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21st-Apr-2013 10:36 pm - Home again Home again...diggity dig.
hecklinghare: (gee really?)
Who: Bugs Bunny and YOU
When: April 21
Where: The Island
Style: Prose but I can match.
Status: Open!

Back to the woods. )
22nd-Dec-2012 04:21 pm - Cheers and Catchin' Up!
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Who: Bugs Bunny [personal profile] hecklinghare and The Summer [personal profile] rebull
When: Backdated to the 16th I believe
Where: The Island!
Style:Both? Either! Neither o.o!
Status: CLOSED

It was pretty cold up on the island, even Bugs could tell that.Lucky for him he had a nice permanent fur coat to keep him warm. He simply dawn a pair of baby blue ear muffs and a matching scarf before riding up the elevator. This was actually only his second time up on the island; and just like last time the weather wasn't at her nicest.

"Oh well,tings could be woirse."

He was still trying to figure out why he was so willingly going up to meet wasn't as though Bugs actually had a good concept of friendship. The whole bosom buddies thing tended to end oddly for him. OF course he was still in good spirits, actually anticipating the meeting...

"Which is da screwy part." The doors opened and he stepped out, smirking when the expected blast of cold air and snow turned out to just be a small, cool wind.

"So much fer timing...tanks" He glanced around, "If dis place still counts like Vatheon."
31st-Oct-2012 11:48 am - Acetone, Terpentine and Benzine
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Who: Bugs Bunny and you! (with a special guest appearance by Judge Doom!
Where: Forest
When: Nighttime, Wednesday
Status: Open

They call it The DIP )
28th-Jul-2012 05:53 pm - Give my Regards to Broadway
hecklinghare: (Duck season)
Who: Bugs Bunny and anyone trying out for his Vaudeville Show.
Where: His rabbit hole by the plaza.
When: 9 am until about 3 pm anthing after then please mark with [POST TRYOUTS]
Style: Prose but I can change to action
Status: It's a Cattle Call so wiiiide open!

Remember me at Harold Square )

((ooc: Just start a thread for your audition and be prepared for heckling from Bugs. He's in a mood. Also people are free to stop by and watch, the is pretty out in the open. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AUDITIONING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS TLOG 8D))
6th-May-2012 07:20 pm
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Who: Bugs Bunny and any one!
When: May 6th, mid-day
Where: Anywhere between the Forest and the Grocery store
Style: Starts in Prose but I can match ya
Status: Open!

A hunting we will go... )
3rd-Mar-2012 03:13 pm
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Who: Bugs Bunny OPEN
Where: Forest, by his rabbit hole
When: March 3rd mid-morning through afternoon
Style: Prose but I can match you!
Status: OPEN

Peanut Vendor Serenade )
5th-Feb-2012 08:03 pm - It's an Age-Old Tale...
thalassino: (Default)
Characters: Princesses, Princes and Vatheonites all
Location: All around the fairy tale world
Time: All day erryday-- on Monday
Style: Whatever works best!
Status: OPEN. Threadjack, threadhop, spam away!

[Welcome to the curse, Vatheonites. Welcome to the fairy tale.

And with the tale, the world has changed. Nothing remains of the city that once was; now there are fantastical and crazy things, things that would be only found in books--and yet here they are.

There are a few places of note, however. A few places that might draw the intrepid adventurer, the curious.

To begin--

The Forest-- here can be found...well, trees. But other than trees, there are fairies, and curious shadows and eyes and things hiding where you do not want things to hide. Overall, it's not very safe anymore! Wolves might be on the prowl, mystical creatures that think that you sure do look a lot like lunch. And hidden deep within the forest in a system of sprawling caves lurks a dragon. Sitting on a pile of golden treasure.

The princess can be found there. Sure hope the dragon isn't sitting on her, whoops.

The Pirate Ship-- this one is much more straightforward. Namely, that there are pirates and they're out for your blood. But the ship itself is winding and filled with (empty) treasure chests and nasty sea critters that are, surprise surprise, also out for your blood. You might have to fight a pirate chief to save the princess in this labyrinth.

The Briar Patch/Towers-- where the carnival once stood there are now a couple of ominous towers, empty or filled with scuttling, skittery creatures or perhaps an unlucky slumbering foreigner. There are nasty thorns growing all over, but maybe if you're careful you can break through and find the one tower that houses the witch. Be careful--she has spells to throw at you. But she's also guarding another princess, so maybe it's worth the fight and...the flying monkeys.

The meadow-- deep in the lower district there is now a large meadow. Looks harmless, right? Only if you venture too far in, you will come across what look to be...monsters? Monsters of all shapes and sizes, vicious and ready to kill...except they're just illusions. The illusions get more and more real the closer you get to the center of the meadow, however. Some of them might even be able to actually bite, so be careful. Deep in the meadow there is a unicorn who is holding a poor princess captive. Can anyone rescue them?

Anyone is welcome to make a thread--princesses or princes or average Vatheonite pixie! Threadjack, have fun, be creative! Just remember that only the princesses' ~one true love~ will succeed...but everyone is welcome to give it a shot.]
29th-Jan-2012 03:40 pm
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Who: Summoner, Tavros, and Everyone
Where: The forest, specifically Summoner's tree house and camp
When: January 29; Afternoon
Style: Any!
Status: Open

[Summoner has been spending his entire morning cleaning up the camp grounds and getting it ready for setup for the picnic. Tavros seems pretty excited about this idea and that's showing to be contagious. The orange blood clears out sticks that have fallen, makes sure the fire pit is ready if they wish to use it later in the day, wood is stocked. He removes a few wood tables from his sylladex and puts them in various places, covering them with table clothes, leaving a large open space of grass for any various games Tavros wants to get up when he gets there.]

[Soon Lysunder moves into his hive to start getting food to prepare, just general setup before he can really get things done. He's made sure to have a lot ready, meat as well. Summoner's better that cooking seafood so he has that too, but he's made sure to have a lot of options. Lysunder doesn't want to do too much now though, he'd rather have Tavros help, and well, anyone else that has the interest in doing so.]
23rd-Jan-2012 11:40 am
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Characters: Bugs Bunny [personal profile] hecklinghare annnnnd you!
Location: The Plaza
Time: Afternoon
Style: Starting with prose but I can match you.
Status: OPEN

It was hard trying to find a nice rabbit hole in this place. Vatheon was it? He couldn't remember but he did know it weren't Los Angeles. Or Miami...or actually anywhere he'd ever intended to head to. He'd stuck by the giant coral thing for a while before deciding things weren't too dangerous and heading out to explore the plaza a little.

"Whiiiile, strollin' through the park one day~. In da merry, merry month a may." He whistled the rest of the song before stopping and staring ahead. "Yeah, I know. It's January. But der ain't a lot that rhymes with January."
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