehead on the irons, and the red that stains the cold steel is not blood this time.

23rd-Jul-2012 10:11 am
trust_the_fuckhead: (Default)
Who: Spider and Signless
When: July 21st, 9:00am
Where: A tea shop near the plaza
Style: Like, you know, whatever.
Status: Closed without prior arrangement.

Spider was up a bit early today, excited for his interview. He hasn't had the chance to get back into his game, and his first victim apparently has some sort of messiah complex. Perfect. This bubble might be blissfully lacking in politicians, but he would get bored if there weren't some sort of self righteous bastards for him to take down. Religious nutjobs will do just fine in a pinch. He was going to be careful with this though. His initial invitation was cordial and polite, carefully calibrated to lure in the unsuspecting prey. This was going to be fun. He'll let the guy get his say, give him a chance to explain himself, and when the time was right, Spider would strike down with great vengeance and furious anger. Oh yes.

At the appointed time, spider was already seated at a table with his typewriter in place. A cup of tea was at his side, only used so far to wash down some unidentified pills. He 's watching the crowds for an adult troll that looks just like his protégée. Alright, so Vantas had told him to play nice with the guy. At the very least Spider will give him a chance before tearing him apart.

He has already started to type.
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