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14th-Feb-2013 04:05 pm - EVENT - VALENTINE'S DAY
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The host club's doors are closed for most of the morning, locals scurrying in and out with an odd flair to help set up for the big event. That sure is a lot of pink and red being carted inside. They must be going all out for this Zelos fellow. Who knows why.

Residents that wander around the plaza for any reason will find a local approaching them, hyping up some aspect of the party that might appeal to them. The lights, the music, the dancing! The chance for gossip! Here, if your date goes poorly, we'll treat you to a drink. If your date goes well, we'll treat you to a drink. If you just want a drink for the sake of it... hey, you get the picture! It's something for both the single and taken alike, and the people of the city seem to be more than happy reminding you of this fact whenever they can.

When it hits noon, all characters who have signed up for blind dates will receive an anonymous text. They will be wished a Happy Valentine's Day, congratulated on their upcoming date, and be asked to arrive at the host club between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. They will be given more instructions upon their arrival. And wear something flattering~! <3


At 6:30, the club is opened for everyone else. Feel free to adventure up to the bar or glance around at the couples. They might be a little unrecognizable, what, with those strange masks on. They look so familiar, but you just can't place who is who. Oh well. Mingle a bit and solve the mystery with those around you! Have a drink. Talk about your love life or lack thereof. A bartender is always there to lend you an ear.

At 7:00, the tables are cleared, the lighting is dimmed down, music is turned up, and the center of the club becomes a dance floor! Plush red couches line the edges for those that have had a rough night, and small tables of chocolates, sweets, heart-shaped h'orderves and various colors of roses dot the area. Locals are working alongside the host club and maid cafe to make sure things are kept in stock. No getting close to the bar if you're under-aged or we may just have to end your evening right here and now!
15th-Jan-2013 07:34 pm - tiir rumibul; oo8
contemptibility: (✛ don&#39;t be afraid of the dark)
Who: Bitty!Tiir & you!
Where: Somewhere on the streets.
When: Towards the beginning of the curse.
Style: [preferably sob]
Status: Open!

[Rather than what some of the other young children are doing, Tiir doesn't cry when he finds himself in an unfamiliar situation. Once it sinks in that he doesn't know where he is or how he got here (and why is he surrounded by humans?), he pauses—and then it hits him.

And once it does, rather than cry, he screams.

So, anyone passing by will likely see/hear the kid on his knees, eyes glowing red with him clutching his head and screaming as if it were the end of the world. Which it almost is for him, really.]

Why!? Why can't I—!?

[Why can't he hear it? There are humans everywhere, so he should hear the voice, telling him to devour them all—and yet his mind is empty.

princeoftheravens: (so dance baby dance)
Who: Teenage Mat and whoever notices
Where: All over the bubble
When: All week
Style: Whichever you prefer, starting in [ ]
Status: Open!

[So the one-eyed man is nowhere to be found this week, his hat and polearm also gone.

But there is a gangly teenager getting into an awful lot of mischief... He may have dusted your dog with flour, stolen a pie or something else you just cooked, let a badger loose in the plaza while you were watching, climbed up the side of your house or apartment to look around (or at least tried to), took apart something that he shouldn't (like a firework), or he might be standing outside the Winespring 'inn', staring at it.

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heartstoppingly: (sweetest little brother)
Who: Rolo Lamperouge and YOU
Where: Plaza
When: All week!
Style: Prose and action brackets are both ok! I'll follow!

There's an adorable little rough collie puppy sitting in the plaza. He's rather young and rather lost. Attached to the collar round his neck is a heart-shaped locket and a name tag that simply says 'Rolo'.

If you walk pass the plaza, he will follow you. Perhaps he's hungry or maybe he just wants to play? Just look at that happy puppy smile. Please adopt look after him?

((He's completely puppified! XD))
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