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perhapsyouveheardofme: (let me regale you with music hm?)
who: Sherlock Holmes and you
when: from about noonish onwards, on and off
location: the forest
summary: Holmes has become The Wonderful Musician and is standing on a roughly made wooden platform in the forest, playing. Come have a listen!
style: I prefer action but I'll follow you
status: so open it's getting cold in here
notes: fun and totally optional plotting opportunity! cut for obnoxious length )

[anyone wandering through the forest currently might hear a strain of violin, somewhere among the trees. if they choose to find it, they'll come upon one (1) Mr. Sherlock Holmes, dressed curiously, in black slacks, red vest, large white baggy shirt, sharp and rough-looking black shoes, a colourful scarf; his hair is mussed but looks as if a hand has slicked it back somewhere in-between songs. he's tapping his foot as he goes along, and depending on the song you might even get a slight bit of a dance from him, skipping about the crudely constructed wooden platform he's standing on. the watchers might notice he seems somewhat stiff in the right shoulder, and doesn't get too incredibly intricate in his songs, but he seems otherwise all right. he could play anything from Irish folk music to a simplistic orchestral song, and anything in-between; very often it seems as if he's simply sawing away to whatever tune suits him. each song blends into the next, and he goes on for quite some time.

he pauses now and again, to breathe and slick his hair back from his forehead again. feel free to pester him during these moments, or simply sit back and watch! his music is so enchanting! it almost feels like magic.]
4th-Feb-2012 10:51 am - 002 - he's just really good at hobos
perhapsyouveheardofme: (hummm boring.)
who: Sherlock Holmes and YOU
when: round noonish!
location: the plaza
summary: Sherlock Holmes needs information! help a brother out?
style: I do action usually but I'll switch for you
status: open as hell come at me bros

[today, Mr. Holmes, bandaged and stitched as he is, has deigned it necessary to make his way out on the town - but in disguise. anyone currently tooling about the plaza might notice a scruffy looking man, bent over slightly, with a greasy coat that's been torn at the bottom, unlaced boots, unkempt pants and a greasy hat that's been jammed on his head. everything about him is soaking wet, because Holmes knows the basic fact that everyone shows up so, and he's hobbling around the plaza trying to figure out what else is up.

feel free to come pester him! :3]
1st-Feb-2012 08:25 pm - 001 - ow ow fuckity ow
perhapsyouveheardofme: (ow what the fuck)
who: Sherlock Holmes, Demyx and Muraki.
when: sometime during the night, I spose
location: the lake
rating: PG13 maybe? caution for wounds and Game of Shadows spoilers oops
summary: falling into lakes =/= the best thing for wounds.
style: mm I'll do action but you guys can prose if you want.
status: closed.

and it's time for a game of 'v! takes these posts too seriously sometimes'! )
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