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1st-Jul-2012 11:31 pm - i'm still a purse owner at heart.
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Who: Tsubaki and anyone c:
When: Now?
Where: The Nostalgia Nook
Style: Whichever!
Status: Open!

[Tsubaki doesn't exactly know why she's decided to come here again, this 'Nostalgia Nook' place. But to get here, she's had to fend off a lot of natives trying to get her to participate in this "Fishlympics," so she's damn well going to make the most of it.

It's interesting to her, at least-- and she knows that somewhere, there should be a store that has items she is familiar with. But if she's going to find it, it certainly won't be on her own.


Case in point: she seems to have gotten sidetracked by a store with
a very large bear
in front of it. And there she is, in the back where a very colorful set of glasses are being sold. Pink, blue, yellow...probably even more subtle color differences that she can't even quite tell.

There's one that gets her attention the most, though. And even though all of the others look normal and harmless, she tilts her head and grabs
this particular one, out of some twisted burning curiosity. It stands out, after all. It's different.

And she...actually slips it on.



[Why does it have a nose-- or a mustache for that matter?!

She has no idea. Because she's never seen glasses like these, and
hmpth, they don't even improve her vision. So she is taking them off now, before someone sees her.

......Or not.
4th-Jun-2012 03:39 am - all aboard the atma train...
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Who: Yukari and you poor unfortunate souls
Where: Throughout Vatheon (you can pick!)
When: Towards the end of the first day (of Curse 30), I guess
Style: [prose disguised as action brackets works for me--]
Status: Open, whoops

[By now, Yukari's seen the broadcasts from the network about this new Curse. She's lucked out before, with the Coral's effect passing over her, but...unfortunately, not this time. The tattoo on her right hand seems indicative enough of that, and she seems almost fascinated with it as she walks through Vatheon's streets.

The truth is, though, that she's worried.

...Worried about what it means, and worried about what she's heard.

A demon? Inside her? She's used to that-- or so she thought. But a Persona doesn't feel anything like this.

It gets harder to breathe and harder to focus on anything other than food. The unnatural hunger that's suddenly become the center of her attention, yet isn't satisfied when she eats...and her friends she lives with, about whom she's casually begun wondering, "...Well, what do they taste like?"

She doesn't want to know, though.
She doesn't want to know, but the more she denies it, the worse the hunger stings and as she walks, she ends up dropping her (currently useless) Evoker that she had been carrying out of habit. It lands on the ground with a clang, but--

At the very least, it briefly snaps her out of her thoughts. She's bending down to pick it up, trying to focus on her breathing instead.

Her breathing--and only that...

(( OOC: Have another DDS cannibal, Vatheon. Are you sick of them yet? |D She hasn't transformed yet, but her Atma avatar is
Isis... feel free to contact me for plotting if you want. <33 ))
fake: i will kill myself via keywording when im feeling more masochistic (✂ - - 09)
Who: tsubaki and akise
Where: nostalgia nook i think
When: after somatheon shenanigans aka now
Style: smooth
Status: closed

take two: less dirty minds o k o k )
30th-Apr-2012 02:48 pm - help
fake: i will kill myself via keywording when im feeling more masochistic (✂ - - 28)
Who: minene and akise i guess
Where: their apartment
When: after minene blows shit up
Style: heavily pretentious brackets
Status: closed

casual discussions about screamo idk idk )
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Who: Yukari and everyone.
Where: She'll be reappearing on the beach, then making her way back down into the city via elevator and towards the Coral. So anywhere you'd like to run into her in between there!
When: Late evening/close to midnight
Style: I'll match! I'm up for either--action spam or prose.
Status: Open!

[The last thing Yukari ever expected, was needing to rely on someone else for healing. Or in Vatheon's case, something else--like the Coral. She'd always healed herself. People relied on her for healing. But it just can't be helped, in her condition: she's soaked, her clothes are torn, and there is a fair amount of blood indicating a very heavy and intense battle.

...And what a battle it was.

She doesn't want to think about it much, though; it hurts to think how badly she'd lost. It angers her, even; how incredibly unfair. How dare she, how dare she...?

Damn--! [Her fist slams into the sand of the beach where she's ended up, and she stumbles to her feet.

Then she sighs, remembering.

Remembering Vatheon. Remembering how much weaker she is here. Diarahan wouldn't cut it in the long run; so she knows she should make her way to the Coral as fast as possible before anyone sees her.

A heal, a change of clothes, maybe--

Once again, she's forced to put everything behind her; because Aigis had won, and now she'd have to live with knowing that.

How long...?

[--has she been gone?

This is the first that's ever happened to her. It's so disorienting, but she decides maybe that's not the most important thing right now. Annoyed and highly emotional as she is, she sighs again and walks towards the elevator, occasionally wincing.


[...Time to find her own answers here, she supposes. She doesn't need a replacement leader to do that.]
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Who: Manly ([personal profile] sobbing), the terrorist ([personal profile] bombtossing), and his boyfriend ([personal profile] ploys)
Where: Larmline Apartment
When: Sometime in the early afternoon, after these text messages
Style: First always first!!
Status: Closed

[ Getting in a fight with his self proclaimed girlfriend is bad, but having someone to fall bad on in his time of need is good (this logic)! Akise always seemed to be supportive, and Yukiteru was more than grateful to have him as a friend. So what better way to show appreciation then invade his apartment? Never fear though, he does have compensation for this stay— a nice box of freshly made donuts!

The donuts were neatly tucked under his arm the moment he approached the door where the other male had lived. It was a wonder he never really visited before, but because Yukki had seen Akise countless of times either around the plaza or even over the network, there really wasn't a need to. Well, up until recently, as least.

AND SO HE RINGS THE DOORBELL AND/OR KNOCKS idk if they have doorbells oh well with the most kawaii and anticipating look on his face. Oh boy male bonding time with snacks!!
7th-Mar-2012 07:00 pm - ⊙ sharing chocolate [closed]
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Who: Tsubaki and Akise
Where: Larmline Apartments/Tsubaki’s place
When: …VALENTINE’S…DAY after these LMFAO shut up we’re backtagging superstars
Style: [yep]—unless you feel like third person, idrc!
Status: Closed.

[There’s a lot to do once she gets home. Cleaning, just straightening up a bit, putting things away…

Not that Tsubaki is a slob by any means, but she isn’t used to having to do these things herself, between her horrible eyesight and her followers who often did things for her. She does the best she can though, setting the chocolates she mentioned down on the little coffee table in the living room area while she waits.

She is examining them closely, having not taken a good look at them on the way home. They’re different from what Zelos had made.

21st-Feb-2012 11:10 pm
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Who: Yukki 'n Yuno... oh yeah Akise, too
When: Backdated like whoa- Valentine's Day!
Where: Larmline Apartment
Style: First because I am still number one
Status: Closed

This is suppose to be a date right )
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Who: Tsubaki Kasugano & you
Location: The plaza and that general area.
Time: Mid-day?
Style: Whatever you like.
Status: Open!

looking for her eyes... )

(( OOC: so basically tl;dr, Tsubaki's kind of embarassed herself in front of a local and is looking for a quiet place to think. she has really poor eyesight so feel free to have your character run into her at any point during all this! ))

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